SpaceMeNow & SpaceMeLater Visit Every DSSA Carrier

I am gladly participating in the DSSA Initiative both by providing DSSA Carrier # 11 and also by visiting every DSSA Carrier in a grand galaxy-wide tour. Although not all DSSA Carriers have deployed at this point, I am getting started on the tour and will simply retrace my path at need in the future. I expect to visit all currently deployed Carriers and as many currently-not-deployed Carriers as possible by 1 June 2021, er, 3307. This may seem overly ambitious, but I am splitting the workload between two accounts. SpaceMeLater will visit the DSSA Carriers in the Core and "West" region of the galaxy and SpaceMeNow will visit the rest (near-Bubble and "East" region). At the time of this initial post, I have visited 19 DSSA Carriers including my own. This thread will be a photojournal of the trip!

The First DSSA Carrier I visited was, of course, my own, during its deployment to Aiphaisty OD-T E3-4 from Colonia. The DSSA Pride of Tel Fyr has been visited by at least 18 other CMDRs since its deployment in mid-June 3306 (based on EDSM data). The journeys of both my CMDRs will be regularly updated in this thread, and I'm always thrilled to meet up with DSSA owners as I tour the Fleet (shout out to CMDR Malibu for meeting me at the DSSA Manatee!) Thanks to Qohen Leth and the DSSA team + Gnauty for founding and taking over the DSSA Initiative, respectively.

011 DSSA Pride of Tel Fyr 01.jpg

011 DSSA Pride of Tel Fyr 08.jpg

011 DSSA Pride of Tel Fyr 11.jpg
12 July 3306: SpaceMeLater visits my sister DSSA Carrier in the Outer Orion-Perseus Conflux at Eolls Graae TA-K C10-5 on 12 July 3306, #93 DSSA Manatee. CMDR Malibu (currently number 47 on EDSM's leaderboard for systems discovered first, at 35969) hosts our visit and generally makes the whole experience excellent
093 DSSA Manatee 04.jpg

093 DSSA Manatee 02.jpg

13 July 3306: SpaceMeLater docks at DSSA # 22, CCN Tranquility, floating above the cool seas of an Earth-Like World in the famous Puppet World system at Phreia Flyou FG-V D3-116
022 CCN Tranquility 04.jpg

022 CCN Tranquility 06.jpg

022 CCN Tranquility 02.jpg

15 July 3306: SpaceMeLater sights DSSA # 14, [EDS] DSSA Enigma in the neutron system Hypuejaa RT-Q E5-83, inside a spectacular purple nebula
014 [EDS] DSSA Enigma 07.jpg

014 [EDS] DSSA Enigma 04.jpg
Wow. Nice tour you've planned there.
I considered it briefly for myself, took one look at the galaxy map and lolnoped out of it :ROFLMAO:

Fly safe CMDR o7
SpaceMeNow’s DSSA Journey Pt. 1: Deployment with Explorer’s Bar & Grill -> Pumpkin Patch (DSSA Callisto)
22 June 3306: SpaceMeNow visits #48 DSSA Aristarchos deployed by CMDR Holint at Eoch Aihm XX-U D2-6 as a stopover while traveling with the Explorer’s Bar & Grill. Unfortunately, all photographic evidence of this visit has been lost to the Void.

25 June 3306: SpaceMeNow arrives with #66 Explorer’s Bar & Grill deployed by CMDR Heavy Johnson to Arm’s End (Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0). After buzzing around the Carrier and imbibing heavily of celebratory beverages to mark the successful deployment, SpaceMeNow hits the suicide booth and takes the 10-second express back to The Bubble.
066 Explorer's Bar & Grill 03.jpg

(expedition initial mass jump--that's me in the sidewinder)
066 Explorer's Bar & Grill 04.jpg

066 Explorer's Bar & Grill 05.jpg

(an unfortunate accident occurred while "leaving" the Bar & Grill. Heavy assures me he has insurance. Who knew these things were destructible??!)

