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So constructions workers have been hard at work day and night to finish the new gift shops and restaurants. So far they all have been doing a quick, but fantastic job and deserve a huge thanks during this renovation! Construction work will be starting shortly for the restaurants and work for the inside plus detailing of the gifts shops will commence now. [big grin]

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Funnel cakes is up and now running at Six Flags Wild West Arizona! With funnel cakes being so popular and successful in most of our parks, we wanted to make sure to have that delicious option in our park for our guests to drool over!

Celebrate the first official days of fall at FRIGHT FEST starting Monday, 24th! �������� Check park hours before you go! I'm sure it'll be a scream!

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Superman: Escape From Krypton is looking good in my park! [cool]
Also, Fright Fest is still going on until Oct 31! So...make sure to get tickets today to before it's too late!

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Are you ready for hot cocoa, gathering by a campfire and walking through a winter wonderland time of year? You're in luck, because Holiday in the Park is almost here.

I'm loving how you're making this park so seasonal with the Halloween and now Christmas makeovers. It gives it so much lfe
I'm loving how you're making this park so seasonal with the Halloween and now Christmas makeovers. It gives it so much life!
That's the idea! I try to make my parks as realistic and life like as possible even though in some ways it's not. I try to go by sections of my park and add more details and life to my park overtime. [rolleyes]

very festive
Thanks! [wink]
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Will Aquaman's fury upon the forces of evil be enough to save the world? Come join him and find out by riding Aquaman: Tidal Fury today!

Santa has been working hard this Christmas season to bring you an all new experience this Summer to Six Flags Wild West Arizona! Tidal Wave, a water coaster that'll make sure to get everyone soaked!

I heard today that they just finished renovating Scream! at Six Flags Wild West Arizona, so I decided to take a quick peek at it before it got busy. I also wanted to be one of the first people to take a funny pic as well. I must say it looks awesome. They should be testing the coaster real soon! I can't wait to ride it as sure for everyone else!

Credit and thanks to badmasterc32 for the beautiful Scream! blueprint and I did some minor tweaks/touch ups to it to improve the ride!

Some other pics I have taken at the park!

Took my cuz-in-law to Six Flags Wild West Arizona today since it was my day off. She was really excited to meet Foxy and my favorite is Gulpy Rex. Luckily enough we got to take a pic of both! So it was a win win scenario! Sadly her husband had to work today. Maybe next time cuz!

Six Flags Arizona Update:
The workers have been working hard on laying down the new parking lot. I must say it looks a lot better than it did before! They're even putting up security posts to help stop criminal activity in the parking lot. Each security post has a different Loony Toons character so you know where you've parked and do not get lost.

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There has been a high demand for strollers, wheelchairs, lockers, and a lost and found in the park. So we decided to meet those demands on building one right in the front of the park and by the entrance. Guests can also buy Flash Passes there as'well. Now guests can take care of there needs all in one bldg.!

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Six Flags Arizona Update:
New restaurants are going up where the outdated Food Court used to be and Cold Stone Creamery has been renovated with indoor eating!

Name will be changed soon!

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Thanks Coastercad!

The park is currently celebrating Valentines Day! I added new Lockers, Lost and Found, Wheel Chair and Stroller Rental bldg.. I torn down SF Food Court and built restaurants in it place (Johnny Rockets, Foghorn Leghorn's Chicken Legs, and Pizza Cafe). Added Starbucks by the front entrance. I renovated path for American Arrow Coaster. I did other minor tweaks.
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