Scenarios Snow Dunes Valley


here is a scenario created by me.



In the valley of an icy and cold country there was a forgotten measuring station.
It was found a few years ago and an investor of an energy company decided to build an amusement park on that place.
Unfortunately the investor has lost the interest and donated the park to you.

He also gave you a few objectives to make the park more successful.
Don't disappoint him.


- Build a Coaster (At least 650m long)
- Build 3 Rides
- Hire 1 Entertainer

- Build a Coaster (At least 4.0 Excitement, At least 800m long)
- Build 4 Rides
- Catch 6 pickpockets

- Build a Coaster (At least 5 Inversions, At least 1000m long)
- Build 6 Rides
- Achieve a Park Value of $130,000.00
- Make a fireworks display that holds 50 guests' attention for 20 seconds
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