Small Worlds Expedition 3!!!

[FONT=century\ gothic]Small Worlds Expedition 3![/FONT]

May 26 - June 16

The record-breaking mass jump from SWE1 & SWE2 is coming back, and will be better than ever!
Join us in small ships [ONLY] for the most memorable expeditions that have taken place over the last two years!

Recommended ship builds

[FONT=century\ gothic]Private Groups:[/FONT]

PC Private Group: Braben is Thargoid
Xbox Private Group: Professor7357
PS4 Private Group: Supernova_120303
(Console users MUST send console friend request BEFORE
searching for private group, otherwise it will not find it)

Send a Private Group request in-game via the Friends & Private Groups in main menu, to this user to join.

[FONT=century\ gothic]Expedition Rules[/FONT]

1. Keep it clean, be nice, if you have issues, contact an admin via the discord channel or in-game (or PM me on this forum)
2. Under absolutely no circumstances are you to be allowed to intentionally shoot or harm a fellow commander in any way, shape, or form. If you show ANY intention of grief killing, you will be banned immediately, and removed from the roster.


3. For security etc. reasons, the admins and staff will be explicitly strict, any and all decisions will be final with our word.

[FONT=century\ gothic]Mission:[/FONT]

Small Worlds Expedition is to provide the support and ability for new and casual players to be able to explore our galaxy without worry. We aim to help develop the skills and knowledge required for long distance exploration. Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels.

[FONT=century\ gothic]Requirements:[/FONT]

Small landing pad ships ONLY!
Minimum jump range required is 20Ly

Adder, Cobra Mk3, Cobra Mk4, Diamondback Explorer, Diamondback Scout, Dolphin, Eagle,
Hauler, Imperial Courier, Imperial Eagle, Sidewinder, Viper Mk3, Viper Mk4, Vulture

[FONT=century\ gothic]Waypoints:[/FONT]

Rendezvous and Launch times UTC
(in-game time)
Weekends (EVERYONE): Meetup 18:00, Launch 19:00
Weekdays (US):
Meetup 23:50, Launch 01:00
Weekdays (EU):
Meetup 19:00, Launch 20:00
Weekdays (AUS): Meetup 10:00, Launch 11:00

Weekends: Saturday
Weekdays: Tuesday, Thursday

Total Expedition Distance: 9,152.87Ly
(yes, it's short, and only 3 weeks!)

WP#Ly to NxtSystem NamePlanet#LZ CoordinatesLZ ImageDate
WP0610.57LyT TauriA 1 A-72.14,99.26X
May 26
WP1460.79LyHIP 237599 A9.02,-142.41X
May 29
WP2463.70LyTRAPEZIUM Sector CG-X D1-18ABC 2 C A-12.55,-61.23X
May 31
WP3942.80LyHIP 380644-69.83,-129.73X
June 2
WP41,171.35LyCD-39 61372 A19.89,-125.84X
June 5
WP51,307.80LyKN Muscae1-5.25,-0.95X
June 7
WP6941.20LyFine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4C 210.94,41.02X
June 9
WP7555.69LyIC 4604 Sector FB-X C1-16A 1 A-3.74,29.41X
June 12
WP81,514.40LyVeil West Sector DL-Y D68D 4 F-49.06,-82.08X
June 14
WP91,184.57LyLBN 623 Sector FW-W D1-1006 A76.29,90.24X
June 16


[FONT=century\ gothic]Trailer:


[FONT=century\ gothic]Registration:

