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Well you sure know what you're doing [wink] I'm impressed!
Personally particularly love the buildings/exteriors, but definitely admire the detail and work you put in the interiors as well, since it's just so well done [happy]
Well you sure know what you're doing [wink] I'm impressed!
Personally particularly love the buildings/exteriors, but definitely admire the detail and work you put in the interiors as well, since it's just so well done [happy]
Thank you, I'm happy to be able to impress you. I'll try to keep the detail up, just hope my pc will allow it xD

Amazing and really beautiful work mister!
Thank you mister!

Update 12

So finally there is a flatride in Society Park. In this update I've finished up it's theming. Also the whole main square of the economy area is starting to get shape.

And the timelapse:

Update 13

So what to say about update 13...uhm... oh yeah a new monorail station has been build.

and ....

Skyscraper has found it's place in the park! How could I forget And it actually looks better than I expected.


And the timelapse:

Update 14

Hi there, it's time for the next update of Society Park. This time a the new ride: Malfunction has been added and themed, also a restaurant has been placed. The whole economy area is coming together and I hope to finish the area in the next update!

And the timelapse:


P.S There is a cinematic video of Malfunction in the end [wink]
Update 15

Hayo! I've got some good news this time. The Economy area is finished and so we've reached a milestone for Society Park. I'm very happy with how it turned out, so take a look and let me hear what you think. Make sure to watch the end of the timelapse for some laggy (oops) cinematics!

The timelapse:

Update 16

Well after putting our employees through The Haunting some have finally gotten back to work. The workers aren't at full capacity yet but they managed to build the entrance to the next area:

And a massive roller coaster has popped up:

Still not sure what to do with the rest of the area yet, but here is the timelapse:


Update 17

Jeezz just a few more updates and we're already at 20[wacky] Time to pick up speed since I'm not even halfway the park xD Let's hope it won't fry my pc

Anyway this update is a bit different, unlike other updates I didn't continue at where we left of the last time. Simply because I didn't know what to do with that part yet. In this update we'll be starting on something I do know and that is the monorail station and the newest coaster: The Ambulance (next update).

Be sure to watch the timelapse till the end for a test run in The Ambulance. Keep in mind that it does need a bit more smoothy smooth[big grin]

As always, here are the pictures:

And the timelapse:


P.S Ideas on how to fill in the rest of the area are very welcome [rolleyes]
love the curvy lattice ceiling
More lattice ceilings coming up[yesnod]

Update 18

Time for another update of Society Park. This time we're working on the interior of the hospital that will be placed next to the monorail. The hospital will contain the station of Ambulance and the monorail will go right through it.

As always, here are some pictures:

And the timelapse:


Also I require your vote! I've opened up a poll (till Sunday th) to decide on what I will do for the Planet Coaster Anniversary.

I'm having struggles deciding between:

  • Firework show in Society Park
  • POV of The Factory
  • POV of Skyscraper
  • A whole other roller coaster
Every vote will be appreciated! So get to twitter with the following link and vote now!

*Note only the votes on twitter count.


Update 19

Hello again and welcome back to Society Park. As promised we'll be building the exterior of the hospital. I'm not really happy with the building since it seems a bit repetitive, but so does a normal hospital. I'll keep it the way it is for now since the surroundings will change the scene quite a bit.

You'll also noticed that in the timelapse I tried to build an ambulance, safe to say that it failed, big time xD But in the end I think that it would be a bit to weird to put an ambulance on the roof, so no real losses there.

As always I have some pictures for you:

The timelapse:

Beautiful Park! May I suggest using the asphalt paths for the parking lot and adding in metal detectors and turnstiles to the front gate?
Thank you! I've actually already changed the paths of the parking lot [wink] Also the metal detectors and turnstiles are a good idea, will get back to it!

Update 20

So it has been a while since I was making preparations for the Planet coaster Anniversary which you can see here:


But to be going back on Society Park, it's already the 20th episode and we're not nearly done I've been bussy on making the place which is at the entrance of Ambulance. Also made a small tribune for the peeps to watch their companions shoot into oblivion.

And the timelapse:

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Update 21

Welcome back! This time around I've been building the structure of the Ambulance. Yes, the new Zenith which came with the update would have saved me the trouble but the thing is that I would have to replace the whole coaster and the station is too small to make a proper "Zenith" train.

Also I've been giving the art pieces a try by building two freefall towers against the structure, as seen at Kingda Ka. I'm eager to hear what you guys think:

And the timelapse:


Update 22

Hello fellow planet coaster lovers! Welcome back to another update of Society Park. This is kind off a messy update since I'm kind of all over the place (next one will be even worse[yesnod]). But I did make a picknick area where peeps can sit down and enjoy the Hospital atmosphere [uhh]

Furthermore I worked on placing allot of foilage to complete the Ambulance surroundings. Did think about adding more scenery pieces around the coaster but since my fps is already at a terrible level I decided to just go with nature. Think it looks a bit better to[big grin]

And as usual the timelapse, with the next update I'll try something new with the template of the timelapse. Didn't have enough time to try out some things this week [rolleyes]


Thank you for tuning in and till next time!
Update 23

Welcome back to Society Park! This week we'll be theming a river, 2 flatrides and 3 bridges.

Also I tried something new with the speedbuild movie, so don't hesitate to tell me what you think!

And the timelapse:

Update 24

Welcome back to Society Park. In this update we'll be working filling up some gaps by theming 2 staff buildings and also finally continue on the entrance of the Health region.

As always here are the pictures and you can find the speedbuild at the end. Keep in mind to turn on the subtitles to see the commentary.

And the timelapse:

Update 25

Wow just in time for christmas with the next update of Society Park. This time around we'll be closing up the backstage area and start working on a new flatride.

And offcourse the timelapse:


Happy Holidays and see you next week in the last episode of 2017

P.S turn on subtitles for commentary!
Update 26

Welcome back to the last update of 2017!! Just in time though[wacky]

In this episode we'll be continueing our work on the theming of the newest flatride Psych's Ward. The interior will be finished and we'll start on the exterior of this bulky building.

And the timelapse:


Thank you for an amazing 2017 and I hope to see you again in 2018! Have a great New Year!
Update 27

Happy New Year everybody!!!!!

I'm glad you've all found you're way back to Society Park in 2018. I unfortunatly did nothing special for the holiday season but I do have a new update including some new music.

I'm very curious what you guys think of the progress and the music.

And the timelapse:

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