Soontill Relics, the Regor Permit Sector and DB's cryptic hints....

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Given the time that has now passed here is a rundown of the UA mystery and how it unfolded.

David Braben makes an offhand comment about there being non celestial things to discover in game that have been there since 1.2
This prompts me to start this thread asking if anyone has info. After a few posts the Unknown Artefact is put forward then something unusual happens…
Elite’s Executive Producer Michael Brookes randomly jumps into the thread a few hours later with…… “Have you listened to them?”
It turns out no one has ever seen this new item despite in having been in game since 1.2, it also transpires later that this item is featured in the actual “Wings” trailer.
And so began the hunt for the UA, accompanied in the end by a rather large player funded reward of 17 Million credits.
At first many doubted it existed at all, (until someone went into the game files and put the skin of the UA over a toxic waste canister). Despite a few hoaxes (and plenty of nay sayers) the UA was located and recorded for “study”.
Despite huge effort by the community no sense was made of the audio……..and to compound the confusion the audio seems to have been changed at the release of 1.3 for reasons unknown.
The Good…
The UA hunt itself was one of the most engaging gaming experiences I and many other have ever enjoyed. Even many not involved followed the progress with great interest…..It even made PC Gamer News :D
The UA is the only known alien or human/alien technology item in game to this point (that we know about). And theres no denying it’s an intriguing object and the sounds MAY be alien.
The Bad…….
We are now stuck with more questions than answers, and perhaps with FD at full stretch in other areas no more clues, and no clue as to what to do next.
It is possible that it was just “have you listened to the alien noises” and that there is no more. Although comments from DB that this story is not over seem to contradict this.
The Ugly……..
Anyone who doesn't understand the value of “The Good” even if “The Bad” is that there is no more……

Over the last few days comments have been made from FD and those close to FD leading us to believe that the UA mystery is solvable, and there has been suggestion that attempts have been "over thinking" the problem. With this in mind old theories are being re examined and with luck we will find something......soon.

If you have a theory please try to test it or get confirmation from another CMDR involved in this that they will/have tried it. The biggest problem we face is tracking all of the ideas and exactly what has been tried out.

I will attempt to collate some form of list of attempted solutions but it will be extremely difficult and make take some time to complete.


This mention of non celestial things to discover in deep space that are "already out there" and "have been since 1.2" has preoccupied me a bit. Any community knowledge would be helpful as I would love (even though I probably have no chance whatsoever) to try and figure this out.

I have searched around for info on Alien Artifacts, all I found was a Galnet post a few months back and a brief sale of Soontill Relics as rares at one station. Although I have seen a pic of them being in game somewhere.

My interest was also raised by some speculation that the Regor Permit Sector (conveniently positioned approx 1000ly "east" of populated space!) would be a perfect location for the Thargoids eventual area.

I started last night by flying out there and searching the peripheral stars looking for any sign of anything, I even dropped out of SC into belts clusters (as they are worthless for discovery - perfect place to hide stuff lol) and searched for anything out of the ordinary.

The whole sector is cordoned off for sure is about the only thing I can other words I drew a blank.

Anyone else got any scrap of info or seen any Alien Artifacts in markets or as salvage anywhere?
Anyone else also trying to figure this out?

I can't believe for one second the comment that started all this speculation was just a wind up, and why put something in unless they expect someone to stubble on it before the Thargoids are blowing up stations :p.....what are we missing here?

Any slightest shred of info gratefully received.

29/05/15 Update: After being asked a few times here is an update on the current situation....

Our main common interest is kind of on hold awaiting release of 1.3.....Things will regain a bit of focus again shortly, please bear with us. :)

All attempts to de-code or gain meaning from the UA have so far proved fruitless. Having said that people should not be put off from going over ground that has already been covered in case something was missed.

There is also work going on behind the scenes to bring the "UA community" more in-game but further details of this will be released later and this will be post 1.3.

Regarding use of my CMDR name in Galnet......Please consult with Stevelaw, Huros or me before hand. Although there may be some level of role play via Galnet....THIS IS NOT A ROLE PLAYING THREAD, please do not post in the thread in character.

LATEST SITUATION SUMMARY: Big thank you to CMDR Moortz......

Just to summarise where we are... more for my peace of mind than anything else :D

The 1.2 update brought us 'Wings'. Alongside wings, there were some changes to USS (Unidentified signal sources) and three new salvageable items - Unknown Artefacts, Painite and Hafnium 178. Painite was identified as a new mineable mineral, but no one could find it.

