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Hello everybody!

So, my goal is to complete the park to exact scale. I've made 1 attempt before this go at it, this was before the scenario editor update so the map size wasn't sufficiently large enough to fit the park inside.

This time I can do it 100%.

'Till I finish, I'll be sharing with you my progress. Later on I'll post videos when the content is there to work with.

For now I'll just be sharing the parks main construction.

I started with copy pasting blueprints of the coasters from the old version I had done and then once I started scaling things I had to re-do the coasters.

So far I've re-done Revolution, Viper, and Tatsu.

I know I'll have to re-do the rest, but I'll wait until I get there.

Here's a photo of the farthest my old park got into:

As you can see the spacing between a lot of the rides is very cramped and they are too close. A lot of things would end up not being functional in a 100% completion.

Now I have gone and started from scratch .

Here's a photo album of my progress up until now!:
Someone uploaded a SFMM recently, it wasn’t you? Also, why would they remove a log flume for a coaster? That white one called Full Throttle. But they still have an older flume ride as well as a big splash flume. They used to have two train rides but they left the park after 1980 and 1985. Now they have a kiddie train but looks like adults can ride, too. It’s bigger than a typical kiddie train. My local park Dorney Park has 3 trains, including a Snoopy kiddie train.
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