Single player or open?

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Why oh why would anyone want to risk setting off in open play when doing trading in community goals etc. Or any type of mining or trading or, anything. Well apart from having top spec ship to go try to kill a poor lad.
I am struggling with that concept.
I seriously hope that the developers remove the possibility to off grid and go single player. It is as if players have the power to warp out of our dimension into "hyper secluded space", an alternate dimension where no player can touch you. Only to warp out when the coast is clear.

I really hope we will have no choice. It should be open for all and no other option.
I am not feeling that urge to jump long "she'll be coming round the mountain when she comes" scenic routes, from A-B just to avoid known player activity. I just pop out into single player, deliver my stuff and, well, job done.

Well, I can choose to always stay in open. Yes. But as long as I can, I will warp out and back into open, as part of an extended game mechanic.

Hope the developers are considering making a change here.
Maybe as a middle ground, have players choose, and have characters be permanently locked to open or single, all assets are locked. But you in single like today get to take part in the background sim, but never bring assets between single and open characters...


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This is not a PvP, PowerPlay, or CQC exclusive topic. Here are a few you can pick from in Suggestions / DD:

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Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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