Roller Coasters Skull Kingdom - Lost Isle with (Indoor/Outdoor Coasters)

Hello all! I JUST got the alpha a week ago and have been addicted! This is my first park "Skull Kingdom". I also made music to go along with the park and rides. Thanks for checking it out! [yesnod]

It Includes 3 Coasters:

1) KRACKEN at 1:35
Enter Pirate Cove and travel the dangerous seas past the horrid Kracken! With the help of mystical forces of the sea, you may find a hidden cove to safely pass.

2) FIERY GOLD at 3:40
Treasure! Escape with gold from the Goldscale Pirates but beware of Skullcano.

3) JUNGLE RUN at 5:45
Venture Deep into the Jungle and join the Skull Pirates as they escort newly found gems.

Also Includes:
Pirate Village, Safehaven (Fair / Mild Rides), and Park panning.

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