Something Positive for Elite / Frontier Staff Who Are Human Beings w Feelings Not Targets

Do you have a positive story to tell about how Elite Dangerous has helped you in your life? No matter how small?

Here is mine!

I am saddened to see so many people get outraged about gaming problems / accidents/unforeseen events.. there are human beings at the other end of twitter who already feel terrible about bugs/issues and who work hard every day to fix them for us. If they were members of my family I would never say the things I have read from angry mean spirited players of a game even if they were members of my family I did not like. Frustration is fine, but lashing out to hurt people's feelings to me is just mean. I personally thank all of the members of EliteDangerous and FrontierDevelopments for all they have done to provide me with entertainment and fun.. not a nessessity of life ... you are all much appreciated despite all of the hate and attacks.

I even predicted possible technical issues a couple of days ago but that is just because I know life happens.. so I put my ship (see below) behind the Megaship (my little hauler) and was ready to push if needed. :) Keep up the good work folks.. EliteDangerous has pulled me out of the worst time of my life when suicide was my only other option... so to all of you I say thank you for being here.


Formerly '[VR] sgurr'
I love ED, it's brilliant. Playing in VR has made my childhood (and not so childhood) dreams come true.
(thank you so much for the commodities screen BTW)

Having watched FD since kickstarter times I know they're made up of an incredible bunch of people doing their best.

Sure, there are more bugs and issues than I'd like, but mainly there's a game that I love playing, thank you o7
I’ve got nothing to top the OP. Elite has not cured me of any ailments, guided me through dark times, or stilled any rough waters for me. But it has brought me many, many, many hours of peace, serenity and relaxation. Well worth what I’ve spent, and far less than I’d spend getting a good hangover!
To the Op I would like to congratulate you for your honesty on such a difficult and personal situation that you found yourself in. It takes a lot to mention something like that and I imagine to Fd it has meant so much. I so frequently return to Ed because of the fact you submerge yourself in a dream world, one day I'm a pioneering explorer the next I'm a bounty hunter in a small ship its so easy to let your troubles go.

You are right there is no need to get upset by a bug as a game like this is so big it will happen, I lost my ship simply logging in whilst I was mining as a bug meant whilst inactive I moved inside an asteroid and resulting log in was death but Fd quickly refunded my lost ship and exploration data I still had on me and that makes Fd great never let the moaners about bugs get you down as they don't see the whole picture like you do or the amount of hours you guys put in to try fix every bug.


John, thank you for this thread and keep up the good work. I don't have any cool stories to share about how ED saved my life or anything, but I do enjoy playing it and it's slowly turning into one of my most played games of all time. It's up now with Gran Turismo 1-2-3, Forza series, TDU and Skyrim. All of those games, I played over a 1000 hours.
I love this beautiful game/sim, it's a big complicated beast of a game with lots of moving parts that has been crafted by an extremely talented and highly invested team at Frontier. It concerns me that all the team will see is the negativity of a part of this amazing community when a lot of us really love and appreciate what they do.


Before I started playing Elite Dangerous I was reclusive, anti social and invisible to the opposite sex. But now I ... er ... er ... oh, nevermind. Carry on.

In my experience people absolutely need social interaction whether they will admit it or not. We're all interconnected is some weird way and we need each other. In my experience people are at their happiest when they feel connected to their peers, while people who are anti-social seem more angry and unhappy, again, this is in my experience. We can 'un'-thank the internet and social media for a lot of these woes. There is no digital replacement for a hug and everyone needs one of those once in awhile.
You comment on this.
Yet no comments about the cheating and/or hacking going on in the game.
C'mon, please be better than this.
Very much this. There are an awful lot of unaddressed issues that have been outstanding for a very long time. I don't come to this board to discuss my personal life, I come here to talk about the game and I share my stories (good and bad) when they happen.

Only earlier this week (Saturday night) I completed repairing a station (Ray Enterprise in GQ Virginis), it took several months and focusing on this task, not giving up helped me to get through some tough times. On previous occasions I have taken on similarly large challenges, usually single-handed or without any expectation of help.

My top three achievements in the game were getting Triple Elite within a year of buying the game to 're-earn' my Acornsoft badge (see my avatar) in January 2016, taking a fully equipped 19ly Corvette to Beagle Point unassisted (ie no external help with the route, I only knew that it could be done with a 36ly ship & I could do 38 with jumponium so no route plotter help) in July 2017, and repairing Ray Enterprise in May 2019. I am proud to have achieved these things, I like that ED is a big enough game that I am able to set these kind of challenges and have them be meaningful.

My top three issues with the game and the company are that I want to be able to continue to play the game I bought unless there is a good reason for change, and the needless removal of the old exploration modules goes against that. Please put them back in, there was no need to remove them. Then there is the issue surrounding the lack of information about future premium content, I feel I have had to chase this up far too much, and have no confidence that the 'latter half of 2020' plan will be updated if it changes. My communications on this matter have been ignored to the extent that I drove a 900 mile round trip to discuss this face to face in Cologne in August. Some free skins then more silence for another six months is poor, keep us updated and offer a way to revert to a regular Horizons account please. My final issue is with cheating in a multiplayer environment. There are active threads on all three of my top concerns running right now, it is frustrating to see so little input from FDev on any of these issues.

None of this is personal. It doesn't matter whose fault something is or who sorts them out, but they are not going to go away through inaction.
This is a wholesome thread and I love it.

For me Elite Dangerous was the beautiful space exploration game I had always dreamed of. I'm too young to have enjoyed the original Elite game and my space game of choice was EVE Online for many many years. As soon as I discovered Elite Dangerous and saw some gameplay videos on YouTube I immediately purchased the game + Horizons and cancelled my EVE sub (nothing against EVE, it's a great game too!)

I suffer from bad insomnia and I get stressed out very easily, the sheer immersive-ness, beautiful graphics and stunning audio enthralled me and I could get sucked into the game for hours on end, it's really taken the edge off some bad days for me.

I have alot of respect for the Frontier staff and their customer care as some players can spew pure vitriol when they get upset over bugs or mechanics they don't like.

Lots of love CMDRS!

I am CMDR ASTLEY if anyone wants another friend, although I play on the Mobius PVE Eurasia server exclusively.
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