Sometimes the solution is soooooo simple

Just wondering whether anyone has loaded up their ship with Pesticides, located one of those crazy scooping Thargoids, and then dumped the whole cargo right in front of them. It kills the whole nest!

Asking for a friend.
If only it were that easy... I'm content just observing them right now. There's something fascinating about an entity that we only have so much understanding of.
Perhaps you could also try dropping pesticides at the surface sites? Might be worth looking into.
Yes, and no.

Thargoids only scoop thargoid or humanoid cargo (that is... cargo containing live humans such as escape posds, slaves, hostages, political prisoners, master chefs etc.)
I tried using Toxandji Virocide on an interceptor once, it didn't work. Perhaps the stuff should have been programmed with a probe or something like that before... or exploded? Who knows...
I invite everyone to visit HIP 12099 (Jameson's demise) and read the link data there.
Commander John Jameson did a mission for INRA involving Mycoid Virus.
So, let's talk about pumping people full of insecticides and putting them in escape pods.
I'm down for this. Istanu has an installation where the data nodes talk about the place being a drug trafficing plant where they surgically implant the illicit cargo into unsuspecting citizens.

Seems like they already have the infastructure we need...
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