30 June 3306: As part of a mad dash to try to get from the Bubble to Colonia to deploy with CMDR Scopelx and the DSSA Nest, SpaceMeNow visits a handful of DSSA Carriers along the way. Unfortunately this was out of necessity: the critical AFMU module that would have enabled a rapid journey from Bubble -> Colonia was left behind. However, this comedy of errors did lead to several DSSA visits that otherwise would not have happened. First up: #51 DSSA Sesame deployed by CMDR Guesswhat92 at Floarps PI-B E2.
051 DSSA Sesame 01.jpg

30 June 3306: After a very brief stopover chiefly involving repair of a neutron-ravaged FSD, SpaceMeNow left DSSA Sesame and traveled to #53 CLB Voqooway deployed by CMDR Garzvug at Voqooe BI-H D11-864. This is the center of an up-and-coming Bubble II and travel & semi-permanent stationing in this sector is heavily encouraged by the active CLB player group! Unfortunately, being in a rush to repair the FSD, SpaceMeNow forgot to snap a photo.

1 July 3306: SpaceMeNow came to the hard realization at this point that without an AFMU, catching the Nest anywhere short of its refueling site was impossible since the FSD decayed to 80% after roughly 8000 LY legs of travel. Ah well. The DSSA Carriers significantly aided travel, however, at least allowing for periodic repair. Without the DSSA network, SpaceMeNow surely would have self-destructed and bought an AFMU in the Bubble before heading out again towards the Nest. Next up on this mad dash: #4 NECFC Huginn deployed by CMDR Ragnar Black-Mane at Schee Flyi DN-I D10-8604. This is a notable entry in that this is the only Victory-Class Carrier visited to date. Anecdotally, Nautilus-class seems to predominate.
004 NECFC Huginn 01.jpg

2-7 July 3306: After a relatively leisurely stroll via Explorer’s Anchorage, SpaceMeNow arrives at the Northeast Galaxy’s premier Tritium refueling destination (recent changes to Trit overlaps be damned): The Pumpkin Patch, home of a beautiful Trit3 and #46 DSSA Callisto deployed by CMDR Gnauty at Phraa Blao HO-S C20-7. The mining team at Callisto rushed to help fill Nest’s Tritium hold with gusto and blitzed through the refueling with the OG Trit3 laser mining abundance values. SpaceMeNow barely got in 1000 tons of fuel due to the demand filling so quickly! While waiting for Nest to depart, SpaceMeNow discovered a rich patch of Helium-Rich Gas Giant-containing systems, many huge C Rings protecting shepherd moons, and a Mini Pumpkin Patch.
046 DSSA Callisto 01.jpg

046 DSSA Callisto 02.jpg

(Bonus: Crew of the Zero Dawn + Callisto messing around on 4th July):
046 DSSA Callisto 04.jpg


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    046 DSSA Callisto 02.jpg
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SpaceMeNow’s DSSA Journey Pt. 2: DSSA Callisto -> DSSA Distant Worlds

12 July 3306: After leaving Callisto, SpaceMeNow arrives at #28 [IGAU] Deep Space 12 deployed by CMDR Urania Minora at Flyoo Prao JC-B D1-5.
028 [IGAU] Deep Space 12 02.jpg

21 July 3306: SpaceMeNow arrives with #15 DSSA Nest deployed by CMDR Scopelx to a location near its final parking spot in Mare Somnia. Cheers to Scope for a very long-range deployment from Colonia!
015 DSSA Nest 06.jpg

015 DSSA Nest 05.jpg

22 July 3306: Having left the Nest well before Scopelx decided on a final resting location, SpaceMeNow heads out to visit all DSSA Carriers between the Nest and Beagle Point. First up, #62 DSSA – Stellar Oasis deployed by CMDR alerok_147 at Ihab JI-B D13-16. This Fleet Carrier is truly in the dead black of deep space.
062 DSSA - Stellar Oasis 02.jpg

25 July 3306: SpaceMeNow reaches the very edge of the galaxy at the beautiful parking location of #92 [ISF] Mandy’s Rest deployed by CMDR Roe Laren at Plae Broae DL-P D5-0. This DSSA Carrier appears to be established in memory of someone special to CMDR Roe Laren and a moment of silence was taken while marveling at the view.
092 [ISF] Mandy's Rest 02.jpg

