Some Depth to guests

Looking back on the original Zoo Tycoon, that I played to death when I was a kid XD, I realize the guests were really quite intricate for their time. They would look at animals and mimic them, blow bubbles with gum, get green and sick when the pens had too much poo, and squealed and ran when animals were loose, getting excited when a favorite animals was seen etc.
I personally loved that they commented on decorations and would pause to look at a statue or flowerbed, and had a little thing to say about it (what a lovely bunch of flowers!). It made me feel the whole zoo was appreciated and I would try to see what they said and thought about everything.

Just hoping little touches like this can make it in. I know its mostly about the animals, but i'd also like to see my guests having some depth to them as well :D
I agree, also... making guest have a favourite animal makes for more realistic guest behaviour. Since guest counts in a certain area are less about how many leisure building are in that area and more about the animals the guest wants to see. I think there are lots of pro's to this.
If we are also creating our own avatar for PZ , i would like the ability to create the whole family and have some way to see where they are , if or when they visit the zoo . Yes i would also love to see them more animated and interested in everything around them especially their favourite animals .
WOW Hoosscatt its good you came up with it i was thinking about it too! And no random behaviours it must be part of what is happening to them so their mood, environment can change and suddenly they snap! Or do different things. You could follow at a vistor all day just following her to find out what she likes and does not like.and see all the interesting things she will do like the animals!

If this won't be in the game then players are simply going to ignore them like in planet coaster where they just become some object some thing to go to the next level. And we do not want that to happen!

We want to excite players with the guess coming in so players will also care about their guess cause right now they do not. Players should get emotionally about this too. And this will keep the zoo very interesting after 20 plays! So its why more should vote for this!

Please keep posting ideas you have on it!
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