So the stations have closable blast doors on the front?

I just heard that the stations have blast doors in the letterbox entrance, they just fixed a bug that was killing CMDRs?

Has anyone seen these blast doors close? I wonder what their use is. :D
Are they functional in-game? Without revealing what it is, could a condition arise that would make them actually close?
Should have a random station somewhere named "Misanthrope's Retreat". Jump in, there are no patrol fighters, or any activity at all for that matter. You fly up to it and the doors are closed, the text where the station slogan says, "GO AWAY."
I'm guessing those blast doors will become important if station flipping ever involves launching a full-on siege of the station itself. I'd like to see outright conquest as an option for changing the balance of power, and not just in safely isolated combat zones.
Basically what I'm saying is I want to recreate that cinematic trailer in-game.
Back in beta I was slipping through the letterbox and the doors appeared shut for a second, not seen it before or since. Quite terrifying!
I had a bug in a station yesterday, that when it released me I got a instant fine for blocking a landing pad, as I flew toward the letter box the count down timer for blocking the landing pad was still ticking down even though I had by now completely left the station, as I got to jump range the count down timer reached zero, the station went hostile and started attacking me till I hauled out of range... which was a royal pain in the because I was off out Bounty Hunting so had to travel to another station to pay my fines :/
I would love to see stations close the doors when fighting is going on in the vicinity.
Imagine the trolling.

Pilot sees Lakon Type-9 doing trade runs. He undocks and flies towards the doors. You and a few friends time this and using free sidewinders to keep combat going for over 5 minutes. Lakon goes boom with all his goodies in his cargo.

I would say them closing when fighting is going on as a very bad idea.
NO - they're supposed to be locked open...
Seems a pity to have them operational and not used... it could add some extra spice to trading - 'station closed due to XXXXXX infestation, only suppliers carrying <the cure*> are allowed entry'...

...or closed for one hell of a 'lock-in'...?

* Either medicine or the band... or both...


EDIT: just pondering this more - could be quite a neat story-arc - any player having visited station X in the last (e.g.) 24 hours is tagged as 'potential carrier' and can only dock in other stations for fuel, until they have returned to station X for de-lousing... e.g. they can't enter a hanger, no BB, no trading etc etc...
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