092 [ISF] Mandy's Rest 03.jpg

30 July 3306: Moving closer to Beagle Point, SpaceMeNow docks at # 110 TFS Carpe Vinium deployed by CMDR NullCharacter at Byae Aowsy GR-N D6-52. This Drake-Class Carrier is located inside the perimeter of a planetary ring surrounding a gorgeous Earth-Like World. SpaceMeNow decides to rest here for a week.
110 TFS Carpe Vinium 01.jpg

7 August 3306: Eager to get back on the road, SpaceMeNow drops in to see #73 DSSA Alvin’s Rest deployed by CMDR Azraphael at Blia Chraei QU-M C21-0. However, after taking note of the 460,000 ls trip required to reach this inconveniently-parked Carrier, SpaceMeNow gives it a hard pass. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

7 August 3306: Having not read the DSSA tracker closely enough, SpaceMeNow drops in to see #34 Mathair deployed by CMDR admiralmeep at Blae Prao CT-O D7-40. However, no Carrier is to be found. After consulting the deployment chart more carefully, this Carrier is noted to be nowhere close to deployment and may not even have left its original berth in civilized space. SpaceMeNow is 0/2 on 7 August and calls it quits for the day.

10 August 3306: Hurtling closer and closer to Beagle Point, SpaceMeNow rests for a spell at #90 DSSA Jolly Roger deployed by CMDR TwoFingers at Ooctarbs NR-W E1-0, a spectacular Class A Blue Supergiant.
090 DSSA Jolly Roger 04.jpg

11 August 3306: Last stop before Distant Worlds! SpaceMeNow docks before the final stretch to Beagle Point at #41 DSSA Tartarus deployed by CMDR nouspiro at Eishaw DB-W E2-0. This Carrier stares into the abyss of a Black Hole, perpetually charging its eerie green engines in preparation for an intergalactic jump through a rift in space/time.
041 DSSA Tartarus 02.jpg


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SpaceMeNow’s DSSA Journey Pt. 3: Beagle Point & Semotus Beacon

12 August 3306: For the first time since Distant Worlds 2, SpaceMeNow arrives at Beagle Point to visit #2 DSSA Distant Worlds deployed by CMDR Kamzel at…Beagle Point! There are in fact 3 other Fleet Carriers here as well: Gotham City owned by CMDR OldManKnott, OMG Carriers Suck! owned by the Legendary CMDR Validating (if you thought Erimus/Kamzel was a big deal, well, CMDR Validating would like a word), and LikeDeeler owned by CMDR OldEagleOne. The DSSA Carrier is the destination, however, and SpaceMeNow slides the Dolphin into the command module slot to begin data selling. Furthermore, thanks to the generosity of Kamzel to host an active Shipyard, SpaceMeNow begins transfer of a sidewinder destined to serve as a 10-second gateway across the 65,000 LY galaxy in a few days’ time. CMDRs beware: transferring your fully loaded Cutter from the Bubble to this Carrier will run you around 3.8 Billion credits and will take 7.5 days!
002 DSSA Distant Worlds 05.jpg

002 DSSA Distant Worlds 06.jpg


12 August 3306: SpaceMeNow travels to Semotus Beacon, otherwise known as Oevasy SG-Y D0, to complete the trip to the bitter edge of the galaxy. Two years ago, piloting a Clipper sporting both a 7A shield and engineered 6A thrusters, SpaceMeNow couldn’t even dream of traveling to this “must see” location due to a 40 LY jump range. The Dolphin proves just slightly better: 8 Premium FSD boosts are required due to a weak 59 LY jump range. At Semotus Beacon, a few days’ well deserved rest are taken at Nautilus-Class Carrier The Black Pearl owned by CMDR Proixius.
000 The Black Pearl 02.jpg

000 The Black Pearl 04.jpg

14 August 3306: SpaceMeNow returns to Distant Worlds to wait out the remaining 1.5 days as the suicide booth completes transfer. En route, Drake-Class Carrier Dark’Exo’Side owned by the prolific CMDR Validating is spotted at Oevasy RG-Y D0. Despite attempts to hail the crew, docking permission is denied, likely due to the ongoing galaxy-wide outbreak of a particularly nasty ultravirus. CMDR Validating seems to have made a dire mistake here and parked the Dark'Exo'Side Up'Side'Down.

