SPEAR have abandoned Deciat. Watch yourselves out there CMDRs.

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I'm sure of you have noticed, but it seems Deciat has become rather spicy as of late. Now, we all know gankers are usually found in Deciat, but what we have at the moment is a massacre.

So what has happened here? Well it seems SPEAR have come up to protect the Colonia region from... well, clean ships by the looks of things- so watch yourself up there as well.

Regardless, whilst they're off on their holiday, they're not around Deciat to to distract the rest of the gankers. If you want to go there in open, make sure you're confident in your build and ship flying skills as any gankers have a free pass to do what they want this weekend (more so than usual anyway).
Breaking news.

Spear attacked the CMDR who is single-handedly responsible for most of the high grade engineering available in Colonia. Why, because he has the LRCV squadron tag. Colonia unite against this ganker intrusion.
Yeah, I figured that would happen to yianniv when I saw him in squadron chat.

Well, they aren't here to make friends, they are here to uphold the law and protect noobs.

On second thought, strike that :LOL:
What does any of this even matter? People just hide in Solo and\or block people from their instancing. Good job FDev (/sarcasm).
Well, with a combination of every engineering guide funneling new players though Deciat, SPEAR off galavanting and the default mode now being open, I thought I'd do my bit to help out. Sure, it won't reach everyone, but at least there's the possibility of a new player seeing this and making the choice of whether they want to run that gauntlet or not.

Obviously some players are in open. Inara is now saying 11 murder attempts there in the last hour.
Thread Closed: Not open for further replies.
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