#CMDR NameShipShip NamePlatform
1NuseEagleTerminum Finalum
2Senor CorgiImperial Courier?PC
3Leif RossImperial CourierJack of SpeedPC
4VirtualAnomalyCobra Mk3VerguldePC
5Voytek YazovDiamondback ExplorerPin MissilePC
6Cmdr SenscaDiamondback ExplorerPC
7Melody WintersViper Mk4SagePC
8M98Imperial CourierWake RunnerPC
9Victor Sirk (Formerly Sirkh)Cobra Mk3NomadPC
10Kel SolaarImperial CourierShooting StarPC
11Mark PearsonMulticrewJensenPC
12SvetislavImperial CourierBulittPC
14JonussCobra Mk4PC
15TheogilliDiamondback ExplorerREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (no joke)PC
16ZSCHMEEZDiamondback ExplorerVoyagerPC
17RosanderDiamondback ExplorerExplorerPC
18Just Call Me DaveImperial CourierCorvidPC
19AndromedaaImperial CourierInconsistent HeartPC
20Zer0AxisDiamondback ExplorerThe Looking GlassPC
21VithigarSidewinderThe DartPC
22GripenSidewinderFoolhardy DancerPC
23von SchnellensteinCobra Mk4IMS StratusPC
24Mark44NottsDolphinInsatiable CuriosityPC
25JerekViper Mk3RedshiftPC
26RatblackDiamondback ExplorerHMASS BeaglePC
27ZelrynCobra Mk3Maku SanPC
28CrunchyBaton955Imperial CourierValkyrjaXbox
29Andi8PImperial EagleMinmirPC
30Vamp1r3Diamondback ExplorerR/V TrillionPC
31Science0Imperial CourierCFN MomijiXbox
32DamnosCobra Mk3PC
33ravstar52Diamondback ExplorerStanley the BoldPC
34V4yporzDiamondback ExplorerGrace HopperXbox
35MentalFSDiamondback ExplorerSieranPC
36DMC_RULEZDiamondback ExplorerHEART OF GOLDPC
37SmileyhoodCobra Mk3Line of CommunicationPC
38summersa74Diamondback ExplorerBig UnitPC
40DrazkulDolphinT.F.S Star toursPC
42Cole ThorneCobra Mk3AnjuraXbox
43Talon AeolusImperial CourierNimbusPC
44Shur-KhanImperial CourierPenumbraPC
45Mors CaedesDiamondback ExplorerAmber SpyglassXbox
46Nex NightlockCobra Mk3Tempete NoireXbox
47AstrovenatorDolphinPFS Tacet AstraPC
48nouspiroDiamondback ExplorerKuroitsubasaPC
49Bert PigeonImperial EagleColonia SprintPC
50Gaston LagaffeImperial EaglePygarguePC
51AcrociCobra Mk4VilleneuvePC
52Curse ParadoxDiamondback ExplorerSmall WonderPC
53Mini ValentineDiamondback ExplorerTerrorPC
54OldSpaceman XDiamondback ExplorerAstra InquestriaXbox
56ArbitrationDiamondback ExplorerPC
57Professor7357Diamondback ExplorerStar JumperXbox
58MysturjiDiamondback ExplorerFnordPC
59Swis-21DolphinCheap TripsPS4
60Parad0x1eCobra Mk3Ol' FaithfulPC
61OhPifImperial CourierIrisPC
62xTrem_SheepDolphinPacific SharkPC
63DenalysImperial CourierSmall and cutePC
64Nic KowalskiDiamondback ExplorerMeteorPC
65ReynoldsCobra Mk3Ravigill's HopePC
66Azzameen.Cobra Mk3SabraPC
67CMDR Fey SkyDiamondback ExplorerAisling’s CometPC
68Buddy EcolaImperial CourierToo Loud!PC
69CrabnabDiamondback ExplorerCrab Legs [CR-LEG]PC
70MostlyAwolViper Mk4TBDPC
72TrickylionDiamondback ExplorerBubble HopXbox
73CMDR GandaarCobra Mk3PC
75TheWingmanEffectAdderThe Cool BusPC
76G.FiliniDiamondback ExplorerOmnis ArcanumPC
77jakjusticeDiamondback Explorermagic s. busPC
78AntallusDiamondback ExplorerPathfinderPC