SpaceMeNow takes this chance to catch up on journaling the trip through the DSSA Carriers thus far: 19 down, 44 (already deployed) to go, and many more beyond that following deployments in the near future.
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Nice to see that, i actually had the sime idea to do a galactic tour when most of the FC are deployed. Hope you will visit the DSSA Pilgrim's Harbor just when we're in place, as we're currently siting near Colonia. Will be commencing the second part of the trip in about a week, so by mid or end of September you're happily invited to drink some tea with us out in Hieronymous Delta.
SpaceMeNow’s DSSA Journey Pt 4: Cancri Cluster

16 August 3306: Within hours of SpaceMeNow’s trusty Sidewinder transferring to DSSA Distant Worlds, SpaceMeNow opens fire on the command deck of the Carrier and is promptly blown out of space and sent instantly to Trevithick Dock over 65,000 LY away. A short series of hops brings SMN to Arikara, where the carrier Spear of Bitter Mercy has sat burning credits unattended since mid-June.
Spear of Bitter Mercy 02.jpg

Today’s jaunt: a series of 6 jumps to the Cancri Cluster. A profound scientific breakthrough had taken place recently, allowing Tritium to be consumed by Carriers at a staggering rate of 1 ton / 4 LY, so the trip takes less than a full tank of Trit. At the Cancri cluster, the first stop is #47 DSSA Hecate’s Grace deployed by CMDR Luna Valenwood at Ex Cancri.
047 DSSA Hecate's Grace 03.jpg

047 DSSA Hecate's Grace 05.jpg

(your Dolphin has evolved into Beluga!)

While out at the distant Cancri cluster, SpaceMeNow visits all the other non-DSSA Carriers currently parked there. First up: KBCS Aeternum owned by CMDR Archmage0263 at NGC 2682 BBV 20
KBCS Aeternum 01.jpg

Next, PokoPokoPikoTan owned by CMDR Nortaneous at Eu Cancri
PokoPokoPikoTan 01.jpg

Third, Iter Ad Astra owned by CMDR SmithBangBang at GSC 00813-01353
Iter Ad Astra 01.jpg

Iter Ad Astra 02.jpg

Fourth, T.S.C. PI’s Raft owned by CMDR Nixpulvis, parked practically right next to Iter Ad Astra
T.S.C. PI's Raft 01.jpg

Finally, Orion owned by CMDR Insert Coin at NGC 2682 CI 14. CMDR Insert Coin has the first discovery and/or first mapped tag on many planets and moons in the Cancri cluster.

For a trial run involving the long distance use of the Spear, this jaunt has gone perfectly. The doubling of Tritium efficiency that was discovered recently will surely facilitate the easy use of the Spear for visiting over 10 DSSA Carriers in the “southeast” quadrant of the galaxy. SpaceMeNow heads back to the bubble for refueling and imminent departure "south"ward.
I have planned a route to visit all of the Carriers in the “Southeast” and the Core of the galaxy and am happy to invite anyone along to ride for some or all of the trip. I’m perfectly ready to take the trip alone, but I would be thrilled to have anyone ride along who wants to. I will be taking the Spear of Bitter Mercy which is docked in Arikara. I will typically be in Open on this trip, except for taking high-res screenshots.

By-The-Minute updates and open communication with me can be found at my Fleet Carrier discord channel: KwRey9c (be civil and friendly).

