Small mammals

Well, European hamsters are wild animals. And unfortunately critically endangered.
Only in some parts of their range. As a species they are classified LC. Not that I would be unhappy to have them in the game, I love hamsters! 🐹 Many zoos have rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets, which I would be happy to have as well, even in the form of “mini exhibits”
When we eventually get aviaries I think the door will be opened to smaller mammals. It's a careful balance, though, because some small mammals are perfectly acceptable as habitat animals (such as tamarins, marmosets, meerkats, and so on) due to the amount of space they need in a zoo. Others, like chinchillas, or indeed hedgehogs, tenrecs, and so on, are extremely difficult to contain in open-air enclosures due to the variety of niches they occupy (climbing, digging, etc.) and their size, which makes them easy to lose.

Then there are those that might work in either - platypus, sloths, and of course some ground birds.
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