The new Signal Source types were -

Weak (WSS) contains salvage items. usually Black Box/Military Plan type cargo, the usual stuff you are required to find in Retrieval missions from the Bulletin Boards.

Unidentified (USS) - small ships, single large ships - traders, pirates, System Authority vessels - the usual stuff we had come across in pre-1.2 release.

Strong (SSS) - these contained many small ships, or a few Larger ships - sometimes multiple traders, sometimes Pirates and Bounty Hunters fighting, sometimes Pirate traps (multiple Anacondas, and high value salvage as 'bait' - Gold, sometimes AI relics) also known as the 'I can't believe they fell for that' - also, some high value cargo ships flanked by military vessels, (usually Vultures) - the cargo could be Hafnium 178, or occasionally Unknown Artefacts. There are also incidents of large salvage drops, usually with 20+ low value items (Leather, Fish etc) and a single canister of Painite. There are also reports of Painite carried in Trader holds.

The Unknown Artefact (UA) is an alien looking object, unlike any other canister type, that emits a strange sound or several strange sounds. There has been no definitive breakthrough in decoding the sound this item makes. It also degrades the hold, as per Toxic Waste. Many things have been tried with this UA, and all things tried have been unsuccessful (if not imaginative! :D)

Drew (the author of Elite:Reclamation) has given us a clue, in code, that suggests we should watch Galnet and wait for 1.3 for further information regarding the UA's.

Drews' main character in his book, Senator Loren, has been reported (by Galnet) to be updating an Imperial Courier (due to be released in 1.3) with an upgraded FSD, fuel scoop and a fancy scanner. She is known to have been interested in exploring beyond the Formadine Rift, which has been linked (via E:R) to Thargoids - a source for possible alien incursions is said to be 'beyond' the rift, which has been identified (and somewhat verified) as in the area between the Perseus Arm and the Outer Arm, out in the direction of the Heart and Soul Nebulae. Exploration of this area has found several Permit only systems or Regions that may be unreachable with current FSD limits, however Drew has intimated there may be FSD drives that are of unknown origin that may enable travel further than current limitations.

The current thought is to wait and see what 1.3 brings us, and keep an eye on Galnet for further clues.

(Right On, Commanders!)

DREW QUOTES AND CLUES....Big thank you to MAIN SEQUENCE for providing the list which can be found here....


Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all those who have contributed to this venture. The stars of this search are too numerous to mention without fear of leaving someone out so feel free to trawl the posts and see how this came about.
Cmdr RedWizzard made the break through following a confirmed sighting by Cmdr Wishblend. Anyway enough talk here are screen shots, videos and audio. Well that was fun, and now they are popping up all over.....not to worry anyone at all. :D

View attachment 33587View attachment 33588

A couple of pics capturing the moment :)

They are multiplying so everyone can have one :)

Here are some more audio files courtesy of Digital Scream :

Just to make life easier for all the audio's an mp3 extracted from my video:

Knock yourselves out, gents :)

(in cargo drop YOU WILL NEED A SHIP WITH 100t OR SO CARGO SPACE?......And at this rate some spare time :p)
ANYONE WISHING TO DONATE TO PRIZE MONEY PM ME. I will add these in stages now not every 5 mins so don't think I have missed messages.)
Myself - 1 Mill
The Mercs of Mikunn - 2 Mill

Masopa - 1 Mill
Rich Bramwell - 5 Mill
ANON (ID Will only be revealed to winner) - 1 Mill
Patau82 - 1 Mill
Galvinar - 1 Mill
Redwizzard - 1 Mill
Vasious - 1 Mill
MarcosTheBlack - 1 Mill

Zieman - 1 Mill
Wenkman - 1 Mill

Rules (unitl I think of more)
1. Player would be free to make and release video of the UA (after all it's answers we are after) handing it over is simply for proof.
2. Player must have decent size hold in ship to avoid prize tranfers taking hours.
3. First player that in boxes me with screen shot of item in hold wins, prize would be given after transfer.
4. I am not up for paying failed rewards, all offers are simply on the word of the given player.
5. Will try to ask Dev Team for some other form of transfer as a one off by the Devs but we will have to see about that.
6. If I find it first all bets are off and I will claim nothing.
7. If someone hacks the game files and ruins it this fund may be withdrawn before the item is located in game.

01/05/15 UDPATE #2: Turns out the Unkown Artefact is mentioned bang at the start of the 1.2 Wings trailer........Coincidence? Probably? Or Possibly not? Credit for this spot goes to Cmdr Knarlfin!

