Someone at Netflix has been playing a bit of Elite...

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I have to agree with the majority here. I watched the trailer and thought it looked kind of good but was proven very wrong.
The worst thing for me is that the crew does not seem to belong on a space ship to begin with. None of them are stable, mature professionals. Is this really the best crew they could send on the most important mission in human history?
"altered carbon" wasn't too bad. and "stranger things" has some amusing moments too.

some of netflix's stuff is good enough to watch while having supper alone and if you're out of other things to watch, then forget about it. last i watched was "3%", which at times is really awful but has interesting moments and it was fun watching a show in portugese for a change, and some cool brazilian music.

consider also that this crap is free to watch since you can torrent it right away (before some ip zealot calls out blasphemy, that's fully legal where i live). how people actually pay for this is beyond me.
It’s on my Watch List. Now I’m going to have to watch at least the first episode just to see how bad it really is.

Though I thought the cigar chomping, poker playing tough gal cardboard cutout character she played in BSG was just awful. Had it been a male character we’d all have laughed but for some reason having a woman play the water thin characterisation was no doubt thought of as a good portrayal of a strong woman. Having seen that it’s clear why so many female actors bemoan the portrayal of strong female characters.

Anyway, that’s literally a whole other story.
a lot of crusty dudes with poorly formed negative opinions of a show they didn't even watch
Excuse me, I watched most of the first episode. I came to the opinion it was bad enough not to potentially waste my time watching further episodes just to see if it improved. First impressions etc.
ITT: a lot of crusty dudes with poorly formed negative opinions of a show they didn't even watch
I’m crusty enough not to know what ITT means.

Though it seems most here did give it a go. The fact they came to a negative conclusion is simply an opinion, why you think they’re poorly formed is more interesting though - forums rarely being somewhere you find in-depth and enlightening reviews of anything.
They are poorly formed because the vast majority of them don't have any substance at all apart from, "IT BAD SHOW! NETFLIX BAD! UNGH!"
ITT: a lot of crusty dudes with poorly formed negative opinions of a show they didn't even watch
Honestly, its total crap. SFX is from 10 years ago. Its like the makers sat down and watched every sci fi show from the last ten years, cut them up and stuck them together starring actors who can't act playing characters doing illogical things. This show makes Nightflyers look like 2001:ASO- its so bad it makes The Cloverfield Paradox bareable.
I quit netflix when they went political, basically a bunch of white house cabinet run the company, plus there's free sites that deliver similar content for free.
Man Another Life is just monumentally awful... I do have extra tolerance in scifi shows, being so few and far between, but this one is painfully bad. It pains me to see Katee Sackhoff in this complete mess.

The most important mission in the history of earth, and the selected "astronaut" crew is a bunch of late teen emotional imbeciles who I wouldn't trust to crew a supermarket cart without supervision...

It's like they wanted to make another high school teen drama show, but then someone in production said in the last minute "add some space stuff".
Why is it called another life? Based on the behavior of the crew imo it should have been called "Katy Sackhoffs guide to baby sitting in space".
Who is their target audience, whiny, angry immature 20 somethings?
They're a bunch of volunteer scientists and engineers who were in the middle of training to run that prototype FTL ship on an exploration mission when they got diverted into a reckless Hail Mary, not hand picked crew for "the most important mission in the history of Earth." They're the equivalent of grad students or post doc researchers. They're not the best. They're just in the wrong place at the right time.
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