So Ship outfitted with Thargoid weapons - is powerless against gankers ?

there is a difference between nonsense unrealistic for a plot reason and some sci fi explanation. They could have with some creativity made a proper explanation without defeating basic physics entirely taking the sci out of the sci fi.
Honestly, I like your ammo idea and think syth'd ammo and engineering could have crossed over much better than the RNG "you're stuck with this" system we have (and whatever you want to call it for energy weapons, whatever it is that makes it go boom, doesn't have to change the ammo less gameplay).

People are just terrified of the game being ANYTHING like Eve Online though, even in areas where Eve does things pretty cool.
But not the other way around.

It's also vitally important to remember that it's a game with imaginary aliens in spaceships, so using real-world arguments doesn't necessarily translate - and that goes for my argument as much as yours :D

It happens the way it happens because that's the way it was written to happen.
It still hurts, despite what you see in the movies. Almost always takes you out of the fight as well, or at least greatly reduces effectiveness.
PayPal bounties

Why not just post the name of commanders who ganked u to this thread or set up an off game notice board. Then ganker hunters can go kill them and and once posted screen shot of defeated ganker they can get paid in real money via PayPal! Good idea?
Work for £150 per hr so having to grind for 2 hours to pay for some ganker idiot who destroyed my ship is annoying. I'd pay £10 bounty for some kid to go and blow him up for me!! Let's make it happen!!
Oh really? Hmm. Can it be engineered?
Are we sure we're all talking about the same thing here and not confusing Frag Cannons with Flak Cannons?

It's actually a kind of moot point, though, since the new Flak Cannons aren't considered AX weapons either.
Dunno if the new Flak Cannons can be engineered yet though.
Mine are stuck on an FGS out in Merope and life's too short to fly that around all the engineers.
Suppose I could take them off the ship and then transfer them onto summat like an AspX to see if they can be modded though.
AX missiles are silver-capped warheads full of holy water, to fire at vampires spaceships. AX Multis are wooden stake launchers, and the flak cannons blast garlic powder into their swarms of bats. Using any of this on human tech will not be as effective. I'm sure a missile full of water would damage anything you launched it at, but probably not as much as a missile full of explosives and jagged metal.
Wow the tinfoil hattery is strong with this one.

No OP, they are not designed to attacks human ships, think of it as a bottle of Raid Max.

That being said they are still dealing snall damage so you are not defenseless, if you want to fight in an underpowered ship that's not FD's problem, if you want to kill gankers than you probably shouldn't be fighting thargoids in the first place.

TBH op seems like you are trying to find a problem where there isn't one
this is my problem, i stuck some ax weapons on my fully engineered corvette removing my over charged mcs and beam lasers etc, i went thargoid hunting, and some dude in a cutter, decided to attack me, i tried the ax weapons on him, to little affect, i then had little option but to run for it, the guy then proceeded to seek me out every time i entered the system, so i didnt get any thargoid hunting done. shrug. if i had my normal weapons i would not have run. thats all i was attempting to talk about, is that how frontier intends this stuff to work.
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The unfortunate truth. I thought thargoids would give the community a common foe because they are so disruptive. Wouldn't it be great if thargoids worked like powerplay and we had to reclaim the bubble system by system?
Too bad the thargoids are respecting our safe spaces.
I actually kind of thought this was the direction they were going.
It looks like the necromancy (with added synergy help, or something) has worked!

With the new CG action, there could be a multicannon of both human and thargoid whacking. Which is able to be engineered, allegedly.

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