79GandaarCobra Mk3Opera HousePC
80AethelfridDiamondback ExplorerDSV Vespucci-APC
81Allie AnarchySidewinderOther Ship Is A BelugaPC
82SokenjiImperial CourierIp-ConfigPC
83DocteurGuiViper Mk3SS Madame de PompadourPC
85Hanna HunterDolphinRush HoursPC
86Wi1dcardImperial Courier*InsertPunHere*PC
87SpaceLokDolphinLe Star GazerPC
89Cubanxdante Imperial CourierCanopusPS4
91NoncreativeDiamondback ExplorerNot the Bigger FishPC
93Isaac_kielofDiamondback ExplorerSS ISAAC IIIPS4
94BabbleDiamondback ExplorerHelenaPC
95PendergastDiamondback ExplorerJiminy CricketPC
96AdashaDiamondback ExplorerMaeve MillayPC
97Pitchzer0Viper Mk4StardustPC
98StarlancerImperial CourierNeutron BlastPC
99notbenImperial CourierbatoutaheliusPC
101MuhammadAbdulahCobra Mk4P.F.S. Wanderlust Xbox
102Madd Matt FrizzellDolphinSuperluminal SeapigPC
1032DevDiamondback ExplorerYour ExPC
104Drake CarterCobra Mk3PC
105Sasha614Cobra Mk3GroovysnekPC
106Aquire-PoniesDiamondback ExplorerPuddle JumperPS4
108ToxicDeepeyesCobra Mk3BromsgrovePS4
109Telic jDiamondback ExplorerBob RossPC
110Alien Hunter PLEagleSpace MadnessPC
111cominixo01Diamondback ExplorerPC
112NegitiveDolphinunaccepted lengthPC
113JumpOnYourDumpDolphinGold Star VPC
114WhitmannViper Mk4ZopherusPC
115DergellDiamondback ExplorerEndless WondersPC
116zz9paDiamondback Explorerkate (short for bob)PC
118KazuieDiamondback ExplorerTHE SPACKOPC
119Hartbreak1Diamondback ExplorerCousteauPS4
120Empress KurumiDiamondback ExplorerSuch A Long Way DownXbox
121Tali214CourierUSS Grand RapidsPC
122LikadionDiamondback ExplorerCanem 1PC
123ToouchSugarDiamondback ExplorerLost NannyPS4
124Omega WeaverDiamondback ExplorerFireflyPC
125SoulessSconeDiamondback ExplorerThe Vagrant's SongPC
126ShofurDiamondback ExplorerRaven’s ClawPC
127Volde MortDiamondback ExplorerPC
128keoqDiamondback ExplorerCurious DackelPC
129HapacImperial CourierAEDC MINNAPC
130IsaniaDiamondback ExplorerAeternitasPC
131MikkDCDiamondback ExplorerVoyagerPS4
133Johnson SkyDolphinDomeoPC
134Doughnut glazeDiamondback ExplorerThe CopernicusPC
135PaleoGamerDolphinSong of the MiskatonicPC
136cosporcosDiamondback ExplorerPC
137majesticspaceDiamondback ExplorerStarhopperPC
138KomorNickDiamondback ExplorerStar BumperPC
139leolanDiamondback ExplorerPathfinderPC
140Zdenek-JoergDiamondback ExplorerJumping JackPC
141CMDR Tzandar The GreatDiamondback ExplorerMr. StevenPC
142Cynical SquirrelEaglePer Vinum Ad AstraPC
143B.E.NDiamondback ScoutIshmaelPC
144jm5446Diamondback ExplorerA.C.S. VinlandXbox
145PalConXCobra Mk3Let's GoXbox
146ShadowtrackerDiamondback ExplorerTRASHYBOIPC
147Capt. RagnarokDiamondback ExplorerAnakalypsiPC
148Ashley FolscaDiamondback ExplorerRed MeridianPC
149ZeroWingsXDiamondback ScoutPBSF StingerPC
150Fwapa'DurpHaulerTurbo Taxi 01PC
151Rockmusic15599Diamondback ExplorerShipwreckPC
152just-prompt-iguessDiamondback ExplorerFiresplorerPC
153KonoDragonDiamondback ExplorerCold BloodedPC
154Davri AndersCobra Mk4TweepadockPC
155Shikra al-QamarVultureSS NekhenyPC
