Wind could cause trees to rustle and cause waves in the water. Right now all we can create it stagnant ponds. Different levels of winds, like a light breeze or a strong wind, could cause light ripples or strong waves in our ponds and lakes. They would have similar effects on the trees. They should be an occasional weather effect just like storms. We could have sunny days with a light breeze, sunny days with heavy winds, cloudy days with a light breeze that could lead to a light windy storm and cloudy days with heavy winds that have a strong chance of leading to a heavy storm or tornadoes. These weather effects would not replace the current ones but be added to it. There will still be reg bright sunny days and chance random storms etc. They could also occur at any time; day, night, dawn, evening etc. All this, along with rustling trees (which would sound really nice) and waves in the water would give life to the environment and create a more dynamic and immersive experience.

While they could be random, they could also be tied together in progressive combinations. Over the course of 4-7 days for example, you could have a light breeze lead to a cloudy breezy day, lead to light storm. Or, a light breeze lead to heavy wind, leading to heavy storm, tornado, back to heavy storm, then light storm, then to light breeze etc.

You could predict these weather patterns using the storm defense stations. They will start out as they are now only protecting buildings. Each one could have 3 upgrade slots for accuracy, storm and tornado. For storm and tornado: 1.0 giving you a 3 day possible span, 2.0 giving you a 2 day span and 3.0 giving you a predictive day. These predictions would be effected of the accuracy upgrade, 1.0 gives you +25% plus the ability to see the next day’s weather when applied to reg def station and the next 2 days for the advanced. 2.0 give you +50% accuracy and 2 days for the reg and 4 for the adv. 3.0 gives you +75% accuracy and 4 days for reg and 7 for adv. This would add some management functionality to these buildings.
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