SO TIRED of trying to find Pharmaceutical Isolators & Military SuperCaps

How many PIs would I get through that (just to pretend, that I want some)?
Seven or eight maybe, six if you got lucky on the rolls.

Edit : obviously that's only if you start from scratch with a new ship, its less or none if you've already done stuff
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What's not fun, and what's repetitive/nonsensical?

Look... tonight, just before dinner, I went onto my usual hangout and grabbed six assassinations off the boards (no flipping/waiting for new baords). I came on after dinner and stuff around the house was done, and grabbed another three (again, no flipping/waiting, they were just on the board).

It took 30 minutes for me to flush them out, and grab two HGE's along the way and included:
  • One fight with a single corvette
  • One fight with a single FAS
  • One fight with a single Anaconda
  • One fight with two corvettes and a FAS
  • One fight with with three anacondas and a python (one of the anacondas was just a rando non-target along for the ride)

Those last two fights were really fun.

3 x Military Grade Alloys (salvage)
21 x Imperial Shielding (HGEs + Salvage)
3 x Pharma Isolators (Salvage)
10 x Biotech conductors (Mission Rewards)
5 x Exquisite Focus Crystals (Mission Rewards)

That's a total of 42 x G5 mats across five categories, just from 30 minutes of gameplay! And that's ignoring the =~ 80 G4 mats (each conda/corvette drops about 4-6 (x3) G4 mats) , which could've been another 10 G5s (within category) if I was desperate... but I really don't need to gather G4s.

Again, not putting up an argument for things like Military Supercaps... FD do need to revisit the distribution of some materials. But you can't say 42 x G5 materials in 30 minutes of gameplay is unreasonable. Granted, I've been doing this for a while so I'm pretty efficient at this, but even if that was blown out to an hour... G5 mats really aren't hard to come by.

EDIT: Oh, I got =~ 8m for my troubles, but if I wasn't pumping influence rewards instead of credits, it would've been more like 22m... I'm probably the only one who cares about that though since I didn't prostrate myself before the altar of the core mining grind.
This...sounds like a typical play session for me, as well. It's actually quite easy to accumulate mats/data just though normal gameplay.

Just wish raw was in there, as well.
Reset my main toon, and I decided to get my mats first before actually starting the game (mining do get 300 million in the bank first does not count). Been doing the imperial shielding collector limpet mat trader thing for about 4 days now. It's trash game play, but it is by far the most effectient way to populate the manufactured mats. I'm now on my tier 5 row. I figure 16 in each bin is enough to get my starter fleet going. Just dropped in 16 PIs through this method last night and haven't even unlocked Palin. Next stop Jameson cobra.

Honestly, this is stupid.

Just let us spend credits on the damn things. 5 million for each tier 5 sounds about right.
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