Some QoL suggestions, and yes, a bit of a moan about Co-Op play

This was going to be several posts, but I've sat on them to group up as no-one needs any more forum drama. Yes, these aren't new, but I just wanted to get them off my chest. :x


1) Co-Op play
Seriously. Urgh. This is so badly implemented it should just be scrapped and rebuilt.

Let's start with wing missions: kill 100 pirates that you have to hunt down in USS one at a time ~ who has time for these? Wing missions: deliver 5000 tonnes of X. When right above them is a solo mission; deliver 120 tonnes solo for the same money. Come on guys: get a grip on this. Loads of suggestions on the boards, I don't need to add another. I like the idea of being able to partial load solo missions and for wing missions to split the whole bounty.
The money needs adjusting too btw; wing missions should pay *more* than solo.

2) Wing / Multi-crew
I tried this out with two mates last night. Can't join if you're in a wing. Uhh? And when in; there are distinct key bindings? AND THEN: all the utilities AND turret guns are taken over by the gunner? Who on earth thought that was a good idea? Helmsman (SHIP OWNER) controls utilities. Giving the kill warrant scanner to the gunner is just plain ... "special". Terrible, terrible decision. Gunner should get: GUNS. That's it.

Okay. That's the moan. Now for some more constructive QoL

3) Mission cash-in
I'd REALLY like a button that cashes in all completed quests and takes either 1) Cash only, 2) Reputation or 3) Influence. I *really* don't care what effect I've had on the BGS after I've opted for cash, I don't need to be shown 20 times.

4) Base filter on Mission board
Because honestly, I'd just like to be able to say: "just show me the missions going to Sothis Mining please". Going through every mission checking where it's going is just tedious.

5) Mouse cursor always on
I log in. I have to use the joypad to select station services, but from then on I can use mouse. Let me use a mouse WHENEVER there is a menu. Thankyouplease.

6) Automatic weapon retraction on Jump
I must admit, I don't understand why I can't charge my FSD with weapons out, but sure; "game". Even so, if I hit J can you please just retract weapons?

7) Mission restrictions
Warn me I can't land, sure, but don't restrict me from a mission because my ship is too big. I'm going to switch at the next base. Nanny state!

8) Mission board position
One last one: when I accept a mission with my joypad I go back to where I was in the mission list. If I accept with the mouse, I go back to the top of the list. Please return me where I was when using the mouse...!

Thanks. I feel better now :)
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You're looking for an easy button. Part of the game (90% only) is the time grind doing repetitive, non-value added tasks.

I would like to add a question: What is the new incentive to go anywhere besides the small set of systems in your local region? Every station I hit is full of massacre missions. Most of the haulage is wing level. I found one station with some of the older solo stuff for about 10K per ton, but that's it. There's basically no difference between the systems now, except their economic states and governments, but even those are transparent for the roamer.
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For #5, sitting in your cockpit with the station:hangar/surface:launch buttons, you are interacting with you ship. In this mode the mouse is (potentially) a primary flight control and is not available to be used otherwise without breaking stuff for folks who fly with it. In the station interface or the galmap this is not the case and the mouse is available for interacting with the "system"

For #6 bear in mind that even with engineered power plants many of us are flying around with builds that can't run the FSD while we've got our fangs hanging out. So for that significant number of pilots its a three step process anyway - retract the guns freeing up sufficient power for the FSD to come back online, wait out the FSD boot time, charge it for jump. You may have a case for something similar but complimentary to the "fire deploys hardpoints" option, maybe "FSD charge retracts hardpoints" but to make it automatic without the option to NOT do that isn't something I can support.
Planet coordinates.
Just please sort this out. This boyscout, compass bearings nonsense has to go.
Why can't i just enter the coords, or click on the surface map, then fly to it.
With regards to multi crew.

Gunner seat.

Let the gunner call up and target subsystems of the pilot target.

Seriously! Even the epitome of something-something-science sci-fi shows portrays the weapons officer being able to target specific locations of the.. well... target!

That is the only function I could invision giving up control of my defensives and seekers.


Past that.. you get maybe two warnings to stop shooting my enginerded seekers at a shielded Anaconda and then I shove you out the airlock.

I open this boat (Enginerded up the whazoo 'Vette) for fighter support and another pip or two for grins and philanthropy.

And to meet new ppl in Open. My friends list has exploded since this feature dropped. So it's not all bad.

Edit: Got my vote to lock out the "Gunner Seat" altogether pls and thx FD.

The current iteration for a Gunnery Officer is just... bad. Turrible even..

Fighter support is awesome however!

When it doesn't crash the game on fighter launch that is...
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Your #7 was introduced because players were complaining they were being given missions which they couldn't complete when they arrived at the other end ! FD can't win here.
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