Space games are running out of ideas

Only got 1 point of data to make that claim but it's a loud one:

Hello Games has announced No Man’s Sky: Beyond, the next free update for its procedurally generated space exploration game.

Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous: Beyond advances the ongoing player-driven narrative and introduces dozens of game-changing upgrades and enhancements, whether you prefer to trade, fight or explore. This third season of Elite Dangerous is available FREE for all Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons owners.
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Running out of ideas? You should check out the DD forum, always full of ideas. I think you meant to say Space games are running out of words

Anyway, I'm waiting for Elite : Citizen to launch in 2020, should be good ;)
Apart from release itself, later HG never disappointed me so they can call their updates whatever they want :D
NMS: Rebirth of Citizen Beyond.
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I just wish I enjoyed it at all, the resource stuff is so boring and the art style and ship handling give me a headache. Still, at least they managed to please a decent chunk of their fans eventually.
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