Slimer's Takeover - Community Challenge

Chante Goodman

Community Manager

Hayo coaster friends!

There's something weird happening here at Planet Coaster's HQ - ghosts seem to be haunting our studio!

We've tried everything to get rid of them, but now we've come across our biggest challenge yet: Slimer has taken over our channels and he's eating everything he can get his ghostly hands on...

With the Ghostbusters not yet available, we need your help! If you come together (PlancoFam unite!) and collectively place 35000 security guards in your parks by Tuesday 28 May, we'll be able to bust him and unlock an exclusive reveal!

Please work together, Ghostbusters style, and help us banish Slimer! But remember, don't cross the streams...


Volunteer Moderator
How is Frontier going to keep track of this?
Planet Coaster sends usage data to Frontier when you're online. Things like which rides are used most by players, amount of built coaster tracks in km/miles, and yes, also how many security guards you hire in your parks. This data is very valuable to Frontier as it tells them about the most popular things in the game, which can be used to improve the game and other Frontier games in the future. :)

In this case they can easily track the amount of hired security guards from behind the scenes.
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