156CPT. CHUBBYDiamondback ExplorerUSS CHUBBYPC
157SerafinWarDiamondback ExplorerWildcat PS4
158AnirilDiamondback ExplorerCurious FireflyPC
159CCMaverickDiamondback ExplorerTruthPC
160MetsysHaulerUSS ExigeousPC
161I426HemiDiamondback ExplorerEvent HorizonPS4
162ClemTolDiamondback ExplorerNorfolk & Wei-PalPC
163Silencer_XDiamondback ExplorerPudgeyPC
164Green SsnakeDiamondback ExplorerHecacopterPC
165PALOCHKINDiamondback ExplorerUSF 'KIEV'PC
166StupiddingoDiamondback ExplorerPlanet ExpressPC
167killimanjaroDiamondback ExplorerPC
168Philip BannorDiamondback ExplorerTravellerPC
169WR3NDVultureThe RoninPC
170ACE_J_RIMMERDiamondback ExplorerDiamondback ExplorerPC
171CMDR TydiDiamondback ExplorerPC
172ReifierViper Mk4I am AIPC
173AlexNitrofDiamondback ExplorerFrankPC
174BreezyTreesCobra Mk3PC
175WuddelCobra Mk3HeisenbergPC
177BaberbotDiamondback ExplorerWinged_OnePC
178ToyntCobra Mk4Star RaiderPC
179CMDR ThunderFishImperial EagleFishTrekPC
180Supernova_120303Diamondback ExplorerEnigmaPS4
181Plexus IronrotAdderPC
182Agent VectaDiamondback ExplorerRat KingXbox
183AlienTermiteSidewinderWinder of SidesPC
184Dayglo VikingDiamondback ExplorerPC
185buxtonDiamondback ExplorerendevourPC
186scithiusViper Mk4PaladinPS4
187ChundamanDiamondback ExplorerSparklerPC
188WerdnaDiamondback ExplorerOooh ShinyPC
189Mr McBrideCobra Mk3[LNMH] FalconPC
190CornponeViper Mk4Dutch TreatXbox
191CastillaDiamondback ExplorerAquilaPC
192ViridianCobra Mk3RCN LarkspurPC
193MarhawkDiamondback ExplorerSWE#3PC
194aymeric45Diamondback ExplorerayPC
195DeshaanDiamondback ExplorerThe GatheringPC
196Alan HutchinsImperial CourierIntrepidPC
197CMDR DroslashEagleUtopian VoyagerPC
199Deon JonkerDiamondback ExplorerGallyPC
200HemskyCobra Mk3GeistPC
201CMDR PAVLOCKDiamondback ExplorerThe cobalt expeditionPC
203Jack LisDolphinPC
204Chris BirchAdderFSS ArmstrongPC
205An0mal0usDiamondback ExplorerTransient StatePC
207Trevor DimensioDiamondback ExplorerRoaming RodentPC
208Daniel CloudsifterDiamondback ExplorerBumblebeePC
210Linn H KrugerDiamondback ExplorerPosbiPC
211Gamma835Diamondback ExplorerCurious NutshellPC
212Revengex ExplorerCobra Mk3She's Got IssuesPC
213ZenTaffDiamondback ExplorerGravitas Free ZonePC
214FenrockCobra Mk4[LNMH] FENROCKPC
215NanoFreakDiamondback ExplorerViridiPC
216Jim WolfeDiamondback ExplorerScarpiaPC
217Darklord_KhaladeDiamondback ExplorerPC
218Jackal StomperDiamondback ExplorerAmadeusPC
219DurousseauDiamondback ExplorerISV Robert CavelierPC
220Curious fishCobra Mk3starlightPC
221AmbulatoryapesuitCobra Mk4The SomnambulistPC
222Kermit KongDiamondback ExplorerDonkey KongPC
223Qohen LethCobra Mk3Clear Air TurbulencePC
224Max TerImperial CourierHeat is ONPC
225STARLORDROBINDiamondback ExplorerNo Name YetPC
226PhenolbarbBQImperial CourierSouth MouthPS4
227Shake N' BakeSidewinderSidewinderPC
228Far Creeper Dragon Diamondback ExplorerPandoraPC
229NarencjuszDiamondback ExplorerPidgeon of SteelPS4
230Reverend_RevampDiamondback ExplorerWatchmakerPS4
