Parks SNOW VALLEY- A Planet Coaster Ski Resort( including Mack Launched Coaster)

Welcome to Snow Valley- a planco ski resort!
This has been my little christmas project since the new rides dlc came out[wink]. This park is very much inspired by Austrian Ski Resorts,that i visit every year in winter as an Austrian myself and also includes the mack launched coaster Red Force, inspired by Helix( it's on a mountain) and Blue Fire(cave part in the beginning). I hope that you will enjoy this little winter special. This park will also take part in the subzero competition by Frontier, without the copyrigthed music of course. Hope you'll enjoy this project as much as i do[big grin]!
Here are some images:



Please also leave some feedback in the description,so that i can improve some stuff[praise]
Almost forgot the workshop link:
You can download the music files on the workshop page!
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