SpaceMeNow & SpaceMeLater Visit Every DSSA Carrier

SpaceMeNow’s DSSA Journey Part 6: Back to the Bar and Bubble (~16 Sept. 3306 -> 18 Oct. 3306)

Shortly after leaving DSSA Reginleif, SpaceMeNow arrives and docks at #126 DSSA Somdy deployed by CMDR Acolyta in Lyed YJ-I d9-0 (TWITCHTVSOMDY in-game). Initially SpaceMeNow is a bit peeved at the 4th-wall-breaking name, but then realizes that it is wholly plausible that a CMDR in the far future may buy a 5-billion Cr carrier solely for the purpose of advertising a content channel. However, for CMDRs who are put off by the name, close inspection of this Carrier reveals an important message:
126 DSSA Somdy 02.jpg

The Spear departs Somdy in late September and travels ever-closer to the siren call of the Bar & Grill. Next stop: #86 Lost Sanity deployed by CMDR ThingyMcBob in Phrae Dryiae AM-J D10-0. SpaceMeNow docks her T10 in the Threat Response Docking Bay but soon realizes there are no threats to which to respond this far out in the Black.
086 Lost Sanity 05.jpg

086 Lost Sanity 07.jpg

A short jaunt remains before returning to the Bar & Grill: a brief layover at #48 DSSA Aristarchos deployed by CMDR Holint in Eocs Aihm XX-U D2-6. After landing here briefly, SpaceMeNow makes the final push to Arm’s End and buys a well-deserved round of alcoholic beverages at #66 Explorer’s Bar & Grill deployed by CMDR Heavy Johnson in Hypau Aec IO-Z D13-0:
066 Explorer's Bar & Grill 02.jpg

After having thoroughly quenched the thirst of the Spear’s crew and passengers, SpaceMeNow begins the journey back to civilized space. First stop: #40 DSSA Argonautica deployed by CMDR Argaric in Fedgie FN-Q D6-45. The festive Argonautica buoys the mood of the crew!
040 DSSA Argonautica 02.jpg

Last stop on the return leg to the Bubble: the spectacular #84 DSSA Artemis Rest deployed by CMDR Artemis Corporation (insert a joke about corporate personhood here) in Synuefuae CM-J D10-42. This location inside the confines of a ring surrounding an Earth-like world provides ample opportunity for marvel:
084 DSSA Artemis Rest 02.jpg

084 DSSA Artemis Rest 08.jpg

The Spear contracts a refueling operation headed by GM Frost for ~1.3 billion credits in the Cancri cluster and happily provides business to the Tritium traders of the near-bubble area. A highlight of this trip to the Cancri cluster: a chance encounter with Bloduwedd’s Branch, owned by CMDR Junagu, who had just made the pilgrimage to the Bar & Grill scant weeks earlier.

The first tour circuit of DSSA Carriers made by the Spear of Bitter Mercy was a rousing success. Several CMDRs traveled along for this journey and made the experience better at every step. SpaceMeNow looks forward to the much more ambitious tour of 35+ more Carriers to begin on 24th Oct. 3306, and hopefully many more CMDRs riding along!
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