Skin Names?

This is a weird ask, but I was thinking about it the other day. Will the colors and patterns for skins have names? Like the last game had the alpine, rainforest, or taiga patterns, will this game have something like “desert” for a tanish color, or will it simply say tan? I liked having names to patterns in the last game, it felt unique and easy to mesh with the environment.
The general idea of JWE2 so far seems to be building upon the first one, so it might be similar lines.

That said, it's a different system this time, so they might have different names to reflect that (body colour, overlay type & overlay colour as selectable things).

Fundamentally, the colours and patterns will still likely be sourced from modern animals, so you still could do a bit of research on what sort of environments they come from, assuming it's not mentioned in the database.
I did enjoy the name themes for colourings in jwe1. I am hoping it remains a simple naming system. so patterns could be the naming system we're used to, (alpine, taiga, jungle etc) ,and colours being colour names like suggested 'sandy' 'grey' 'cloudy green' or even follow the same name system. So you'd get a dinosaur with the Arid colour and a Jungle pattern.
We'll see eventually I guess.
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