"Smooth all" Shortcut/hotkey (+ hotkey to move 1 section when certain amount of tracks selected)

It's a really simple thing (at least from the gameplay perspective, I don't know if it is from the programming perspective), but I really think players like me would benefit A LOT from it, making us lose less time making our coasters perfectly smooth. I was thinking of creating a pair of hotkeys for the smooth all tool, and also creating another one for moving the selected pieces of the track of a coaster by one piece. As you may know, there is a method (the 4 meter method) to make the coasters really smooth, but it takes a lot of time to achieve the wanted smoothness using that method. I think that with these 2 hotkeys the process would be less painful, and a lot faster. I'd really would be considering paying for just those two things, as they would help me to spend less time on the smoothing of a coaster, and more time designing the layout of it, which is the most fun part of the coaster building process from my point of view at least. Thank you for your attention, and keep up the good work! PD: sorry if I've made any mistakes writing this messages; English is my third language and I'm not really fluent on it, but I try :D

The track section shortcut thing could be explained easier with a more detailed example:

When you select some part of the track of the coaster, there are some buttons that appear instantly (to bank the trac, move it horizontally or move it vertically, and two on the sides of the track ieces selected and other one in the middle, that allows you to move your selection all around the layout). The button in the middle is the one I'm refering to, with which you can move your selection trough the track without changing the number of tracks that are selected. For example, in the 4 meter method, when 4 track pieces are selected, this shortcut should move that selection one track forward or backwards (depending on the hotkey you pressed, for example, moving forwards could be pressing one key and backwards the same key but while pressing Shift); or, explained in another way, deselecting the last trac piece of the selection and selecting the next track piece of the other side that wasn't selected before.

I really believe those 2 shortcuts could save some time to all of us, so, please, consider putting them in an update soon, even if the update itself only contains that content and some other minor bug fixes. Also, another option would be adding the option to the whole 4 meter trick to be done by the game itself, although that may be a bit more demanding for the PC and also for the programmers.
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