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Welcome to my new project Society Park!

I thought it was time to build another park. This park will be based on the working sector (healthcare, economics, agriculture and technical). Cause who wouldn't want to be reminded of work on their day off ;P

In this part I'll start working on the main entrance building which is still far from done at the end of this part. So not really much to show but it's a start.

And as usual a timelapse:


P.S The modern style is not really my style so if you have any references or usefull links then do not hesitate to post them. Thanks!​
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That is certainly one of the best station designs I've ever seen. Fantastic!
Replying on 2 forums now are we [tongue] But thank you very much, always a pleasure to read your feedback[up]

Update 2

Welcome back eveyone!

Just really short this time around since I've got to run in a couple of minutes. Been working on the front of the park with adding a parking place. Also their is a coffee shop where visitors can get their much needed coffee shot before heading to work.


Amazing start and details. The entrance / station is very iconic. Really Great! Would like to see more![happy]
Thank you! Great to hear that the entrance is iconic worthy [big grin]

Update 3

Well.. what to say. This has to be the worst update I ever did This time I tried to build a modern looking entrance for the monorail. Needless to say that it has cost me allot of time and I'm not quite sure if I'm happy with it. In this update there is only one building being build, so sorry about that. Anyway we'll see how it looks in the rest of the mainstreet.

Hope you guys will still enjoy


This is simply magnificent architecture!
Thank you, hope that I'll keep you enthousiastic with more architecture [wink]

Update 4

Well just in time before the next update of planet coaster (hype!!). Here is the 4th part of Society Park. This time I have been building the mainstreet and tried allot to break all the white that was going on. The transition between the public transport building and the gulpee building is a bit sudden, still need to figure out how to deal with that part (or maybe just leave it, I don't know yet).

Anyway here are the picture's:

And the timelapse:


Update 5

Well this has been quite the week. Despite of SteaMania (firework show I released) I still managed to push out another episode of Society Park!! Anyway in this episode I'm kind of finishing the main street with the corner buildings.




Very imaginative building features, like those triangular windows ;)
Thank you, tried to do somewhat more goofy since it is the loony bloons shop. Glad you still like it.

Update 6

Welcome back to Society Park. This time we'll be starting on the theming of the new roller coaster The Balance. Unfortunatly I couldn't manage to finish it in time so that will be in the next update. In more bad news, the next update will (hopefully) be in 2 weeks since I'll be going on vacation

You can check my twitter regulary to be updated on my vacation and progress to the next update.

In somewhat better news, the timelapse of update 6 will be the first one in which you'll hear me talk. Good luck with understanding it since I've got quite the accent. It probably won't become something that I'll do every update but maybe every once in a while (since I'm probably going to regret this one time xD).

Anyway here are the photo's:

And the timelapse:


I've a poll open on twitter to ask you guys if you want me to do some livestreaming. You can find the poll here:

Have a nice weekend and see you guys next time [wink]
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Update 7

Well after a longer wait than usual update 7 is finally here. I've had a wonderfull time in Croatia and started working on this update as soon as I got back. So without further ado here is the update:

The timelapse:


The next update will also be delayed a bit since I'll be going to Germany next week Furthermore I now have a Twitch account on which I plan to do some livestreams ( I'll announce livestreams on my Twitter account. See you there or at the next update
that top-down shot looks great
Thank you!

Update 8

Well my vacations are over[cry] but on the bright side of things, it is time for Planet Coaster [praise]

Although this update is a bit later than expected it is still quite a small update unfortunatly. But a new roller coaster has been added to the park !

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Update 9

Well... this took way longer then anticipated. I'm so sorry for the wait and that's why I have a little suprise for you guys on the end of this update (if you haven't already seen it on Twitter and YouTube [tongue]).

During this episode I tried out some streaming. Fair to say that it failed since both the stream and recordings were extremely laggy. This unfortunately resulted in the loss of the making of the station and the beginning of the queue. Any advise on this would be very welcome[big grin]

Anyway here are the first pictures of the new roller coaster: The Factory. This ride is aimed to be a family dark ride placed in the world's safest factory...

The timelapse:


So for that surprise I was talking about.
I have started a new mini series featuring the build of another roller coaster called Skyscraper which is based on the Polar Coaster concept. So why not start a new thread? Well this coaster won't be finished (in terms of surroundings) since I'm going to place it in Society Park.

This series has 3 episodes and I'll try to upload one each wednesday[wacky]. The announcing of the uploads will happen on Twitter and it will be integrated in the usual updates of Society Park here on the forum. So time to show you what Skyscraper actually looks like:

And also a timelapse:


I hope you guys enjoyed the update! Let me know what you think and till next time!
wow - that inside room is awesome
Thank you, noticed that the queue is also going through it [wink]

Great stuff. Keep up the good work.
Thank you and I'll try my best.

Update 10

Whoo update 10 already, need to speed things up a bit xD Anyway this week I've continued my work on The Factory, I've placed the main structure so that the workers can't run away any more. I've also done some detailing and the remaing part of that will be done off-cam, so that we can start on the exterior next week.

And the timelapse:


Skyscraper part 2

So the little side project has also advanced a little bit. Just some remainder works on the structure and building the queue. Next week will already be the last part and then the next time we'll see it is when it's placed in the park.

The timelapse:

More amazing stuff! Me likes!

I have a suggestion, though. As long as you're making all those custom supports, why not add a few more to tie the factory's lift hill catwalk to the track?
More amazing stuff! Me likes!

I have a suggestion, though. As long as you're making all those custom supports, why not add a few more to tie the factory's lift hill catwalk to the track?
Thank you and also an amazing suggestion I'll make it happen right away[wink] Can't believe I didn't see it floating around xD

Wow, this is amazing work!
Thank you!

Update 11

Well a bit later than intended. Due to my internship I didn't had the chance to make a new update last week. But nevertheless there is one now!

The Factory is finished! There still is a bit of exterior work but that will be done when I'm getting to those areas. Anyway here are the pictures:

And the timelapse:


Also the final part of Skyscraper is here! The next time you'll see this coaster will be when I place it in Society Park.

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