231TheremHarthDiamondback ExplorerSober CounselPS4
232Edelgard von RheinAdderSwept Under the CarpetPC
233bbbilly05Imperial CourierickyBBPC
234ATLAS-M89Imperial CourierLovePS4
235ZairoksDiamondback ExplorerTUA - KASIF 2PC
237JollyRoger1516Diamondback ExplorerLittle FireflyPC
238MattbertImperial CourierXiphias GladiusPC
239Jack WilmslowDiamondback ExplorerMagellanPC
240AdidaneCobra Mk4First Aid KitPC
241CMDR NothingsRealDiamondback ExplorerFNV AURAPC
242WereotterDiamondback ExplorerDAUNTLESSPC
243SoulStormeDiamondback ExplorerSS Storme's EdgePC
244Deluxeknight831Diamondback ExplorerLadybugXbox
245Gargula41-NDiamondback ExplorerRV-KhepriPC
246DrWerDiamondback ExplorerFernspaeherPC
247GerUADiamondback Explorer[UR-136] Klim ChuryumovPC
248GabaldonDiamondback ExplorerAsp ExplorerPC
249AHappyClownFishImperial CourierPC
250LeskeDiamondback ExplorerCaelestisPC
251Aaron 1810Imperial CourierVeni Vidi ViciPC
252Kilow The AvaliAdderScooty Puff Jr.PC
253SatanschildnzDolphinTop 1% Explorer PC
254KuarupDiamondback ExplorerPilgrimPC
255SnowymonkDiamondback ExplorerMSR MelIsseusPS4
256The HutDiamondback ExplorerPC
257TheraoDiamondback ExplorerSerenityPC
258CMDR Galactic PancakesDiamondback ExplorerAquariusPC
259OrangeLion71Diamondback ExplorerCool RunningsPS4
261Ms Jenna JamesonDolphinDeep Inside JennaPC
264Repairman PatchDolphinSWE3 SupportPS4
265FrankenImperial CourierEnne kleene MuhPC
266Frontier96Diamondback ExplorerVelocityPC
267WindWpnCobra Mk3Hatteras IIPC
268Killer ADiamondback ExplorerGlamdringPC
269Minicop55Diamondback ExplorerTHE PC
270Azumi314Diamondback ExplorerAbnobaPC
271Falco AccipitridaeDiamondback ExplorerMy Friend FridayPC
273RealStarWarriorDiamondback ExplorerTHE SKRUNGLEBACKPC
275F8TL_FURYDiamondback ExplorerS.A.S HornetPS4
276BurntJelloImperial CourierRabbitPC
277Nolan ZogaCobra Mk4LonrachPC
278GnosticyoyoDiamondback ExplorerFlavor PacketPC
279Azel_god_of_trasDiamondback ExplorerZarasthustraPS4
280voodou24Diamondback ScoutWitch HunterPC
281Guy De LombardDiamondback ExplorerSomewhere ElsePC
282LokkaImperial CourierPC
283Dice_BoxDiamondback ExplorerDysfunctional Pit StopPC
284DragonxrayImperial CourierPC
285WorshipCromImperial CourierWhat is best in life?PC
286rOmiLaYuSidewinderPernicious OafXbox
287Eridani5Cobra Mk3ROGUE GYPSYPC
288BladiganDiamondback ExplorerDolphinPC
290The_DaleyDolphinGlass BulletPC
291GeezeukDiamondback ExplorerElysium PilgrimPS4
292AsloViper Mk4PC
293WillmystaDiamondback ExplorerLittle ExplorerPS4
294DrPlantDiamondback ExplorerZapPS4
295Falsenegative1Diamondback ExplorerPC
296Kuiper B. Jr.Diamondback ExplorerUnityPC
297FusyooDiamondback ExplorerINV LightseekerPC
298FarranDiamondback ExplorerTerrierPC
299A_Fuzzy_VelociraptorDolphinI DID IT ON PORPOISEPC
300mostlyhybridCobra Mk3BemidjiPC
301Tado ChipDiamondback ExplorerTadesplorerPC
302Napalm GoatCobra Mk3Vodka BurnerPC
303MWAV3Diamondback Explorer-PC
304FragmastreImperial CourierSmall But DeadlyPC