This trip is honestly made possible by the recent breakthrough in Fleet Carrier tritium engine technology, allowing a staggering 100% increase in fuel efficiency. Minimal (I repeat, MINIMAL) mining will be needed to support this trip. If you want to come along and mine, that is amazing and I greatly thank you, and for the entire duration of the trip the Spear will be buying Tritium at a price of 20,000 Cr/Ton. My recommendation for miners is to bring a rig suited for SSD mining. Even in a single Trit hotspot, rates of easily over 100T/hour are possible. These sorts of locations will be all over the galaxy.

You are also welcome to just ride along and check in at any time. I recommend that you remain docked at the Spear when you log off to avoid getting left behind if you’re in a low jump range ship.

Leg 1, 11 DSSA Carriers
Leg 2, 11-14 DSSA Carriers
Leg 3, 16-18 DSSA Carriers

Here is the detailed schedule for Leg 1 (“There and Back Again”). Dates and times listed are when the Spear will DEPART from a system. ARRIVAL at a target system will vary in time, but will generally be within 30 hours of departure (often much sooner, down to optimal time of ~20 min/jump in some cases):

Departure TIMES will be NO EARLIER THAN 1600 UTC on dates listed. Check the Discord for day-to-day details.

23 Aug. 3306: Arikara -> Hypoae Ain ZL-D D12-31 (Heart & Soul Nebula)

26 Aug. 3306: Hypoae Ain ZL-D D12-31 -> Syreadiae JX-F C0 (#38 KTL Frontier Sanctuary)

30 Aug. 3306: Syreadiae JX-F C0 -> Oob Aeb XI-X C28-0 (#77 DSSA Skarapa)

6 Sept. 3306: Oob Aeb XI-X C28-0 -> Hyueths HS-H D11-5 (#82 DSSA Leo’s Vision)

13 Sept. 3306: Hyueths HS-H D11-5 -> Dryau Aec JF-A D11 (#30 DSSA Reginleif)

16 Sept. 3306: Dryau Aec JF-A D11 -> Lyed YJ-I D9-0 (#126 TWITCHTVSOMDY)

20 Sept. 3306: Lyed YJ-I D9-0 -> Phrae Dryiae AM-J D10-0 (#86 Lost Sanity)

26 Sept. 3306: Phrae Dryiae AM-J D10-0 -> Eocs Aihm XX-U D2-6 (#48 DSSA Aristarchos)

30 Sept. 3306: Eocs Aihm XX-U D2-6 -> Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0 (#66 Explorer’s Bar & Grill)

4 Oct. 3306: Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0 -> Groem AF-G C24-0 (waypoint)

7 Oct. 3306: Groem AF-G C24-0 -> Skull & Crossbones Nebula

11 Oct. 3306: Skull & Crossbones Nebula -> Fedgie FN-Q D6-45 (#40 DSSA Argonautica)

14 Oct. 3306: Fedgie FN-Q D6-45 -> Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 (#84 DSSA Artemis Rest)

17 Oct. 3306: Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 -> Ex Cancri (#47 DSSA Hecate’s Grace)

18 Oct. 3306: Ex Cancri -> Arikara (Refueling in the Bubble)

25 Oct. 3306: Departure for Leg 2.

FAQ: Do I need a highly engineered/super long jump range ship? No! The Spear will directly visit every DSSA Carrier on the itinerary. If you want to explore on your own, you may be “stuck” at isolated places like Explorers Bar & Grill until the Spear jumps again, but that will be for short periods of time only.

Are we worried about gankers with a schedule pre-displayed like this? Nope! Not when you can sell your exploration data at the DSSA Carriers frequently and respawn at the Spear. Plus, the Carrier is persistent across all game modes (and platforms, for that matter).

