General / Off-Topic So I asked my Game Boss for a promotion

I won't go into the details, but this MMO is very close to real life in some ways.

No promotion.
Getting a promotion in my job is basically based on RNG.

I need all "greens" on my review.
One of those requires a customer to give positive feedback, and I need 3 in a row.

Customers never give positive feedback.

So no promotion. Lol
Getting a promotion in my job entails being able to prove you can manage subordinate officers. And I’m frankly hopeless at that sort of thing. All those personality quirks and dramas and whatnot from their personal lives creeping into the operational work environment. Can’t be doing with it. So I remain, happily, a lower-paid subordinate officer without all that guff to worry about.

This is also the reason why I won’t be leading an Elite Dangerous squadron any time soon, or ever.

In my experience--I never asked for promotions, but got promoted anyway to management. As a manager and later senior manager, the only ones who ever asked for promotions directly were both knuckleheads who must have read some book somewhere that said you should ask for promotion within a month of being hired.

While I did promote a few folks over the years, of these two that asked...I fired the first and transferred the second to our firm's version of a backwater.
As a Freelance Engineer, I've hit a glass ceiling in my career, my next step would be to do a fifteen grand course, which I was willing to fund myself, that is essentially a form of apprenticeship during which time I'd need to be on the one oil rig for about four years to complete the course. HOWEVER, none of the rig operators would entertain the idea of a freelancer using their rig as a training assignment, nor would they pay for my services during that period, instead they prefer to promote people internally into that programme with all sorts of claw back clauses. So the only way I can make that step would be to take a pay cut, work in a rank lower than I currently do, the pray to randominous that I get promoted to that advanced training programme over guys with years of service with the company - not going to happen.
I don't want to be in charge, so they gave me people to boss around, as I didnt boss people around they moved me to a place where i don't speak the language,
I now only point and do gestures and get out of offices as soon as possible. I don't want more promotions....
Recently, when me and my companions were looking for some promotion videos about our clan, I've searched for hundreds of them to filter the best one, and finally I've got a video promotion company called Darvideo (here they are:, they even made a little intro story and script about our clan, and produced for us a great explainary video.
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