Slow Boat to Colonia

The Fleet Carrier "Aurora" (X8X-74W) has arrived in the Colonia area. no further updates to this topic will take place.


For current trip information, see my Discord channel in the Fleet Carrier Owners Club. To access this server, follow the following invite:
My channel, #aurora_glowyhedgehog in the FCOC Carriers category, has a pinned post where you can always see what's happening.
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Just arrived in Swoiwns SZ-G b43-0. Will be positioned around body 3, a Class I giant at 2,593ls with both a rocky and an icy ring. If mining's a thing you do, there's some nice hotspots here (also one for Tritium)...

The subsequent jump will be at 08:30 UTC tomorrow morning.
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Hope you got some passengers.

We need a separate forum for these journeys so a player can find them easily if they are looking
Yeah, I think I have four or five, not sure if one joined or not.

Yes, a separate sub-forum would be good, like they have in Discord.
Arrived in Bleia Eohn LC-B d1-56.

Just to let everyone on board know, I've added Rohini as a scheduled stop. It's still a fair bit away, around 6000ly atm, but it has shipyard and outfitting facilities, so if anyone wanted to buy any new modules or such, it's an opportunity.

Also, once the cargo hold starts emptying of fuel, I will be offering to buy cargo at galactic average. So if you are a miner, for example, you can continue to mine en route without running out of space or being unable to switch to another ship for some reason. At about 250t per jump once donations are complete, it won't be a speedy process, but over the whole journey it will hopefully allow you to continue mining as you like.

Please agree amongst yourselves who gets to sell to the available space each time, and because I have to pre-define how much of each commodity is bought, which then immediately uses up that available space in the cargo allocation, I'd like to know how much of what is being sold so that I can set up the buy orders for just that.

You should use the Discord channel for this: so that the discussions are all in one place. It's #aurora_glowyhedgehog in the FCOC Carriers category.
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Bleia Eohn LC-B d1-56 is 1653 ly from Sol, so a fair bit out by now. You're welcome to join, but as I see you've found the main topic for such requests, I think you'd be better looking for something closer.
Next system will be Bleae Thua GL-P d5-70. Miners have a choice of ring types this time, Planet AB 1 has a metal-rich ring with Platinum, Painite, and others (30 hotspots in total), and AB 2 has an icy ring with LTDs, a Tritium and a Void Opal. It also has a rocky ring. I'll be arriving at AB 1 as it's closer to the system entry point for those who go elsewhere, and be there until tomorrow morning, probably 08:30 UTC like today.
Now in Bleae Thua GL-P d5-70. I've picked Bleae Thua XP-G d10-78 as the next jump. A bunch of high metal content worlds and a rocky-ringed gas giant with water-based life (which is where I'll arrive to). For those who are interested in investigating, the FSS says that body 4 has 27 geological signals on it. 08:30 UTC departure tomorrow.
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Tonight you'll have a room with a view. Going to park off an ELW, which is paired with a WW. There are a couple of rocky-ringed worlds too, not so exciting this time perhaps, one with a bunch of various hotspots with names that don't look expensive (body 8) and one with 8 geological POIs (body 1), so you can pick up some bits and pieces one way or another. 15:00 UTC as ever.

Is anyone watching this topic for jump information, or are you all using the Discord channel? If not, I'll limit future reminders to just there (although will continue to update the top post with jump information).
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My own explorations are taking me on a bit more of an indirect route now (I do have a mission for during this trip!), and I'm certainly not 500ly ahead yet, so I've used spansh's fleet carrier route plotter to determine the next jump. That comes out as Byeia Thaa GA-R b18-3, but EDSM doesn't know what's there yet.

So a lucky dip jump! 08:30 UTC tomorrow subject to whenever the server goes down for it's weekly thing.
Slight change of plan due to upcoming real-life commitments.

I need to be in a meeting tomorrow (Friday) afternoon, and expect to be away from home from Sunday through to Wednesday (2nd to 5th August). Rohini is a scheduled waypoint on this journey (see post 7 above) and spansh's fleet carrier route plotter reckons that's 9 jumps away, so what I'm going to do is as follows...

Starting at 14:00 UTC this afternoon I will be making consecutive jumps every 20 or so minutes (that being the 5 minute cooldown plus the 15-16 minute jump countdown) until I have to stop (usually by 16:30 UTC). I will post once I've done with jumps for the day. Then I'll complete the trip to Rohini tomorrow morning in the same way. Aurora will remain in Rohini until the morning of Thursday 6th August (since I don't know when I'll be back on Wednesday so don't know at what time I can schedule a jump that day).

I'm starting with this later today (rather than now) because it lets anyone who has left the carrier this morning do what they want to do and get back. If anyone needs me to start a bit later, let me know here or on Discord. So this will keep the overall journey about the same, since at two jumps a weekday Rohini would have been next Wednesday anyway.

Jumps will be, if it matters to anybody:

Byeia Thaa GA-E b39-7
Traikoa RA-A c7
Blae Drye AP-W a42-1
Traikoa VP-G d10-129
Byeia Eurk MS-U b2-4
Byua Eurk WZ-H b23-14
Pyraleau DM-M a89-15
Nyeajaae LZ-C a12-8
Made good time, and managed to negotiate with the captain for a bit of extra effort from the crew, and so I'm pleased to report that next stop is Eudaemon Anchorage in Rohini.
For the explorers on board, Rohini was en route during the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. It wasn't a waypoint in itself, it was in between two, but the following link will give you an idea of things to see nearby. When I say "nearby", I am talking a thousand or two light years each side, but since you all flew 800ly to join me in the first place, some if not all of this would be doable in the week before Aurora leaves.
I think what I'll do after we get underway again is double the distance travelled each day. We're at the point now with the cargo where the carrier can do four jumps on one tank, and it's not like anyone will want to store anything just now since Rohini can be used to sell what you have mined so far.

So starting at 08:30 UTC on Thursday I'll do four jumps in a row, and then stop for the day so that I can catch up to refuel for the next day. With the "Nuclear Planet" system being, according to spansh's route plotter, 14 jumps away, that would be 4 days travel to get there, so Tuesday the week after. Weekends are likely to be stationary as previously advised.
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