Scenarios South African Savannah Scenario

I found some of the terrain in the official scenarios to be a little bland and unloved considering how powerful the terrain editor is so had a go at making my own.
Rivers can be a pain to start and end realistically in planet coaster but I had a go at ending it in an inland delta.

I tried to copy Drakensburg style mountains for a backdrop and add in some dusty country roads and a car park. (The fact that every single scenario starts with guests spawing from a hole in the ground always frustrated me!)

You start the scenario off very poor with no loans, but access to some mining and farming equipment that could be re-purposed into some starting rides for your park.
The focus is then on fighting crime from the nearby squatter camp and earning enough money to claim the land back.
Here is a link to the South African Savannah: Ridgeburg Farm scenario.
Any feedback on the difficulty of the scenario would be appreciated as it's my first one. Specific Scenario settings are also posted there as an image.
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This looks absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to try it out when I get home from the holidays. I’d love to see more scenarios in this style.
Wow, the landscaping looks so realistic. The kind, how you cut the video and the soundtrack makes the illusion perfect. Another reason, why we need animals in our parks.
Thank you. I just updated it with slightly easier objectives, and some extra scenery etc. The link above has been updated.
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Rivers can be a pain to start and end realistically in planet coaster but I had a go at ending it in an inland delta.
Wow, your river is easily the best river yet, at least that I've seen. Great idea ending in delta. Also the park design is spot on... a lot of thought and good subtle design.
Agreed - that river work is amazing. the tiers, the waterfalls and the shorelines are perfect. The scenery you put in is also very realistic and fits this scenario perfectly.
I agree with everyone - beautiful scenario! More than that, the game play is nicely balanced. It takes some effort to complete the scenario, but the work did not become overly tedious. And this is coming from someone who thinks the micromanagement aspects of the game are as exciting as responding to a telemarketing survey.[big grin]
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