01/05/15 UPDATE: Leaked on Reddit first so don't throw stones! (With that in mind THANKS to Dominathan for brining this to light!) We now have visuals on the item we are all looking for. Although it's a shame to see it this way...It's real and it's out there......somewhere.

**Also credit
GlyphGryph to for spotting the Reddit post first.

**Just to clarify this Youtube clip contains the audio for a Toxic Waste Canister, the audio from the actual object is what we are after.

That's the in game model.

I replaced the Toxic Waste Canister with it

View attachment 32895

30/04/15 UPDATE: Ok so we have people searching all over the place for this item.....goes without saying if anyone finds one and isn't taking part in this goose chase I will happily pay 1 million in palladium for one if you see please don't just sell it! :D

Current search info with many thanks to Huros for collating the details....

Peregrina - Permit required- Intensely searched, reducing possibility - Permit from HIP 18609
LHS412 - no permit - Intensely searched, reducing possibility
Old worlds Lave Zaonce etc.- no permit, no reports; but Galnet article of various rare goods in convoys
Isinor - Permit required - search in progress - permit from Anotchadiae*, Reshas and LTT 5053 with Chapter of Isinor faction
Polaris - historical and potential home of Thargoids - Permit required, not obtainable -Unknown Artefacts speculated to be possible permit
Circa or in Timocani UA reportedly found and sold. Potentially one per week. Recommend continued search.
Lft 509 and Witch's Reach Permits required from unknown faction. Need to research more for permit. UA possible Permit for these systems.

UA may take a week to spawn in one or more of these systems.

Remember to bring Cargo scanners and limpets.

WORTH CHECKING THIS OUT LINE FROM THE PATCH NOTES OF 1.2 Adding valuable salvage convoys to three permitted systems: LFT 509, Isinor, Witch's Reach

Originally Posted by Fenric Wouldn't surprise me at all if they can be found in NPC cargo holds. People have reported seeing Hafnium and Painite in them already, and those were released at the same time as these Unknown Artefacts.


Well never thought this would get somewhere but it MAY have.

What have we learned....

It MAY be all about "Unknown Artefacts", They MAY be obtainable in Peregrina (Permit available at HIP 18600) and these in game objects MAY be trying to talk to us or be bleeping Morse code of their point of origin.

Thank you all for the input.....especially Michael Brookes haha!

*New Update*

We seem to have ruled out
the Regor Sector and Soontill Relics (Thanks to the speedy work of the illustrious Erimus) and .....which oddly just leaves us with David Braben. *scratches head*

Soooo what we need is one of these and to listen to it apparently.....
Please do bear in mind folks this item seems to be what we are to find one is not clear just yet I dont think.

*Update 29/04/15 AS MENTIONED ABOVE YESTERDAY NOT SOONTILL RELICS SOME MAJOR WIND UPS GOING ON AROUND THIS! :p......Unless of-course the whole things a wind up which is equally still possible.

ALSO "Ancient Artefact" is an item that's been in game for ages, fairly common and is NOT the item below.......I think.

View attachment 32394

*Credit to Tinman for the link.
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Trying to find something rare (like ancient relics) floating around in this galaxy is like the proverbial needle in a haystack. But, for me at least, DB (et al.'s) comments about stuff being in since 1.2 sounds like carrot and stick to me. I sure hope I'm wrong, because it gives another edge to exploring.

Deleted member 38366

Considering how many Deep Space-Explorers already went out there...

I think if there was anything there (at this time), someone would have seen it IF it was of sufficiently significant size (distance where you start to notice something is there, i.e. SuperCruise contacts or distant visual anomalies).

As there's apparently still entire System groups locked down due to the weird "Permit Required" - me thinks all that is still "under Construction" and the statement was a hoax.
(technically - yes, it's there indeed I guess, but it's not accessible nor visible before it really goes live)

At least that's my take on the current situation.
Wouldn't have been the 1st (not even the 100th) time the Game or its Designers sent the Players out to hunt ghosts (while they needed to simply gain more time to actually implement it).

If it's all live and free already indeed (which I doubt) - it's so small that the existing Player group exploring doesn't have high chances of finding it.

The only Key I could come up with to find out :

- take each Sector name/label and do a Forum search on it

All those that don't turn up anywhere (never mentioned in the Forum) I would assume to be candidates possibly never visited by anyone.
Thus, if what we're looking for as a "civilization spread" like ours of a few 100LY, criss-crossing each of these candidates might be the best bet.
Still... lots and lots of Sectors noone has ever touched would remain, so it might be pretty futile.

The other thing I've been thinking about...

