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Fantastic building skills here! [happy]
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Update 28

Wow we're getting close to the 30th episode these days! The update is a day early but that is because I'm celebrating my 23rd birthday on Saturday (13th of January). I've got a little birthday project that I'll kick-off Saturday so make sure to keep an eye out on the forum (coaster section). Hence why Society Park is a bit earlier ;)

Anyway in this update we're theming a freshly added junior coaster. We'll even finish theming it making the whole Health Area complete!!! Next up is the transition from this area to the other area! Let's get to the good stuff:

The Timelapse


Make sure to keep an eye out this Saturday, this project will at least be a comparison of Tower of Babel.. maybe even better ;)
Update 29

Hello everyone and welcome back to Society Park AND a new area in the park. I know I should be doing the transistional area from healthcare to agriculture first but I figured that I could do the station first to actually see where I'm going with this area.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to finishe the station in time but it does give a good look at some of the finished parts.

And the timelapse:

Update 30!

Well... here we are... update 30. We've been going on for quite a while now and we're just about halfway through.

This episode is rather short since I finished the farm station and added a small little monument. I didn't want to start on something new in this episode so that'll be in the next.

I have a little surprise for you at the end of the timelapse because it is the 30th episode of Society Park. A pov of a new wooden coaster!!! Footage quality kind of sucks but it is the best my pc can handle..

The timelapse:

Update 31

Welcome back to Society Park

This episode we'll start theming the station of the new (Nameless) wooden roller coaster which has been placed in the new area. For this station I wanted to build the queue underneath the station itself. It did work out quite nicely but it also prevented me from finishing the station in one episode :/

But the front facade is as good as finished...

And the timelapse:

Update 32

Well after 2 weeks here it finally is! Another update of Society Park.

In this episode we'll finish up the station (aside from some detailing) and doing some repair works to the coaster track. I hope to be able to finish up the entire coaster in the next update.

However this coaster still doesn't have a name and I really can't come up with one at the moment. Any suggestions??

Update 33

Hello everybody, here we are again with a new update of Society Park.

In this episode we'll continue on the nameless wooden coaster and actually be able to finishing it up :w00t:

So without further hesitation here are the pictures and offcourse the timelapse at the end.

Current overview of the park:

And the timelapse with some ultra laggy cinematics. I'm sorry about that but I didn't have enough time at my hands to rerecord it so bear with me for this one :D

Update 34

Well after recalibrating my pc from the attack of the water witch last week (see the other thread [wink]) I've managed to work a bit on Society Park.

This episode I wanted to build a simple entrance from the heart of the park to the agricultural section. In the coming weeks I want to also build the entrance from the Health section and tie the entire section together. From there on we'll continue on theming the rides that you've probably already seen in the background.

Update 35

So for this update I was struggling a bit about where I should continue next. I knew that I wanted to work my way to the Ferris Wheel so that the whole entrance of the Agricultural area comes together but I had several choices in where to continue. Eventually I chose to build the plaza that connects the Healthcare and Agricultural areas:

And the timelapse:

Update 36

Well just quickly dropping this in here before the Easter celebrations.

Update 37

Hello fellow Planet Coaster lovers!

Welcome back to a new update of Society Park featuring Floral Cars. In this update we're starting of with theming the new kiddie ride Floral Cars. With offcourse (as the name suggest) allot of flowers and foilage. This whole thing has to become a cute little kiddie ride. This way the smaller children don't have to wait on their siblings when they're riding Ceres (the wooden coaster, yes I finally came up with a name xD).

Anyway as usual I have some pictures for you guys and a timelapse:

Nice landscaping. Really like the glass greenhouse, too.
The landscaping is a bit tight but I'm glad you like it. The glass that came with the Studios pack finally gave me the chance to do something like this so I just had to xD

That greenhouse was a great idea and well executed. Nice work.
Thank you! there is more glass incoming in this episode.

Update 38

Welcome back fellow Planet Coaster lovers!

This update contains more flowers, more cars and (a little) more glass. I've been able to finish the entire ride, as some of you might have already seen on discord. Anyway here are the pictures:

And the timelapse:

Update 38.5...?

Hello fellow Planet Coaster lovers!!

In this past week I've been very bussy with a various amount of exams. This resulted in me not having the time to work on Society Park. I'm on vacation in the upcoming week so also no time to work on Society Park. However I just couldn't keep quit for 3 weeks. I also realized that my last POV upload (Tower of Babel) is already almost one year ago!?

So I did something that I normally wouldn't do. I have recorded The Factory for you guys. For those of you who don't remember: The Factory was the second coaster being build in Society Park. It's a darkride located in the Economy section. With only 10 metres of height but a max speed of 50 km/h this is one fiesty spinning coaster.

Buckle up get your working clothes ready and make try to be safe in the most notorious factory!


Update 39

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

Well... it has been a bit longer then 3 weeks. I'm sorry about that but I really wanted to finish the Water Witch. Some people already started to ask if the park was dead, but don't worry it is alive and kicking.

To make this a worthy 'comeback' I decided to build a water ride. Offcourse speed had to be involved so I used the Cascade roller coaster. The episode of this week is a bit messy since I didn't noticed the time passing by while working on this so we end up with a bit of an unfinished facade. But I must say that I'm already quite happy with it.

And the timelapse:


Update 40

Whew update 40 already, this has become quite the series hasn't it xD I don't have much time on my hands so you'ld have to forgive my lack of intro but here it is:

The only word that comes to my mind is...
WOW. [woah]
I should subscribe to this thread immediately
Haha you definitly should [tongue]

Update 41

Welcome back to another update of Society Park. This week we're still working in log-cabin-Venice. This week I've build the entrance of the ride and with it some extra buildings to finish this side of the front facade. The backside of a building has been wrecked since it was in the way but we'll fix that later.

And the timelapse:

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Update 42

Hello fellow planet coaster lovers! I'm back with another episode of Society Park. As you know we've been working on building a water ride which still remains nameless. However this ride still desperately needed a station. So guess what this episode is about.

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