Some ideas here and there (gameplay, vegetation, dinosaurs behavior, building...)

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Here a list of some small ideas to flesh out the game's content:

- Extend area use of rangers jeep (it's annoying to be stopped abruptly when approaching a limit when the area is technically accessible or just because we brush a shrub or a forest massif).

- Offer the possibility of modifying genetic code of Indominus Rex to allow it to disappear and reappear on the map with thermal regulation

- Offer the opportunity to Indominus Rex (and why not to the Indoraptor to climb non-electrified steel and concrete fences when the comfort threshold is in the red (it could for example use the enclosure attractions as climbing support)

- Remove the grass texture that masks the rock texture when using the brushes of vegetation to keep only the "tall" plants because the brushes of vegetations make invisible only the rock texture

- Reduce the area required to place new environmental objects (trees and rocks)

- Add possibility of superimposing the rocks to allow the players to vary the shapes

- Propose an automatic alignment (adjustable via the parameters) to center the entrance of the buildings on a path (in the same way as the buildings intended for the needs of the visitors and this for any type of building.

- Add possibility for the Jurassic Tour to circulate in the water

- Propose new types of fences (like barbed fence that the Spinosaurus breaks when chasing the characters up to the aviary in Jurassic Park 3)

- Propose Cretaceous Cruise

The departure and arrival building may be located outside the enclosure and may not be connected. Visitors can access canoes via a pontoon located at the rear of the building which must be connected to a water source crossing a fence (water adjusted according to the building after its construction) or artificial banks concreted at the entrance and at the exit to be connected to a water point. Visitors enter and leave the enclosure via a rectangular-shaped secure portal (such as the gate that mercenaries open upon their arrival on Isla Nublar in Fallen Kingdom)

- Add brushes vegetation (bamboo brush (with different varieties depending on the size of the brush or in the environment mode for example) brush aquatic vegetation (water lilies, reeds ...) brush tree stumps and dead wood (or add them via the environment mode))

- Ideas for additional buildings: Mini-golf, Cinema, Botanical Garden (the varieties cultivated in the garden could be based on the same principle as the greenhouses with a restriction of the number of plants presented and visible according to the compositions, the building could have a different input and a output)

What do you think ?

In addition some pictures, I'm a fan of this new photo mode


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