305Niner_DCobra Mk3Patriot Assault PonyPC
306TimnusDiamondback ExplorerPA ExploringPC
307VeiraDiamondback ExplorerPC
308Wurzelgnom71 Diamondback ExplorerFullSteamSpacemachineXbox
309Jaxion LightDiamondback ExplorerHumbleBeePC
310lego addictusCobra Mk4dse pytheasPC
311ExigeousImperial EagleUSS JumptasticPC
312M3rlinCobra Mk4Repair Rat IVPC
313WKDDiamondback ExplorerSmol Silver ArrowPC
3143d plagueCobra Mk3Halve MaenPC
315ZeroomegaDiamondback ExplorerLRSV Long IslandPC
316CMDR V4yporzDiamondback ExplorerThe Grace HopperXbox
317Vertigo-01Cobra Mk3Marisa KirisamePC
318MrOriginalityImperial CourierWhich way to solPC
319Cmdr_AkkadenDiamondback ExplorerMyosin IVPC
320Wylie28DolphinFragment of HopePC
321FitzypyroVultureTHE GUNRUNNER MK.IIPC
323Rudi RaumkrautDolphinThe LundgrenPC
324ASHA VarxDolphinKalopsiaPC
325CMDR Red Dog 1DolphinArionPC
327MasmaiDiamondback ExplorerCicada IIPC
328boni58Diamondback ExplorerPATANYSKA XPC
329FlaviusUrsusDiamondback ExplorerARCTIC TERN IIPC
330AmberzillaDiamondback ExplorerEndeavorPC
331Drumstik67Diamondback ExplorerDestinyPS4
332Gale HarteDiamondback ExplorerSerenityPC
333TerrenDiamondback ExplorerThe WayfinderPC
334Toys0125Diamondback ExplorerDragonBackPC
335Ziltoid T. OmniscientDiamondback ExplorerSWE3 - HAWKING'S REACHPC
336HazaraImperial CourierBad PlanningPC
337GeneralwastedDiamondback ExplorerSun StripperPS4
338Mfh.DeadpooledDiamondback ExplorerDbxploderPC
340MishoneeDiamondback ExplorerThe Royal ChariotPC
341ldoDiamondback ExplorerbeagldoPC
342POTTSYDOGDiamondback ExplorerMR FRISKYPC
343YekanzarDolphinLittle DolphinPC
344Darks shadowImperial CourierCuttleryPC
345B. A. BaracusCobra Mk3Cat's MeowPC
346crowmagnaDiamondback ExplorerSS TeaslePC
347Henry GondorffCobra Mk3PC
348Menta-PoleoHaulerThe EconomistPS4
349KeviciiCobra Mk3ShadowfaxPC
350UlmegaDiamondback ExplorerRichomekwuanPC
351MoutonCobra Mk3Star-SheepPC
352LolofwarcraftDolphinMarvin 666PC
353Killga_NGImperial EagleBlitzPS4
354SoulJaffa42Cobra Mk3AvaloniaXbox
355sim wilksDiamondback ExplorerSPATIUMPC
356AutocultoDiamondback ExplorerDads taxiPS4
357Enoch the RootDiamondback ExplorerOdalisquePC
358Love PlugDiamondback ExplorerBoomer IIPC
359XylithithDiamondback ExplorerBlack Hole ButlerPC
360LeeNadoDiamondback ExplorerLeeNadoPC
361Mutzli2Imperial CourierKinchahauPC
362CMDR Igor RockDiamondback ExplorerRCS Long VoyagePC
363RackandEagleLocust FivePC
364bruspalDiamondback ExplorerBouik kek kek kek IIPC
366RunningGhostCobra Mk3Celestial WandererPC
367Daniel3586Imperial CourierWhite DestinyPC
368Nhi Vanye i ChyaViper Mk4Arthur C ClarkePC
369PivuchoDiamondback ExplorerGRASSHOPPERPC
370littleronnieDiamondback ExplorerSM3 PANCAKEPS4
371d3vnullCobra Mk3MY 2ND SHIP IS COBRA 2PC
372GobbaDiamondback ExplorerGobmond explorerPC
373CryptoplumDiamondback ExplorerPale Black DotPC
374Merlin.StarlordDiamondback ExplorerJules VernePC
375Burnboy90210Diamondback ExplorerAlbatross OnePS4
376NuraldinDiamondback ExplorerJutulPC
