So close. So damn far.

So, I've been busy lately, and the Golden Hind V is not currently fitted with either a Fuel Scoops or Tank.
However, I was confident of reaching my destination.

There's still a little juice in the main tank, right? Should be ok.
Here's the thing - I really wanted to show how low this was for others' amusement. BUT, my DVR was 104% full. Live was telling me delete stuff. So I did. What I didn't do was logout first. D'oh!
100km - I can do this, right? RIGHT?

Oh Oh!

Then this happened:
Followed by...

And the Remlok kicked in.

Getting Dizzy.

Yeah, thanks HUD - how the blinking flip am I supposed to get to Pad 7, upside down, out of fuel, 28% hull???[COLOR=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.701961)][/COLOR]

9 mil gone. My first, last, only fuel shortage.
But enough about me, how was your day?
Rest in peace.

My day has been terrible. Not only am I poorly but Fudge is also poorly. I've had to put her in her jumper to keep her warm.
Lost a courier not paying attention doing the surface scan missions in 39... all that way followed by my first ever crash landing. Better attention required ;-)
Off topic, but i always felt that the Python should have a third seat at the back for the ships engineer. I do remember elite shirt fiction that there is a Python with 3 seats
Wow, now THAT really was close. Love the video (sorry for your loss tho).

Not that it's much consolation but you've made the Trending section of my sticky "Best of Forum" thread! [up]

Erm, what an 'honour'?? After all the things I've done within the ED community, fame at last. :D (no sarcasm) Thanx tho.

I SO would have made it if I hadn't tried to show everyone how low my juice was.

Today's lesson is log out before clearing your drive when your ship is dying of thirst.
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