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Michael Brookes

Game Director
Hi all,

the sub-forum structure has been changed slightly:

1. The old support and suggestions board is now the Forum Help and Suggestions board, use this to get help on using the forum or suggesting ideas to improve the forums:

2. Dedicated Elite: Dangerous Support Board has been added to the Elite: Dangerous section, use this board for any help, technical or otherwise for Elite: Dangerous:

3. Frontier Games Support board has been added to the Frontier Games section, technical support for any of our games (except Elite: Dangerous or Lostwinds) can be found here:

We're in the process of moving the threads around, so bare with us while that happens.

Whilst you're moving threads around, why not move a peek of the week into the peek of the week thread. May I suggest the Starmap.

Edit: or that beautiful pic you just put in there!
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Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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