377gergguyDiamondback ExplorerOsprey-5PC
378DeadDerezerCobra Mk3MidlothianXbox
379DoomedRumble40Diamondback ExplorerAbeonaPS4
382Lance 'Spacecat' D.DolphinDashing RifterPC
383BarkeDiamondback ExplorerRunawayPC
384Saint_rhoDiamondback ExplorerPC
385EitherDiamondback ExplorerBumblebeePC
386SopelnDiamondback ExplorerStar RunnerPC
387Ar MeisceDiamondback ExplorerSCREW THE BUBBLEPC
388Fred RogersCobra Mk3The Starry WatersPC
389BobbydacatDiamondback ExplorerCuriosityPC
390OdinocoCobra Mk3UmbraPC
391EikoopImperial CourierEikoopPC
392KosmetasViper Mk3SesquipedaliaPC
393BladesmythCobra Mk3In MemoriamPC
394PoeticSage16Imperial EagleSonicXbox
395KSYImperial CourierExplorerPC
396WrathundiondDiamondback ScoutAlfrexPC
397Chris_02Cobra Mk3FirestormPC
398valentinakermanDiamondback ExplorerYawning AngelPC
399BalathorCobra Mk3LoreliePC
401Bees?Diamondback ExplorerPC
402Jaxer WolfDiamondback ExplorerSacagaweaPC
403Eremeir GraywoodDiamondback ExplorerMoriadPC
404Rett_Diamondback ExplorerIshimaruPC
405Delta19kImperial EagleAngelPC
406monsueHaulerthe fat fishPC
407Mike C.Diamondback ExplorerDianaPC
408SaberificImperial CourierPC
409Bronze_42Diamondback ExplorerAvionic AnthraxPC
410ScardroughDiamondback ExplorerPC
411SakanaxDiamondback ExplorerPC
412shipy mcshipfaceImperial CourierShip PC
413KorVlaHaulerS.S. CuriousPC
414xBlue_DragonxxDolphinWhite VanPS4
415Attashetta TrancerDiamondback ExplorerExpedition 3PC
416Team ENGLISHDolphinAt the Mercy of WindXbox
417zeroempathyzeroCobra Mk3Orange CrushPS4
418BeepcyclesDiamondback ExplorerPC
419Noam CDiamondback ExplorerRAVENPC
420jdb-176SidewinderMolten FuryPS4
421MacKielDiamondback ExplorerPolarisPC
424LochceliousDiamondback ExplorerAnomalyPC
425Pikos AzuDiamondback Explorer-PC
426thekillerofhell2Cobra Mk3PC
427Andrew SPARXDiamondback ExplorerSPARX DBXPC
428SheqelDolphinSeventh KindPC
429Raptor-1EagleSWE3 Eagle-1PC
430Hand BananaDolphinKeplerPC
431Amalightman HaulerXbox
432ready player oneDiamondback Scoutthe hebrew hamberPC
433BavianenvoerDiamondback ExplorerDiamondback explorerPC
434NyresDiamondback ExplorerSHADOWHAWKPC
435Teejaye85Diamondback ExplorerTBDPC
436Calvisia AquliaCobra Mk3Das BootPC
438Myself_stCobra Mk4PC
439CMDR BENJOE93SidewinderUSS BunnyLandiPC
440calebbfooteCobra Mk3-PS4
441Raytracer38955Imperial CourierPNV MercuryXbox
442Troy DeaconVultureAgrotoraPC
443RyeneaCobra Mk3The FaithPC
444Cold TallinnAdderOdyssey IIPC
445zibadianViper Mk4It's a small worldPC
446WoderikCobra Mk3VorgaPC
447Snowflake ObsidianDiamondback ExplorerDiamond In The SkyPC
448MaywksDiamondback ExplorerPlanar TrackerPC
449StellarValkyrieDiamondback ExplorerOdysseyPC
450idonolisViper Mk3albatrossPC
451Grimo87Diamondback ExplorerPC
452Liondor22Diamondback ExplorerSteve ZissouPS4
453PsyPeteImperial CourierCuriousPC
454HazenDiamondback ExplorerPC
455GreyPilgrim3Cobra Mk3Kevin BacobPC
456GSTVasilyevCobra Mk3SurvivorPC
457RoxsonixImperial CourierINV MOONMISTPC
458Delta RC 2526DolphinPC
459WDXImperial EaglePC

