Slow Down Time Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am all for a slower game speed, but I reckon the main reason that they have resisted so far, is due to them encouraging the Animal Market to be active as well as people to do the community challenge. I like idea of Franchise especially as a long term mode for me personally.
That's right, I also took it as a long-term gaming experience. But the game is out there. People have millions of dollars on their accounts and hundreds of bred animals of one species. Pretty sad so all that remains is that one can be creative and build, but it is definitely not an experience for me to have an animal factory :(
Why vote no when you have the ability to speed it up with the click of the button? It's not like you have to use the feature, let everyone else have the option. A lot of people want time to be slower.
Why should I have to play the game on fast speed because you want the slow speed slower? Is that fair? Maybe I'm fine with the 3 speed settings? Maybe my opinion is that time doesn't need slowed down more than it is? Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?
Why should I have to play the game on fast speed because you want the slow speed slower? Is that fair? Maybe I'm fine with the 3 speed settings? Maybe my opinion is that time doesn't need slowed down more than it is? Am I not allowed to voice my opinion?
This silly argument (both sides of it, not just you) is exactly why the best solution would be a simulation speed setting. Many of us would enjoy setting it to be slower, others are fine with the current default. That's okay.
Personally I think the speed is fine. But I am in the category of people who mainly build in pause (this hasn't started in this game or out of necessecity or anything, it's a habit I have had for mode than a decade) and then let the simulation run to see the results of my work and do the managing there. Considering how in depth building gets (rock work anyone?), I cannot even fathom NOT building in pause. I can understand why some would want to, to keep funds flowing etc. but I feel the managing aspect is challenging enough during live play. What you also have to consider is the lifespan across all the species. Yeah sure, some might only live a dozen years but others live thirty and Tortoises over a hundred. They take 50 years to become adults. Imagine that on slowed time. Even when playing a lot with sped up time last week I am still only in like year 20 in my franchise. Only now I have started getting some animals die of old age.
In short, I do think the time and its controls in the game were made for someone with my play style, aka build on pause, manage on running time.
Can we all please contribute to this report in the Issue Tracker? The previous 'confirmed' issue was marked as 'fixed' and all we got were the minor adjustments made on launch, with no change at all to the simulation speed (the real request). The reported issues have to hit a certain threshold before Frontier will look at them and this one appears to have the most responses:

But I am in the category of people who mainly build in pause
I'm pretty sure most of us do this and that's not the point of this problem. The point is that the simulation speed is too fast even if you're just focusing on management. You can't take a moment to relax and observe your creation (like you can in most simulation games) because stuff starts going wrong and needs attention really quickly.

Of course some people, yourself included, are fine with the current speed. That's why we're really asking for a way to control simulation speed. For example, Normal (3 seconds to a day), Slow (6 seconds to a day), Slowest (12 seconds to a day).
It's true, you can't just sit and enjoy an animal. When an animal is starving, it almost takes a keeper a day to walk and feed it.
As much as this needs to be changed, I don't want to see just a 'slow-mo' mode. Then the animals aren't moving naturally. The way they would have to do it is double the length of a day (to 6 seconds or more) and also double the deterioration rates, time it takes to feed, repair, they'd have to change pregnancy and growth rates, etc.. It's really a big change, but it HAS to happen. These birth-rates, especially, are just ludicrous. I swear I'll see that an animal just gave birth and 5 minutes later it's offspring are giving birth. THATS INSANE!

It's amazing to me that they playtested this and decided that this speed is a good gameplay experience. Not only that, but they add fast-forward buttons to make it even faster! crazy..
I think there should be a toggle for slower time speed for all modes except franchise. I understand that there is a divide between players and whether they want slower time or keeping time pace as it is, so I think that franchise mode should be slowed down by just a little by default (as well as the other modes. Maybe have 2 options for the offline modes - a second per day to match franchise mode and an hour per year for those who want a really slow experience?). Even 1 second per day would be better. I think that would keep things fast enough for those playing for the challenge and management side of the game in frnachise, but it would at least slow down the rate at which the animals go through their life cycles enough for those players wanting a more personal experience with the animals. No toggle for franchise mode because it's online and it can't be different for different people. At current pace it takes 18 mins and 15 seconds real time for an in-game year to pass if I did my calculations right. It's just not enough time for caring about all the animals, as there will be many, in my zoos. Not as much as I'd like to anyway. Yeah yeah, the pause button exists but what's the point of all these nice graphics and animations being in the game when I don't get a chance to look at them if I'm in pause mode all the time. I know slowing down time is not easy because all of the finances need to be recalculated and stuff. Makes me wonder whether the speed of the game is tied into something that's making it an impossible option to be tweaked. I do not support the idea of increasing how long the animals live and how long the pregnancy to adulthood of the baby takes. It literally goes against the educational part of the game by being inaccurate.

Edit: I realised I had more to say.
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i dont see the problem with the market in franchise mode if time would be slowed down.

let imagine time is slowed down 5 times. that means that if you got 5 times the amount of breeding pairs you would still get the exact same amount of babys to sell. and if you have the same amount of breeding pairs as before that just means theres a fifth of animals available in market which would increase its price 5 times. and i rather have 3 pages of bengal tiger with prices in the 1k-10k range than 60 pages (like on weekend) with so much trash to click through.... right now animals (except the few low breed ones) are mostly worthless. i mean there are animals you can buy for 6 cc in amounts of hundreds. thats ridiculous. there needs to be a lot less breeding which would be done with slower time.

slow time by 5 times and then just add another sped up button for the people who still want it faster. like now we have 3 arrows for speed, just make it 4 or 5 and everyone will be happy without the need of a slider
Please, for the love of god slow down the game. Between dealing with sickness, dealing with poopooty keepers and electric and water breaking down. Between trying to browse the market, trying to witness births, deaths, check breeding. Between trying to build new parts of the zoo or fix broken screens or flipped trashcans. Between all of that, I actually get to unpause my game for 1 minute and enjoy it before I have to pause it again.
I agree with this feature request. I've been playing the game since launch, and nearly 70% of all my in-game time is spent while the game is paused. I have about 150 animals in the zoo and turns out something happens every minute.
That means you have 60 seconds to enjoy looking at an animal. Lucky you :)
It's true, you can't just sit and enjoy an animal. When an animal is starving, it almost takes a keeper a day to walk and feed it.

Am I missing something here? if you slow down time and go form for example 10 seconds =1 day slowdown to 20 seconds = 1 Day then surely your animal still dies? the in game time the keeper still takes a day to walk to the starving animal?

Is the answer not to either have 2 keepers or to make it that the hut is much closer? I had over 50 flamingos at one point - boy do they eat fast, put two keepers in both dedicated to my flamingos only- set their visits to 1 month and put the hut outside the entry (with a staff room very close by as well)


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There's no need to spam the link to the Issue Tracker, players should be able to find it if only linked once in the thread, which is already the case here.

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