Space Legs in various cockpits with the Oculus Quest & ALVR

Nice video - I hope Oculus manage to get the wireless tether working for Quest next year, my own ship investigations always end with the Rift S cable giving my head an admonishing tug :)

The Mamba is worth a look around, there are some cool details to be found.
Ah, you may see things not meant to be seen... :)

(I think the Sidewinder’s translucent hull was fixed but the Cobra III’s weapon doors are still invisible, for example)
They are interesting videos, but you have highlighted a very good point - on the few occasions I’ve made a VR view recording of Elite, I’ve tried to do slow steady head movements. They still look a bit wobbly and it feels very unnatural while you’re doing it, but I think it’s something worth considering.
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