[FEDERATION] South Haven - Become A Part of Something Greater

<Who are we?>
South Haven is a home for all mercenaries, no matter what their jobs or primary career focus. Whether you run cargo, hunt criminals, fight for pay, we have a spot for you. Mercenaries of all kinds are discriminated against just for doing the jobs others wont. We aim to provide a space where all soldiers of fortune are welcomed and treated equally.

<What do we do?>
South Haven has pilots for everything. From freelance BGS work, player assassinations, peacekeeping, cargo running, deep space exploring, mining, cargo repossession, we have a spot for you.

<Our History:>
Our faction has a long and rich history, being one of the oldest factions in the game. We were originally founded on January 4th, 3301. We originated as a group of friends who had played the game and decided to stick together and help other out. We stayed on the outer reaches of the bubble, coming in to help during community goals and other such events, but ultimately always returned to a small system on the edge of space in the HIP 1185, which contained a small asteroid base called Mike's Rock. Mike's Rock didn't contain much, but it provided a safe haven far from the larger factions who roamed the bubble.

The Black Emblem Incident: Late in 3301, South Haven put in their form to be an official faction in LHS 1185. Within the second wave of factions, another group was placed in LHS 1185, Black Emblem Company. During a meeting in the rings about 25 kilometers outside the station, someone shot first and instigated a war, (Its still unknown who shot first). Unable to compete in a brute force war with the organized group, SH used guerilla tactics to fight them, with Mike's Rock as an agreed safe zone. SH, still only a small group of friends, was just unable to hold out against the larger, more organized group.

After being pushed from HIP 1185, the faction moved around, eventually ending in Federal space. The faction re-applied to be put in at Tau Ceti, an advanced system, quite the opposite of their start. The faction was put in, but soon had to deal with the many other factions sprouting up around it. The faction has varied in size from time to time, but has mostly stayed as a small group of friends.

In 3304, the faction splintered due to two separate ideals growing within the main faction itself. This caused a civil war which led to the eventually hibernation of SH, due to losing most of its command, and its remaining leaders having real life obligations to attend to. South Haven has now returned as "Generation Two."

Why should you join?
1. Detailed roleplay environment
2. Active players
3. Working rank structure
4. Medal system
5. Team based players
6. Positions for everyone from traders to combat pilots!

<What do I do to join?>
If your interested in joining us, the enlistment process is easy and hassle free. Step one would be to join the discord. The discord is a central hub of information and communication. Once in the discord, you will find a detailed guide on applying, and will be helped by an officer!

Discord: Click here
Website: Click here

If you need help, feel free to contact us below!
Gamertag: Tethys Cael
Discord: Wyatt#0516
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