Is this an official “expedition?” Not yet, but if I get 10+ people interested I will certainly look in to getting it on EDSM as an expedition, probably one for each leg, or at least one for Leg 1 and another for Legs 2+3.
Departure for the tour of 11 Fleet Carriers at 1600 UTC this Sunday (Aug. 23)! Come join in the next chapter of the quest to visit every DSSA Carrier : )
Departure for the tour of 11 Fleet Carriers at 1600 UTC this Sunday (Aug. 23)! Come join in the next chapter of the quest to visit every DSSA Carrier : )

Don't forget to announce this in the usual FCOC discord channels 😁 You're assembling a great catalog of DSSA carrier shots and descriptions 👍
SpaceMeNow and SpaceMeLater are berthed aboard the Spear and plan to reach DSSA # 38 by the evening of 26 August, Pacific time. Several other CMDRs are aboard for the ride out to Arm's End and back.
SpaceMeNow & SpaceMeLater Travel Together

24 August 2020: The Spear stops at the Heart & Soul Nebulae for an exploration layover. Several CMDRs have chosen to tag along for the journey! SpaceMeNow (reunited with the beloved Clipper the Aisling Enjoy) and SpaceMeLater in a versatile Orca promptly discover a fresh ELW bracketed between the Nebulae to mark the occasion
Heart and Soul Meetup 02.jpg

While at the spectacular twin Nebulae, SpaceMeLater tours the various (non-DSSA) Carriers parked here. First up: Drake-class Azmandeus SSL owned by CMDR Azmandeus at Soul Sector EL-Y D27. Next on the list: Nautilus-class Spanner Monkey Garage owned by CMDR TheGamingTech at Soul Sector PI-T C3-3
HS2 Spanner Monkey Garage 01.jpg

Next up: Drake-class FC Atreides owned by (likely) fellow Dune aficionado CMDR Jumt at Soul Sector BH-L B8-1. Also in this system lies Nautilus-class Event Horizon owned by CMDR Jonahan Archer
HS3 FC Atreides 01.jpg

HS4 Event Horizon 01.jpg

Moving from the Soul Nebula towards the Heart Nebula, SpaceMeLater visits Drake-class HMS Rayan owned by CMDR Irayan at Hypoae Ain UA-H B38-1.
Approaching the Heart Nebula, deep blue Nautilus-class Capricorn owned by CMDR Mr Beer Head at Eafots ID-I B37-3 is visited
HS6 Capricorn 01.jpg

Next up is Nautilus-class Tiamat’s Vessel owned by CMDR Atavist at Eafots BJ-R C18-0
HS7 Tiamat's Vessel 01.jpg

On the list next is Drake-class [1IF] Shinano owned by CMDR Sarina Von Anwin [1IF] at Eafots BP-I D9-35. SpaceMeLater boops noses
HS8 [1IF] Shinano.jpg

Finally moving in to the Heart Nebula and jumping in to Heart Sector IR-V B2-0, SpaceMeLater finds 3 Carriers near an Asteroid Base: The True Companion owned by CMDR Mercy Phailes, Viribus Unitus owned by CMDR Bellatorius, and Vulpines Halcyon owned by CMDR Marshall Westing. Here, the Viribus Unitus sits in front of a distant nearby Nebula and the much closer Soul Nebula.
HS10 Viribus Unitus 01.jpg

At last, SpaceMeLater visits Nautilus-class Shadow and Light owned by CMDR Jesemora Shadow at Heart Sector FB-X C1-6!
HS12 Shadow and Light 01.jpg

This has been an excellent exploration layover and the Spear departs for DSSA #38 in the evening of 26 August!
SpaceMeNow & SpaceMeLater travel together: Part II

30 August 3306: For the final leg of their combined journey, SMN and SML visit two DSSA Carriers on the way to the edge of the galaxy. First up, they visit #38 KTL Frontier Sanctuary deployed by CMDR Deadeye Snipes at Syreadiae JX-F C0
038 KTL Frontier Sanctuary 01.jpg

038 KTL Frontier Sanctuary 02.jpg

This Carrier is parked in the system that is the final resting place of the infamous megaship Zurara, a central entity in the Formidine Rift mystery. After enjoying a several-day layover reliving some classic Elite: Dangerous history that took place before either CMDR had first stepped into a Sidewinder, the team departs.

Most of the way out to the next DSSA Carrier, SpaceMeNow discovers quite the oddity: a system with a primary B-class giant and a lesser A-class star in secondary position. The oddity comes from this situation: planets in direct orbit of the A-class star are primarily illuminated by the far-distant B-class giant! Rising above the horizon in this photo (which SpaceMeLater gladly participated in) is the A-class star the planet orbits, but the shadows and lighting are clearly dominated by the B-class star many times further from the planet than is the A-class. The team marvels for a bit among the Roseum anemones.

