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I did this in a stadium in my park, and this will work, but I'm thinking they will not sit down...they may just stand there and wave and jump (because the game thinks they are stuck on a dead end path)...but this may also work well as it will look like they are waving to those far below.
But you put a path up there so you could have tables, and the path means you can have peeps. So just grab some peeps off the street and drag them up there :)
I actually deleted the path, because the curbing was showing. Once we possibly get elevators, my tower will be accessible and functional.

Need some old classic fun? Then come on down to Midway Arcade which has been fully refurbished and is ready for some players! "The Arcade machines are not mine."

Come on down to the brand new Teen Titans Tower Pizza at DC Universe and dine with the Teen Titans! The Pizza on them! ;)

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Feel the excitement of spinning at high speed at a thrilling 50 degrees on The Flash.

Get rocking and rolling on the most intense Ferris wheel ride of all time! Loony Whirl is now open over at Loony Zone!

There's so much fast sideways, twisting action on this ride you'll might lose your stomach on this ride or squish your fellow friend next to you! Twister is now open so go ride it today!
If you have recently come to our park. You may have noticed that we have a new security checkpoint before you enter the park. Upon coming to this security checkpoint, everyone will be checked of there belongings to make sure there are no devices to inflict harm on a person or major harm to our park. This is to ensure that we keep our employees and you safe.

Park Manager, Christian

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