Newcomer / Intro small, casual wing looking for new and old players alike!

Hi, i’m Commander Dar

We’re a fun-loving, casual and dedicated group of highly active veteran commanders that didn’t like the direction our previous wing was going in. So we decided to respectfully part ways and branch off into our own wing. We are 100% independent and we welcome all commanders regardless of preferred superpower allegiance, power play, and play style.

We believe in creating a coalition of all the independent, federation, alliance, empire, etc commanders out there that want to be a part of something bigger then themselves and generally just have brothers and sisters in arms with a concentrated purpose. We also believe in building up the ED community in positive ways, so in between wing missions you’ll always have something constructive and of course non-mandatory to do whether it’s participating in the Community Goals or patrolling new player space and lending a helping hand to beginners. We plan to obtain our own minor faction in the short term and in the long term we plan to become the next Independent Power Play Faction. (Lore coming soon!)

If your a fun loving and dedicated commander that likes an occasional dose of seriousness and purpose then join the Outer-Rim Outcasts today! there’s no application or questionnaire just hit join and your one of us!
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