Sol - 2.4 vs 3.0 landable moons comparison

Before 3.0 dropped, I went to Sol to do some landable moons pictures for comparison after the update.
Let's see how old vs new planets stack up now :)


looks pretty much the same. Ganymede and Callisto, on the other hand, show radical change in surface detailing and color.


Iapetus' change has been dramatic, remainder of moons - Enceladus, Tethys, Dione and Rhea - show minor changes, though surface appears to be more detailed now.


Uranus' ice moons Umbriel and Titania appear largely unaffected, with minor lighting changes. Ariel and Oberon now have distinct surface differences.


As with other ice moons, Neptune's Triton doesn't appear to have changed much.


Charon's surface appears to be more detailed now, while general color remains unaffected.

All in all, I would say the planetary generation works much better now, with very distinct surface colors based on crust's composition.
Well done Frontier!

PS: I've tried to create an image gallery inside the topic but something's completely off with tagging and the resulting mess was unbearable. I've instead linked Imgur galleries directly, sorry.
Good comparison, some look better, others don't.

The planet I'm currently on has now got a covering of grey dust where I am. I'll reserve my full reaction when I get more in the light and do a bit more exploring.
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