Some Post-Beta Suggestions

I wanted to throw out some of my thoughts and suggestions after the Beta is officially over. I played 165 hours during the Beta (yikes!). I absolutely love this game, but think it can be improved upon, and wanted to give some suggestions on how to do that. I'm trying to stay away from bug discussion and focus more on design decisions and how I think some of them can be improved. As we don't always know what is a bug vs a design decision, there might be some crossover. Here goes:

Put Barrier Grade/Climbability/Water Containment in mouseover - The Zoopedia tells us which minimum barrier grades are required to contain each animal species. Unfortunately, you have to dig into the Help menus to find out which grade each barrier is. Please move this information to the Barrier menu, maybe on mouseover, so it is readily visible. Bonus points for adding a filter where we can filter Barriers by species and only get the types that can hold them.

Add a heat map that shows Traversible Terrain for Keepers - Sometimes our keepers aren't filling feeders because they can't reach them. It would be nice to be able to tell where they can & can't go when we're designing our habitats. A heat map similar to what we have for animals would be very helpful.

Allow multiple Keeper entrances - I think this is crucial to have for large or complex exhibits where obstacles might prohibit Keepers from reaching feeders from one gate.

In the Habitat menu, Animals tab, let us see the animal ages, and when I click on an animal, pull up their page and take me to that animal

In the research menus, only show me my Vets or Mechanics that I have allowed to "Conduct Research". I only want to see my researchers here. So, if I have a mechanic that I want repairing barriers, and deselected "Conduct Mechanical Research" on his menu, I don't want his name showing up in the Mechanical Research menu.

In the research menus, if I click on a researcher, pull up their menu and take me to them. I don't want to have to go back to my Staff tab to find them if I need to access them.

In the Staff tab, give me filters. I want to be able to filter at least by occupation. Not a big deal in a starter zoo, but once you have a lot of staff, this is necessary.

In the Zoo - > Animals tab, give me filters here as well. I want to be able to filter everything on this page

In the Animal Market, I would like to see more information. The animal rating is less useful to me because most animals of the same species have similar ratings. I would rather be able to filter by bronze/silver/gold and by the genetic trait statistics. These are far more important to me. Fertility above 67%, for example.

In the Animal Market, I need to know if an animal is pregnant, injured, or has any other status affect (I'm assuming diseased in the future). Bonus points if we can filter these in/out

In the Trade Center, give me some historical data on sold animals. If I'm selling a Gold 5 year old female tiger, display to me the average sell price of gold 4-6 year old female tigers within the last day, week, etc

We need more clarification on Alpha status for our animals and a) how it is determined, b) how it impacts breeding and c) which animals are supposed to be included (right now, animals in the Trade Center can lock it down). This might be the reason my Grizzly Bears and Formosan Black Bears never bred, in over 150 in-game years. They never established Alpha status. How do we establish an Alpha for a male that isn't intended to be enclosed with other males, and therefore never fights another male? I put 2 male Grizzlies in the same enclosure in an attempt to force a fight for Alpha status, but they died of old age before ever fighting. This needs a closer look. IMO, if only 1 male exists in an enclosure, he should by default be the Alpha, and therefore be the breeding male. If I have 4 male lions in 4 separate enclosures, then I should therefore have 4 alphas that can all breed.

We need clarification on how to properly assign Work Zones to Caretakers and Security occupations. Currently, you only assign to habitats, staff buildings, or guest facilities, but these 2 should be patrolling Guest paths. I'm still not clear in how we're supposed to be doing that. There are some habitat designs where assigning a Caretaker to a habitat would make zero sense (Imagine a rectangular habitat where there are paths along both of the long ends of the habitat, but those paths don't connect to each other. How much time would a Caretaker waste in traveling from one to another?)

We need clarification on the Education requirements. In my 3 zoos I built in Beta, none of them got out of the red in the Education category. I always had the species board on every enclosure, multiples on large enclosures, multiple speakers on each enclosure, etc. In one zoo, I went further and spammed all the climate education boards as well, yet saw little change in the Education rating. I'm hoping this is just a case of us not having all of the education items available to us in Beta. If that's not the case, maybe this needs a look.

Give us proactive tools to manage our animals. I would like to be able to dictate what happens to a baby animal when he reaches adulthood or an adult when he reaches elder status. Give me an option to say "When Adult", then "Send to Trade Center", "Release to the Wild", "Apply Contraceptive" or anything else that's appropriate. This way we're not putting out fires all the time as we can make these decisions as soon as the animal is born. This is the feature I want most because proactively managing our zoos allows us to better enjoy them without the stressful feeling that we're always putting out fires.

Give us notifications when animals reach adulthood or elder status. If we can't have the proactive tools, this is a close second. Bonus points if we can set an option to auto-pause on certain notifications. This could be used as a crutch for lack of proactive tools.

Give us notifications when an animal is put into lockdown, and tell us why.

Add the sire information to the pregnancy notifications. If I have multiple males in a habitat, it might be important for me to know that info.

We need some way to know when vandalism has occurred, or a heat map that shows vandalized items. I seemed to only randomly notice things were smashed.

Let us see our Blueprints, even if we can't place them yet. I just want to know that it's there and saved properly. Bonus points if you can tell us what Research/items we're missing to be able to place the Blueprint.

Mechanic Repair defaults all need to be changed. Barriers, Power & Water all are currently set to 1-year which will almost guarantee failure before they're repaired. Please set the defaults for anything that the Mechanic touches to "Every 3 Months".

Give us a warning if we assign a worker to do something that contradicts the actions we've selected on their menu. For example, I select a mechanic to research something, but on his page, I have "Conduct Mechanic Research" deselected.

Pie in the Sky Request: Give us a Habitat Planner. The Zoopedia tells us how much space we need for 1 animal of a species. But what if I want 3 Indian Elephants, 2 Indian Rhinos & 5 Peacocks? I would love an in-game tool that I could use to plan such an exhibit. Let me choose which animals I'm going to put together, then tell me how big my enclosure needs to be, how much water I need, hard shelter requirements, etc. Using said tool, I could then plan my Barriers, water requirements, place my ground textures, foliage, and coolers/heaters, and check traversible terrain and hard shelter requirements BEFORE I dump animals inside.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks everybody. I submitted my bug reports, wrote this post, then my hard drive fried and computer died, taking all my Planet Zoo screenshots with it. Oh well, at least I have a new one on the way.
Omg yes tell me which animals can have which type of barrier. A filter or just a list of small names on the side like we have with enrichment items would work fine :)
Thanks everybody. I submitted my bug reports, wrote this post, then my hard drive fried and computer died, taking all my Planet Zoo screenshots with it. Oh well, at least I have a new one on the way.
Hopefully you didn't lose anything even more important than zoo screenshots ... and, it could have been worse .. it could have happened during the short beta .. aaargh
Hopefully you didn't lose anything even more important than zoo screenshots ... and, it could have been worse .. it could have happened during the short beta .. aaargh
I possibly could have, but I won't know until I need it, lol. I did just back up all my photography (including some nice zoo stuff) to an external drive, so at least I didn't lose pictures. Probably lost some important paperwork, but most "should" be backed up in email, I hope.

I do feel like it was crazy timing. I played lots of hours of Beta, then finished up my bug reports and this post before it failed on me. With some great customer service from Amazon, I got a nice refund and applied that to a new computer, so it's going to work out well, I hope.
Yeah It was heart rending when it happened to me .. fortunately I used to do a regular reinstall every 6 months which meant everything I needed was on a separate drive somewhere that could easily be plugged into a new computer. I lost 6 months work at the one time the power supply gave out on me and destroyed everything ..
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