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Pretty cool! Also a busy time of year for me, but I'll keep an eye on it here.
Don't be too afraid, if you're in the bubble, it's an easy one, 3 weeks, and I believe the farthest out WP from the bubble is still shy of 3kLy so easy enough for anyone to join in!

Certainly taking it easier this year.

As always, looking to get people that don't know as much about the game to get in and learn about exploration, and the basics of purposeful ship builds!

I as always am bringing a glass-cockpit. SWE1 was an Eagle, SWE2 an iEagle, and SWE3 I'm bringing a ludicrous jump range iCourier.
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Can we edit our registration form after we fill it out? I opened the form and started filling it out but since I am not sure of the ship specs yet, I stopped..
Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7
Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7
Generally the first few who arrive at the waypoint by co-ordinates will offer to wing up with people arriving later, so they can locate the site via wing beacon.

Most waypoints are, as far as I'm aware, quite safe.
The Fnord was left languishing in the hangar of Jaques Station for far too long, and since returning, has had little use.
Signed up. :)
Are you going to show a screenshot highlighting the landing zones at each waypoint? It can be tricky to find a set of co-ordinates when you're doing this for the first time, so some guidance on finding that might also be helpful. Also, what is the surface gravity at each waypoint and are there any other hazards to consider, e.g. high temperatures on approach? I'm not sure if I can make the time to join but it looks like a good trip taking in some of the key highlights found near the bubble, so I wish you the best of luck with it o7
Ah, you know what... caught me off-guard. Where'd my link go?! lol!!!

The only thing I didn't add this time around is a gravity marker (I did for SWE1, but it didn't matter). This time around, however, we ARE visiting a high G, just to throw in the mix so some new explorers can learn how to deal with said situations.

Here's the link; time to go fix up and update OP :)
I don't necessarily "represent" the Fuel Rats but I am an active Rat and will be bringing a DBX equipped with a Fuel Transfer Limpet Controller in case of Emergency.
Just a heads up, we're within the month of launch, so hop on Discord with us, we'll be doing CQC Friday Nights, and a meetup the Saturday before launch.

Side note, 3 weeks to request your hotel room if you plan on coming to SWEIRL

Side side note, OP has been updated to show registration numbers!
hi all, first time I have signed up to an expedition, looking forward to meeting some other commanders out there on this short round! For The Mug!
I don't follow why the final destination is National Museum of the USAFDayton, Ohio. Is the expedition mostly for Americans?
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