South American Dinosaurs

South America had a huge wide range of dinosaurs but during this time of the candeleros formation in Patagonia a few dinosaurs in this formation. This is basically a list on what species to add to make your South American exhibits more diverse.

dreadnoughtus with serve as a good replacement for this dinosaur and also since they're distant relatives it would make sense to use a titanosaur dinosaur as a temporary replacement in case they decide to add the original Argentinosaurus into the game.

as the top predator of the candeleros formation and a hunter of sauropods even though the game doesn't allow the shark to blizzards to do what they do in slicing flesh off the sauropods without killing them. definitely a dinosaur that needs to be included as a group of four in order to mimic the packs of carnivores that we were all educated as kids that this dinosaur was known for is hunting Sauropod Flesh.

even though people are educated to believe that Iguanodon are mostly found in Europe however that's partially true but equina down have been found all over the world including the same species found in England however the South American very is much smaller than its English counterpart.

also Abelisaurs we're also found in this formation so majungasaurus he is absolutely the best choice for a South American exhibit even though it's not the same it's a very suitable replacement.
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