Snap function for Buildings

Hey there community,
First off I'd like to say sorry if this was already requested/asked hundrets of times, I have just started playing and don't have too much experience yet.

So today I began building "housings" around my coaster stations using the "Building" function. It has a pretty usefull snapping function which automatically snaps wall pieces next to each other and optionally above each other. While this is pretty usefull most of the times it is also sometimes annoyingly restricting. For instance there is just a small gap I need to fill which I could do by simply duplicating a wallpiece and moving it a bit to the desired side, but unfortunatly it will directly move it like 4m away. Also what about rotating the pieces. Is full 90° turns really the only option we have?
So maybe I simply have not found the option to turn off grid snapping yet, if so please tell me where it is. Otherwise see this as a suggestion, I think we really need this!

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There are options to changed the grid size and to turn of the auto rotation in the pop up box after you have selected your piece.
^ Not sure what MarkD's talkin about!

But anyway.. as a quick search of this forum would reveal many times over, you need to create another building if you want free-form rotation, alignment and positioning. Within any one building you are limited to the grid, and you are limited to 90° rotation of pieces. So your only option is to make a new "building" even if that new building only contains one wall piece. You can then close that gap.

Quick tip: a good way to make a new building is to select a wall piece in your first building and click "split from building". Then hit 'X' to move the piece wherever you like. Or CTRL-X to duplicate that piece and move it.
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Thanks for the tip. Thats still kind of unhandy, but it will do for now...
Please give us an option to disable the grid!
I would also love an option to disable this. The problem with making a new building is that I can't make a nice wall piece with details and then copy the whole thing and use again :(