Where did the Name "Thargoid" come from ?
Since that's nothing you would find searching in the Galaxy Map, it's not a direct label for a Sector, System or Planet.

I think it might be something like a Sector with Systems named "BLEYA THAR GO-ID B2-44" or something to that tune?
Would be interesting if something of that name scheme exists...
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Crikey, thanks for that didn't know he had previous on this.

Surely he can't pull that one again, he sort of confirms it twice in the AMA.

*Edit* If this is a wind up I would consider it incredibly bad taste and would change my very positive feelings towards this game.

How can we get some clarity out of them even if it's just to confirm that the hint was not a wind up?
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Am I dreaming it or have people managed to get Devs to comment on the forums the hell did they do that?

I would only want one question answered.....Are the comments regarding this in the AMA a wind up yes or no.
Am I dreaming it or have people managed to get Devs to comment on the forums the hell did they do that?

I would only want one question answered.....Are the comments regarding this in the AMA a wind up yes or no.

I'm obviously not a dev, but my take on this is that his statement is technically true, but that people might have already have found it and it's not something as exciting as some imagine it too be.

It could be something as simple as the "Unknown artifact" commodity. :p

But who knows?

I don't really expect them to answer this one so don't get your hopes up. ;)
It could be something as simple as the "Unknown artifact" commodity. :p

Can you give any more info on "Unkown arifacts" the only reference I could find in a hurry was something on Reddit about them being Pirate orientated content added in 1.2?
Why is everyone bringing this up as a negative thing again and again.

There is something out there.

That's it ... maybe we find it today - maybe we find it in 3 months - maybe in a year. That's called "exploring the unknown". If they would give us hints or reveal what and where it is, where's the fun in that? Day 1: A few explorers would get there. Day 2: Everyone would forget about it and do another thing.

The mere fact that when we explore, we could potentially find something of interest is a huge thing. But you should go out there expecting to NOT find anything special at all. One day, someone will find it and the forum will be all over it. (Similar to the Voyager discovery.)

And the universe is HUUUUUUGE - in other threads people calculated, that it would take players several hundred (?) years to explore everything if they go at the same rate as now.

Edit: Maybe I misinterpreted some stuff. I'm as excited as you are and if there are indeed clues as to where we can find this "secret" it would be wonderful. But thinking of the last "find that special resource" competition, I fear that it's just somewhere random.

I'd like to be all in in helping with the clues.
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The Soontill news item is very misleading. Its talking about relics that never even existed, and events that occurred TWENTY years ago. I followed this story when it first came out.

It doesn't specifically say where the recent artifacts were found, it just mentions Soonthill in passing.

Ngurii is mentioned as where the current finds are being auctioned. So really, we don't know where they came from.

But if you really want to follow that lead I would begin your search in the Regor-Soonthil-Ngurii triangle.

There have been other tidbits of info over the last few weeks that have nothing to do with Soonthill. I've got a hunch of where to look but honestly I don't think what DB said is what we think he said so I won't be pursuing those leads until I get some more clues (its too time consuming). Besides its hinted at in a new video I put together for the FD film competition, and that's all I'm saying about it for now :p

At this moment in time I would edge my bets that, firstly, the Soonthill news item is too misleading to be a good source of info, and since there hasn't been a follow up news piece on it it could have just been a news item filler. Although I do think its worth checking out the triangle. And secondly, I think DBs comments could be interpreted in other ways as other people have pointed out. Either way I think we'll know soon enough :)
Why is everyone bringing this up as a negative thing again and again.

I hope you understand my OP was anything but negative......if it's not a wind up this is the most intriguing thing in the game by a mile. And yes it should be VERY VERY hard to find or what's the point.

@Erimus......the thing you won't give away is exactly the kind of info/rumour/hunch I'm after in this thread....I'm trying to put it all together....even knowing there may be nothing to put together. :p

But you keep your secrets damn you! *cough* when can I see the video. ;)
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Can you give any more info on "Unkown arifacts" the only reference I could find in a hurry was something on Reddit about them being Pirate orientated content added in 1.2?

It's basically just some "salvage" you can find in certain rare USS.


Just gave them as an example...maybe that's it maybe it's something else.
Thanks Tinman I couldn't recall where I had seen that. +Rep it all helps.

I wonder where or what circumstances these rare USS occur. Have you (or anyone else) actually seen these in game?
I suggest next time anyone finds one of these artefacts they close down all systems and point their nose at it to see if they pick any ambient noise up. Remember this game has one of the most innovative soundscapes around - a lot of the ambient noise depends on where your ship is pointing.

Worth a try at any rate. Remember the sounds of Voyager...
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