Finally the day's work concludes as the Spear of Bitter Mercy closes the distance to the Skarapa. Along the way, the duo is blinded by a system in which the Spear is parked extremely close to the primary system star
White Hot.jpg

At last, near the edge of the galaxy, the team arrives at #77 DSSA Skarapa, currently located within 100 LY of its final resting spot on a mining resupply run. Contact has been established with the crew of the Skarapa and SMN & SML head to the Tritium fields to help out mining for a few days
077 DSSA Skarapa 02.jpg

077 DSSA Skarapa 01.jpg
SpaceMeNow's DSSA Journey Part 5: Along the "Southern" Rim

Unfortunately, soon after arriving at the DSSA Skarapa, the owner decides to pull that Carrier from the DSSA Roster. SpaceMeLater bids farewell and heads "clockwise" along the southern rim towards the newly-deployed DSSA Maerzenbecher. SpaceMeNow proceeds in the other direction towards the Bar & Grill. The first stop is #82 DSSA Leo's Vision deployed by CMDR MalForTheWIn in orbit of a spectacular binary ELW pair at Hyueths HS-H D11-5
082 DSSA Leo's Vision 01.jpg

082 DSSA Leo's Vision 03.jpg

After resting and exploring for a week, SpaceMeNow takes the Spear Bar-ward again, first stopping over at 3-Geminorum to explore some bio signals and enjoy the furthest "southward" visitable system hand-placed by FDev. After a brief layover, the Spear arrives at #30 DSSA Reginleif deployed by CMDR DreadTom at Dryau Aec JF-A D11
030 DSSA Reginleif 01.jpg

030 DSSA Reginleif 02.jpg

A fortunate docking bay selection gives a cheery message!
030 DSSA Reginleif 04.jpg

SpaceMeNow and passengers plan to depart the DSSA Reginleif in 3 days' time.
TLDR: Travel along with SpaceMeNow on the Spear of Bitter Mercy carrier on a visit to 35+ DSSA Carriers scattered across the Core/E/SE area of the galaxy over the course of ~4-5 months! Part I (details below) departs from Arikara on Sunday, 25 October 3306 and is scheduled to end at the DSSA Callisto for refueling + fun activities on ~17-18 December 3306. We will plan to depart the Callisto on 2 January 3307 for a return leg via the DSSA Carrier-rich galactic core (detailed schedule released later, predicted return to the Bubble in early/mid March 3307).

Communication between me and any passengers will happen on my Carrier’s discord channel: KwRey9c (be civil and friendly).

All aboard for a relaxed Grand Tour of nearly 3 dozen DSSA Carriers (with many more fairly close to our flight path!) SpaceMeNow is pleased to announce the itinerary of the “outward” leg of the There and Back Again DSSA tour, celebrating the EDPS, Elite Dangerous Passport System. CMDRs are welcome to join the friendly crew of the Spear of Bitter Mercy as we celebrate the establishment of DSSA outposts in the Core/”East/Southeast” region of the Milky Way. A small but friendly group of CMDRs is just finishing a ~97,000 LY journey with SpaceMeNow and the Spear and we are very hopeful to pick up a strong crew for this much longer and more ambitious journey.

Do you want to just ride along and visit/explore/chill over the weeks/months? Are you a new CMDR, a grizzled veteran, or anywhere in between? You are welcome!

Do you want to come along and provide occasional Tritium mining support? You are welcome! The recent discovery that 1 ton of Tritium can propel a Carrier 4 LY has massively reduced the mining requirements to keep a Carrier moving, but mining support will be occasionally needed especially at DSSA Callisto for a full refuel. The more mining support we can have along the journey, the less we will need to mine at Callisto. The Spear will be buying Tritium at a rate of 50,000 CR/ton when needed for the entire journey’s length including the initial fueling (buying at a rate of 65000 CR/ton) during the week of 18-24 Oct. 3306. (Location announced soon) Donations to the Tritium depot during the trip are of course always appreciated too : ) Subsurface mining is by far the fastest way to rake in the Tritium at the moment with my average rate being 180 Tons/hr in my Python in a single Trit hotspot.

