Space Engineers: Any DBX pilots out there?

I was flying around in Space Engineers, which I do from time to time, but I was annoyed that without putting considerable effort into the design of my ships, they usually end up looking like sticks with wings.
So I thought I'd do something different. It's a work in progress, obviously!

Sure it's not perfect, I think the wings may be too far back, but I've got the rotating engine pods working properly, and the scale seems about right, so so far, it's working out pretty well. I know I know, it's not 100% accurate and certain features (Vehicle bay for example) aren't replicated, but hey.

Still under construction as you can see, but I'm pleased with the way things are going!

Way better than flying around in a magical space pencil with engines on one end and a cockpit on the other :).
She's coming on: Both wings are there and they both rotate properly.
Space Engineers doesn't really provide for the complex geometry of the DBX's flight surfaces, so I had to create the wings as perpendicular (to the ground) surfaces, and then use rotors to lower them into their desired angle. That's what the gap towards each wing shoulder is, that's the pivot that "lowers" each wing to sit just above the engine intakes.

Still, each wing is now lowered properly, and the engine pods (to which the wings are attached) also move properly.

I have sort of stuck to this ship I built a few years back. Just upgrade it every now and then. It's still way off finished but its fun to play with.


I do love SE for the scale, just has it 'spot on' for me really. Nice to have a space game to fly ships in that gives you a great deal of satisfaction, especially when I've finished building (which I always do in creative), then I flip them over into survival mode to see how far I get with them. This one works great in survival mode.
DBX is just about built. Not 100% Finalised, but it's certainly spaceworthy. I've taken a few liberties, bolting on extra weapons and whatnot, but hey, my ship, my rules :D.

DBX In the Hangar

With its friend

Profile: Not perfect, but close!

Flying in Space

Engines In Landing Mode
I even got the boarding ramp in the right place. Sadly I couldn't get the landing gear to come out from the engine pods, it's just way too much work.

Underside, Showing Engines
I like this one.

Asteroid Base
I've even started building them a little asteroid base to hang out in :). Trust me when I say that moving all that rock out of the way is a time consuming task!

I'm pretty pleased with it to be honest, and thanks to a large number of gyroscopes, she's a dream to fly!
Now I'm off to shoot up some space pirates! :)

EDIT: Later on, I investigated a distress signal and found a derelict Space Pirate corvette.It looked cool, but inside it was like something from Dead Space, (maybe it's just cos I was playing in a dark room and the automatically opening doors freaked me out), so rather than rooting through it in deep space, I fitted a docking collar to it and dragged it back to my asteroid base to be investigated at my leisure, in a more friendly and familiar environment.

The little DBX was about a third of the size and about a tenth of the mass of this ship, but I built her well. She's over-engined, and she has strong shields, so I was able to bring the corvette back with ease :).

The corvette had a lot of weapons on it originally, and would have been a serious threat to my DBX if it wasn't derelict when I found it. Tomorrow I think I'll start building something larger that's designed to take them on and beat them. I want to stay top dog!
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Now, building and thoughts on scale.
I see in the thread here players building various ships, that is the great thing regards SE, it makes it feel personal, for me at least.

Now scale and I'm not trying to highjack your thread here @Arvel Yael..

Its just I'm interested on views regards scale in space games.


So if you watched the video to the end, you'll have seen a truer scale of the Anaconda when compared to my T1 there. The first comparison being a little unfair, as I got to 'just make scale up' for the pic ;)
The 747 is really unimportant, but there for fun.

So what do you think scale means to you ingame. For me its very important to have a recognisable object to compare too. Nothing better than our ingame character really.

Scale in space games is hard anyway. I do think however, Space Engineers has really nailed it down and when you get out of your ship and float across to an asteroid that looked pretty insignificant when flying towards it, but ends up that the caverns inside are large enough to park a pretty large ship inside (I have parked my T1 in many asteroids) it really gives that scale some clout.

@Arvel Yael.. Your pics above there, working from the top, so 2 & 5 (top being 1). They convey scale well to me. The ship starts to mean business when I see those pics in particular. Whereas with many space games, the ship when shown out in space viewed from 3rd person, is very hard for the player to get a true scale, but once you've viewed it and walked around it (in particular 3rd person or vr with another character), it all comes together and that ship flying in space is really the scale you think it is.
Does that make sense to anyone..

When you can't do that, or see that, as in many space games. Then they really do lose something, for me anyway.
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