Newcomer / Intro So I flew around and found a lot of space ...

Heya, I'm not or only a minor space game veteran, first space game was wingcommander and as mmorpg jumpgate and though fighting in some campaing is fun I'm definitly more the mining pilot.

So far elite dangerous is super nice when it comes to in space mining as well as size of "the world" and thus exploration avenues.

I did look at a tutorial video on power play and this is additional bonus for the being an interesting game and a nice theme as well.

However what I sort of miss is something related to civilian things, like civilian expansion, settlement, supply, education, nursing, health, wellbeing, food and drink stuff. To be honest this is mostly amiss in all space games I played (which aren't all existing).

Though I encountered some community wide missions in other space mmorgp that used starvations and epidemics as basic logical introduction I have never encountered anything which combines space flight games with demand logics as in anno games, urban planing logic like in sim city and population requirenments as in civilisation. Which for me is a bit a tiredsome point as it wants me to believe everything civilian works as stable as possible until some "galnet" news says does not work as stable as possible when it is big enough to be relevant which is most likely some kind of trope I don't currently know of.
[If anyone requires a model of what a human person needs, a possible source is the nursing theory of Nancy Roper or other nursing theories. So in a way I wish that something like this would be worked into civilian background of space fligth games.]

Anyway so much on my personal gameplay dream.

Overall I plan on enjoying this game a few hours a week. If a question pops up I can't clear I'm going to post on the forum, yet most likely you won't notice or see me a lot as I haunt the belts on the fringe of human space.

In so far may you fly save, your guns shure and your endeavours succesful.

Over and out
Welcome to the game. o7

You might find that missions and the background simulation (BGS) will scratch that itch for civvie life.
Yes, this. To add some detail, in case you don't know what BGS is all about:

In ED there are tens of thousands of inhabited star systems, with around a hundred thousand human factions/governments/parties vying for control. Each of those factions has states of various kinds relating to economic (Boom, Bust, Famine), security (Civil Unrest, Civil Liberty), and other (Natural Disaster, Drought, Public Holiday, etc) conditions. Those states aren't random, but are driven by player activity. This information isn't shoved in your face, so might be easy to miss if you're mostly trading or mining or something, although they are important to those professions since they are related to supply and demand and commodity prices. It's usually considered something of an end game activity, but manipulating the BGS for fun and profit is absolutely a thing people do.

Now what ED does NOT have is the ability to direct fine-grained activity like a Sid Meier title, because it simply isn't that kind of game. Here you play as an individual pilot - though potentially a very rich and powerful one - and you can only influence things through activities like clever market manipulation, or turning the tide of battle in a war, or assassinations, things like that.
Welcome to the Elite Galaxy commander!

As @CMDR Jago Kain and @Maolagin mentioned already, the background simulation (BGS) might be something for you. There's a link to a BGS Guide below.

You've probably already found most of the resources listed below. If not, have a look at them and in any case don't hesitate to ask questions here in the forum.

In-game help is available in the form of menu links to the Pilot's Handbook and the Codex (right-hand cockpit panel 1st tab).
For a very good beginner's guide see: An in-depth beginner’s guide to Elite: Dangerous.
Tutorials covering all aspects of the game, many of them in the form of YouTube videos, are available from ED Tutorials.
There is a wealth of useful information available in these forums spread out over hundreds of threads. Thanks to commander @Alec Turner you can access all of that information and more via a single thread: Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2].
Here is a good guide on the background simulation (BGS) that simulates the economical and political changes caused by player actions in inhabited systems.
Also check out the and websites with (almost) realtime info on practically everything in the game.
The and websites let you design your ships before buying them.
There are many more Tools and Websites created by fans that make life in the galaxy better.
And last but not least, the Elite Dangerous Wiki contains extensive information on nearly all aspects of the game.

To add to that - unlike in population sims, in ED you aren't a god (or mayor, or king) - you're just one of many thousands, if not millions, of independent pilots. The local administrations will offer you stuff to do, and that stuff that you do (and anything you do on your own) will affect the fate of these local factions.
A lot of these local factions are subordinate to one of the major factions (Federation, Empire, Alliance), but there are also lots of independent factions. Some things - like outbreaks - that are happening to those factions may be random - or we (players) simply haven't yet understood the connections. Other things, like extremist attacks or Thargoid incursions, are imposed by the DM (i.e., the FD team).

And since you're only one pilot of many, and only a percentage of these are actually players, anything you do could simply disappear into the random background noise. If you want to make a difference, you could choose a small (low population) system with little traffic. Things you do there will rapidly have a visible effect.

Can you spot the point when a few players started to take an interest in this system ;)?
These are the influence levels of the factions in a small system (Bavarigga) during April-August this year (default scale of inara). End of August, I ran a race there that involved delivering rare goods to the outpost. Selling goods at a profit to a station increases the station owner's influence (INF for short), and what you see there is the effect of basically one player using a Python for this race and delivering as much cargo as possible on his runs (most others just delivered the minimum I required in the race). Larger profits would be possible with other goods, so it would have been possible for a single pilot to drive this faction into expansion (75% INF) so it would (try to) expand into a neighbouring inhabited system (expansion into uninhabited systems is only possible though intervention of FD).

On the other hand, you have large systems with a lot of traffic and high population. As a single pilot, you won't have a snowball's chance in hell in moving the factions around - so you need to get organized. Join (or create) a player group that targets the BGS, with a common goal. One of these actions is currently (and has been for a few months) ongoing: besides the basically interchangeable minor factions, there are also a few (less than half a dozen) special minor factions, grounded in the game's lore. One of them is The Dark Wheel (TDW). They are suposed to have an, as yet undiscovered (and even that is questionable), base station orbiting the eigth moon of a gas giant. Discovering/interacting with this station is supposed to enable new game content based on the lore. There is currently an effort going on, trying to expand an ingame minor faction called The Dark Wheel (it is occasionally disputed whether these are the real TDW or just some impostors) into a position close to some permit locked areas where they might be able to issue a permit for these systems. If you want to join (or just read up) on this, check out the Turning The Wheel thread (and/or look into our Discord).

The same way, you can (contribute to) flip a system's allegiance. That is determined by the ruling faction in a system. Factions inside a system will basically enter into a contest (the type of which depends on the factions' ethos) when their influence levels cross and at least one of them owns an asset (station etc.). Winner takes the asset from the loser. So if you (e.g.) want to flip a system from a Federal Democracy into an Anarchy, you'll need to
  • get an Anarchy faction into the system
  • push that Anarchy faction up in influence
  • win all the wars/contests until that Anarchy faction is top of the heap and owns the main station
Thanks for the ammount of tips here. Just found out the uses of the energy distribution system, it's nice to have the mining laser running constantly or fly a bit faster.
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