Do you want to come along mainly to get cool EDPS badges for visiting far-flung DSSA Carriers? Join us! You do NOT need a high LY range ship to join as we will be visiting the actual systems of all DSSA Carriers listed in the route below. You may want to bring an “exploration” ship to visit nearby DSSA Carriers to one or more parking locations.

Detailed schedule (any deviations to be clearly announced on Discord):

The Spear will be refueling in the bubble during the week of 18-24 October 3306

25 Oct. 3306: Arikara -> Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 (#84 DSSA Artemis Rest)

28 Oct. 3306: Synuefuae CM-J D10-42 -> NGC 3199 Sector XJ-A D10 (#44 DSSA Kraut)

1 Nov. 3306: NGC 3199 Sector XJ-A D10 -> Engopr YH-L B14-2 (#72 DSSA Nereus’ Deep)

4 Nov. 3306: Engopr YH-L B14-2 -> Pla Aick GA-A E1 (#5 DSSA Gam Nine)

8 Nov. 3306: Pla Aick GA-A E1 -> Nuelou LX-A D1-0 (#71 Cheetah Labs)

18 Nov. 3306: Nuelou LX-A D1-0 -> Droett XD-T D3-22 (#61 DSSA[TFGI]Kitty Corner)

22 Nov. 3306: Droett XD-T D3-22 -> Eock Prau WD-T D3-1 (#17 DSSA Dryman’s Hope)

25 Nov. 3306: Eock Prau WD-T D3-1 -> Mycapp PJ-T B6-1 (#85 DSSA Nostromo)

29 Nov. 3306: Mycapp PJ-T B6-1 -> Phrae Prau NY-Y D1-15 (#108 The Helix)

2 Dec. 3306: Phrae Prau NY-Y D1-15 -> Eembaitl DL-Y D13 (#10 DSSA Black Adder Port)

6 Dec. 3306: Eembaitl DL-Y D13 -> Abairdy XR-I B26-0 (#57 HSRC Deep Thought)

13 Dec. 3306: Abairdy XR-I B26-0 -> Loijoae ZV-T C17-0 (#12 DSSA Gene Roddenberry)

16 Dec. 3306: Loijoae ZV-T C17-0 -> Phraa Blao HO-S C20-7 (#46 DSSA Callisto)

Where we will mine/party hopefully with many dedicated Callisto crew members possibly including the current leader of the DSSA Initiative, Gnauty!
All aboard! All CMDRs who want to come along for any or all of a grand tour of 35+ DSSA Carriers and earn Elite Dangerous Passport System EDPS recognition along the way are invited to dock with the Spear of Bitter Mercy by our departure date on Sunday 25 October 3306.

This post is to advertise the Spear’s in-Bubble schedule for the next week so that CMDRs who have fleets based in various places will not have to pay large transfer fees in case they want to take a few ships along.

Boarding Schedule: Present time ---> ~2200 UTC Sunday 18 Oct 3306: Parutis (topping off tritium)

~2200 UTC Sunday 18 Oct 3306 ---> ~2300 UTC Monday 19 Oct 3306: Met 20 (LYR Space)

~2300 UTC Monday 19 Oct 3306 ---> ~0200 UTC Thursday 22 Oct 3306: LTT 5212 (Near Shinrarta)

~0200 UTC Thursday 22 Oct 3306 ---> ~0200 UTC Friday 23 Oct 3306: Alioth (Alliance Space)

~0200 UTC Friday 23 Oct ---> Departure at 1800 UTC Sunday 25 Oct 3306: Arikara (Empire Space)

For major communication about this trip and the full trip details please see:

Reddit Post

Frontier Forum Post

My Carrier discord channel: YMxR8jw


Thanks, and I look forward to as many people as are interested coming along!

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