Buildings & Attractions Small Viewing Gallery for Smaller Dinosaurs

What is the idea?

Add in a smaller viewing gallery that makes it easier to view smaller dinosaurs. It's pretty much as simple as that. However, because it serves the same function as the already existing viewing gallery, some players may be concerned about redundancy. Which is why I offer 3 solutions:

1. The small viewing gallery gives a rating bonus for smaller dinosaurs, similar to paleobotany. The dinosaurs include small carnivores, pachycephalosaurids, ornithomimids, and Dryosaurus.

2. An overhaul to the dinosaur visibility system. As it currently stands, either guests see the dinosaur or they don't, and that is solely determined by whether or not the dinosaur is in the visibility circle or cone. This means that a guest can see a Brachiosaurus just as well as a Compy from a viewing tower, which is very odd. With this overhaul, Brachiosaurus would need to be viewed from a viewing tower and Compy would need to be viewed from the small viewing gallery to receive the highest dinosaur visibility rating, and everything else in between. For example, the small viewing gallery would give a 100% visibility rating for Compy, but the viewing tower would only give 10%. This could also be reflected in the dinosaur's rating. Not having the ideal viewing attraction to view a dinosaur would apply a debuff to the dinosaur's rating. Why should the player fully benefit from a highly rated dinosaur if guests have difficulty viewing said dinosaur?

3. No difference between the small and standard viewing gallerys. Not all of us may care about redundancy, we just want more options.

Why add this in?

Even though JWE is just a video game, I still like to design my parks with realism in mind, and realistically speaking, you wouldn't build such a large viewing gallery to view smaller creatures. If we examine the design of the already existing viewing gallery, we see that the actual viewing chambers inside the building are elevated. Additionally, there's a bar in front of the building that prevents large dinosaurs from going right up to the glass. As a result, guests are horizontally and vertically a fair distance away from the dinosaurs. However, from a realism standpoint, this actually makes it easier to view the game's larger dinosaurs, but it would be a pain in the behind to view smaller dinosaurs.

If we look at real life zoos, guests are often able to get within a couple of feet of an animal, with only glass separating them. A smaller viewing gallery could be similar to this. How exhilirating would it be to have a Velociraptor the same level as you, right up in your face?
You know what, I think option number 2 could work with something interesting in mind.

There was a thread I made just last week, and it was an idea of a “phase 2” kinda JW style big DLC.

One of its big feature ideas is the introduction of much smaller herbivores in a “petting zoo” focused map.

So what I was thinking just now is maybe (only if number two can be a thing) the Dinosaur Visibility management system can be reworked for only for the really small stuff, like the Compsognathus and Homalocephale, because they're really tiny, compared to everything else in-game. The regular viewing buildings won't work for them, except the tour three vehicles attractions (really only because the Park Tour from the JP era is the only way to view all of your regular dinosaurs in-game on that setting, which includes the compies, and the fact you must use viewing towers for your mission selected Gallimimus and Stygimoloch in the Claire campaign to be viewed for study). But, with the small viewing galleries, they can raise add viability ratings for those dinosaurs. After all, all the extremely small dinos in-game are DLC exclusive.

But, they can be just more generic viewing buildings (option 3) and will merely just add a new way to view your tiny dinos a but more closer.
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