SOS Beacon - Player Initiated Crisis (Fuel / Repairs / Combat)

Dear FDev,

This is another concept which I have seen mentioned a few times on the forum. We have a "Wing Beacon" so that our wing mates can find us. But why don't we have an "SOS Beacon" that allows other players in SC to find a player in distress?

It would be helpful for players to be able to signal their own Fuel / Repair calls, and would make looking for USS more interesting if you could find a real player in distress?

And pirates could also leverage this tactic and stage their own ambushes! Which would make the risk / reward even greater! (y)

Yeah it's a cool idea, but the galaxy being so huge makes it pretty limited if they only showed in system.

Might be good if they could show within some kind of galactic range, perhaps even with modules to detect/send them different distances. Detection probably best there, with sending being a built in to all ships thing.
So how long would you like to wait for someone to show up? I mean, if you are not in a popular location, then the number of players that would be in close proximity to actually engage in this would not be that great. Also how many players have do fly around with fuel and/or Repair limpets all the time? So that further limits the usability... if you have to wait another 10-15 minutes for someone to get to a station, add the needded modules, etc, what would you do during this? sitting and doing nothing?

And then we have the trap thing, and all of that, this would not really work, as gankers and the like would use this to, so who would dare to respond such this calls? And would you use this function after a ganker hailed your call and simply blew you up? So when it would make sense, the risks would be to great...

There is a definite difference between the motives between players, not everyone likes to roleplay, etc, some players have their own motives to justify blowing up other players, just because they can, and this is a suggestion that would attract these players... and just as people complain about they do not want to play in open, this would be another reason for avoiding player interaction, as the risk to get blown up is to high...

As Lestat have mentioned, there is already player organisation that arrange this sort of service ingame.
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