Parks Six Flags Wild West Arizona

This is my fictional park based in northern Arizona "Sedona or Camp Verde area". The inspiration of my park comes from Six Flags Magic Mountain and has some of the iconic rides and tower as a compliment to there beautiful park. Please note that this park is still a work in progress and is not finished! Also, please don't forget to comment and rate this park! Enjoy! :)

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Six Flags Wild West Arizona
Update 4/27/17: Removed Cliff Hanger due to it being too extreme and replaced it with Runaway Bandits, added Goliath, more scenery, Six Flags Shuttle System, more shops, and staff.
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Six Flags Wild West Arizona
Update 5/7/17: Renovated Colossal into a Wood/Steel hydra coaster which is now called Colossal Racers. Added a new theme area called Screampunk Plaza. Lowered population to 5000.

PC: Come join us through July 2-4 to see the firework extravaganza, see the fireworks up close with the new Liberty Tower Liberty Tower, be the first to see the revealing of the newest coaster Scorpion, and ride it! Tickets are now limited! So get yours today to ensure yourself and your family an Independence experience that will last them a lifetime at Six Flags Wild West Arizona!

This is really cool! I always had the idea of making Six Flags Cincinnati and making it a story park in which SFC competes with Kings Island every season. And since I enjoy Cedar Fair more, Kings Island would win each season by a little bit.
Yeah, I have always wanted AZ, USA to have it's own big theme park, but so far hasn't. So I'm living my dream in Planet Coaster.

Anyways...Don't forget to come join us through July 2-4 to see the firework extravaganza and ride during the grand opening of the new Scorpion coaster and Liberty Tower ride! Tickets are now limited and almost sold! So get yours today to ensure yourself and your family an Independence experience that will last them a lifetime at Six Flags Wild West Arizona!

Great work so far! [up]
Thanks! [wink]
Tickets are now sold out for the Coca Cola 4th of July Fest at Six Flags Wild West Arizona! For those that have tickets, the firework extravaganza will start at 8pm AZ time 2nd-4th. Before the show come and enjoy the new rides Scorpion that will make your stomach drop or try the gentler approach with Liberty Tower and gaze at the breathtaking scenery! There is plenty to do at Six Flags Wild West Arizona. Early bird get's the worm so...come early to get best parking, the needed shade, and most important be the first in line! [cool]…

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PC: So today Six Flags Wild West Arizona got a new parking booth for it's entry way! Now more cars will be able to get in and out faster and more fluently! :D
"Still under construction!"

Can I see the fireworks display you put on?
Here yah go! Is not as impressive as some peeps though! ;)

Also, when the park food is too expensive! Fast food! Mic drop...

Six Flags Wild West Arizona
Prescott Valley Fire Dept. was added next to my SF park to honor all those who are fighting all the wildfires up north AZ! Stay safe out there and thank you for your service!

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Great fireworks, and the rest of the park, too!

And props for the fire station (being a firefighter myself :D). I can see why you need it, with all the sparks landing in the park :)
The villains are planning something big this August! Are you ready to be a hero Gotham needs you to be?!?

Who's ready to help Batman take on some villains?!?
"Work in Progress!"

Six Flags Wild West Arizona
PC: Is your kids heading back to school and you parents need someplace to unwind from all the kid trauma! Say no more! Six Flags Arizona is a great place to have fun and remove the daily stresses of life. Also, while your at the park, you should try our new Chop Six Fresh Asian Cuisine, plus our new rides and coasters! If you come early you get a coupon and get your food 20% off with additional purchase at Chop Six!

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Who's ready to try out the new and improved Sidewinder with it's new layout that will have you begging for more!?!

Pardon the dust! Six Flags Arizona has been going through a'lot of needed renovations to help improve enjoyment and the experience throughout the park. More updates to come on this project! :)
List of improvements to park...
- Improved Sidewinder
- New gift shops and restaurants
- Improvements to DC District
- New bus and shuttle parking/station
- New Rides

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