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Update 59

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to another episode of Society Park!

This week we'll continue on the other side of the entrance gate to the technical area. We also managed to put another small flatride in there. And we'll be starting to cover up Farmers Creek from the technical side so that it doesn't stand out too much. Since it will break the theme when walking in the Technological area.

Also I've been building some parking lots off-cam in Society Park which you might see in the background every now and then. Not to worry cause the hotel needs a main entrance from the parking area so you'll be able to see more of it (probably next week).

Anyway here are the pictures of this weeks update:

And the timelapse:


wow - that first shot looks so real
A bit too bright perhaps but it does look quite realistic [big grin]

Update 60

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to episode 60 (!?) of Society Park.

First of thanks to the guys who kept reading this thread throughout all the episodes. The park is slowly coming to an end meaning that it will soon be realesed. Although I must say that recording everything will take me a couple weeks (I think).

Anyway in this episode we're covering up the remaining part of Farmers Creek. Plus Society Park has gotten itself some parking lots so the hotel needs a new entrance from the parking lots side. So that will also be in this episode.

The only thing remaining after this episode is the centre of the technical area. For which I'm hoping to fill in with some rides from the Magnificent Rides pack that is coming up but I'll have to see once the set is released.

Off-cam I did ad some realistic features to the coasters such as sensors and electrical boxes at brake sections etc. I'm trying to keep up with new things that are created by the community and place them in the park to keep it up-to-date.

Well after all that, time to look in the park:

And the timelapse:

Update 61

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers!

Welcome back to another episode of Society Park just before the holidays!

This week we'll be building an information building for the parking lot (covering up the fireworks in the back). Also we'll built some VIP platforms from which peeps get a premium view at The Neon Show. Later we'll start with a new flatride, I didn't manage to finish it so that will be where we pick up next week.

And the timelapse:

Amazing Park and project... I really like the pics from the parking area, looks so real![happy]
Thank you! I'm also very happy with how the parking turned out and I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Update 62

Hello fellow Planet Coaster lovers and welcome back to another update of Society Park.

I hope you guys had a wonderfull christmas and are looking forward to some New Years Eve parties. Society Park isn't standing still in the mean time. This week it made so much progress that we can see the end nearing.

This week we continue on theming the Freefall ride (Galactic War) including it's queue. After that we'll be placing a lake in the area to make sure that the lightshow will reflect nicely and put in some foilage to tie some pieces together.

All in all I expect that it will only take a couple more weeks before the park is finished. So here is the current progress:

And the timelapse:

Update 63

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome back to Society Park.

This week we have a somewhat darker update. Like literally, it's dark in there...

I have a little surpirse for you guys. Society Park is proud to anounce that there has been another coaster added to the park. It's a launched motorbike darkride at the backside of the monorail station in the Technological Area. Yup, I was able to squeeze something in that small space.

The pictures that I've got are all inside the main building. Exterior looks will follow when it's complete, most likely in the next update.

Update 64

Hello fellow Planet Coaster Lovers and welcome to another update of Society Park.

Last week we started by theming the newest coaster Light Racer. This week we'll actually finish it with the parks ugliest station.

I didn't want the building to distract from the drop tower, I did such a good job with that that the building is one of the ugliest in the park. Not really happy it but it does serve its goal so I decided to keep it. Take a look for yourself:

Update 65

Well guys here we are.. the final update of Society Park.

After 1,5 years and 65 episodes this mega park is finally a wrap. It's kind of a bitter sweet feeling for me cause I really enjoyed this park and learned a lot. Lessons that I'll take with me for my next park (yup you read that right).

But nevertheless there a still some things to look forward to. The Release!

As I mentioned I will release everything when it is completly finished. But I'll first record everything and with the recordings I'll release bits and pieces (some coasters and rides are blueprinted ;)).

For the videos I want everything to be perfect. This also means that it will take me quite some time to record and edit everything. I hope you guys can bear with me for just a little while longer. You can expect POV's, a grand tour and a light show made by OutsideTheBlock. I'll keep everyone updated via Twitter, I try to also do it here but I might forget :sweat:

Thank you guys again and enjoy the last episode!

Hello fellow planet coaster lovers!

Even though there aren't any updates on Society Park anymore there is still some progress.

Please let met present to you the Park Map of Society Park:

Which ride would you like to ride first?​
Ladies and gentlemen,

You're all invited in #SocietyPark on Sunday March 10th 3pm (GMT +1/ CET). The staff will take you on our tour amongst the highlights of the park and the thrills it has to offer.

Kind regards,

Society Park Team

Really an amazing park. There are so much stunning buildings. I can't imagine that this is possible in Planet Coaster. And not everytime this standard stuff. I get a lot of inspiration for upcoming projects. Everything thing is so full of details. It look also very realistic. Great work!
This park is just stunning! A real nice take on a modern theme park! Keep up the good work!
Thank you and I will definitly try to do so [wink]

Really an amazing park. There are so much stunning buildings. I can't imagine that this is possible in Planet Coaster. And not everytime this standard stuff. I get a lot of inspiration for upcoming projects. Everything thing is so full of details. It look also very realistic. Great work!
Thank you I'm glad to be an inspiration to you and other people [big grin]

The Balance

The centerpiece of Society Park! The Balance is based on a small round footprint ready to give you a taste of what Society Park has to offer. The short but intense ride is sure to be a fan favorite among your peeps. To make sure you can enjoy it I've uploaded it to steam as a blueprint:


But offcourse I also made a POV

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