Someone at Netflix has been playing a bit of Elite...

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Garbage show that's polluting my "continue watching" list.
Also, that actress bugs me. She bothered me in BSG, she was annoying in Longmire, I cannot watch her in this series.
I knew I saw here somewhere. She's an annoying character in every show I've seen her in. She's a poor man's Carrie Ann Moss.
You might want to give Dark a chance. Ok I'm a bit biased cause it was filmed around here in Berlin but nonetheless....great show 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
I've heard good things about that show but haven't been able to watch it because...I cancelled my streaming Netflix plan. :D When Netflix's live action treatment of Cowboy Bebop airs, I'll be back and I'll check it out then. Thanks for the recommendation!
Yeah, can I get an admin or mod to close this now. Pweeze? Its run its course.. Lol
(Didn't realise it was such a, shall we say "Touchy" subject. Its been interesting though.
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Thought it was ok at the beginning but I'm becoming a bit Meh about it after a few episodes.

As mentioned above, The Expance could be Elite, Looking forward to the next series later in the year.

We need more stories set in space though.. I'm still mourning Firefly.... WHY???? WHHHHYYYYYY????????

Oh yeah, closing as requested.

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